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Check out Unknown Productions Web Site for some behind the scenes look at “DECAY”. Hopefully I’ll see you at the Festival!
Jason Stephens Oxnard, Ca USA

Wed Mar 25 15:29:17 CST 1998

Please don’t sell out!!!!!!!!

Mon Mar 23 18:07:00 CST 1998


Fri Mar 20 13:27:08 CST 1998

Nice site. Greater cause.
Rob Cosgrove Toronto, Ontario Canada

Tue Mar 17 21:47:58 CST 1998

hey i just read that the new york underground film festival is hosting Doris Wishman are you guys gonna get her too?
most of their filmmakers go to you guys afterwards too so maybe she would come that would be very cool!

sadie chicago, il usa

Thu Mar 12 21:36:19 CST 1998

hey i just read that the new york underground film festival is hosting Doris Wishman are you guys gonna get her too?
most of the filmmakers go to you guys too so maybe she would come that would be very cool!

sadie chicago, il usa

Thu Mar 12 21:35:53 CST 1998

i am so impressed, I might make a one time only special guest appearence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed Mar 11 20:50:37 CST 1998

i love the site it is great to see that there is truely some inspiration

for underground film

brad berkner pittsburgh, pa

Wed Mar 11 12:26:11 CST 1998

Dream BIG! We’re going to live a really groovy life… making a movie.
Beth Nellessen Springfield, IL USA

Wed Mar 4 10:23:57 CST 1998

Unfortunately there is no way to see your Festival for me. But it would be very nice to have your program/brouchure/leaflets for The Chicago Underground Film Festival. Is there any way to get this in hardcopy?
Caglar Kimyoncu London, UK

Tue Mar 3 19:41:08 CST 1998

Visit me.
Craig Schlattman

Sun Mar 1 10:50:43 CST 1998

I gotta get my camera rolling soon. Hope that I can make it for your coming closing date…

See ya guz soon !


Fri Feb 27 12:52:53 CST 1998

damian Van Horn Chi,

Fri Feb 20 18:36:26 CST 1998

Hello, I am part of a group of independent filmmakers, editors, sound designers, and composers who are in the process of opening a video rental store in San Francisco, CA. We wish to feature independent films in a festival format, and would like to be able to reference the films we carry to the international film festivals they were part of. This will add a unique angle to our store and help raise awareness regarding independant film, the people who make it and the festivals that support it. Could you please send me more information regarding your film festival and any festival screening lists, past or present, so that we may include the available films and any information regarding their festival history in this featured area of our store…and create links from our web site to yours if desirable? Thank You…Gregory Lenczycki please respond to : Gregory Lenczycki 504 Oak St. San Francisco CA 94102 415.522.1580


gregory lenczycki san francisco, ca usa

Wed Feb 18 16:14:38 CST 1998

Diane EsparPOST HTTP/1.0 Pragma: No-Cache Content-Length: 1

Tue Feb 17 22:53:55 CST 1998

Just a quick note to let you know about Colloquial Films, a non-profit Chicago based film production company that can help first time directors and producers as fiscal agent to approved applicants who want to raise their own non-profit production funds. This allows those giving you money to take an up front tax deduction rather than waiting to see if your project turns an uncertain profit. We welcome inquiries which can be directed to me at Have a wonderful festival. I hope to be there.
Monica Rix Paxson Chicago, IL USA

Mon Feb 16 17:56:25 CST 1998

Adam McEwen New York, NY USA

Mon Feb 9 19:34:37 CST 1998

i plan to enter the fest ….



Fri Feb 6 14:39:32 CST 1998

clutch,you guys are the funk.when are you going to be in ohio again.I went to one of your shows at the newport last year and

it rocked.later guys.

john/420 ray, ohio usa

Tue Feb 3 12:21:05 CST 1998

Film Rules!!!!!!
Trina Pinkney Atlanta, GA USA

Sat Jan 24 04:24:00 CST 1998

I’m going to school in Pittsburgh for animation. Who knew my interestes would turn to film? Who knows what the future will bring? Hopefully a wife, family and a movie or two. And if not I can doodle some nifty little dog cartoons for you…
Justin Kownacki Erie, PA U.S.A.

Thu Jan 22 14:00:44 CST 1998

Liza M. Deyo

Thu Jan 15 16:44:32 CST 1998

saw the cuff article in punk planet

‘s good

John Newberry glvstn, tx eua

Thu Jan 15 13:13:13 CST 1998

Film is extremely emotional and intriguing. Scriptwriting enables someone to captivate the audience while sharing his ideas with them. It is a wonderous and influential experience to write.
Kathryn Ikle’ Memphis, Tennessee United States

Tue Jan 13 13:58:40 CST 1998

Me thinks it’s a great festival, and must apply this year with a short I’ve completed….

Jeff Erbach Winnipeg, Manitoba (province) Canada

Sat Jan 10 23:55:35 CST 1998

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, artists to art. The rest is silence.
Karl S. Hamilton Chicago, IL US

Fri Jan 9 17:09:32 CST 1998

Chris Trotter des moines, ia

Wed Jan 7 10:34:19 CST 1998

Steve Dovas Brooklyn, NY USA

Wed Jan 7 09:43:38 CST 1998

So what’s up guys? What’s new for ’98, and happy new year by the way. You must get me on another panal sarah “I’m the only one here.” Jacobson, it was so much fun last time. Exround was a wonderful festival, had a great time as did everyone but s.j.. Yahoo bubba. I don’t know what my full URL is.
Craig Schlattman

Wed Jan 7 02:12:24 CST 1998

Jen Proctor Austin, Texas USA

Wed Jan 7 00:38:46 CST 1998

Rob Lundberg Mt. Prospect, Ill

Tue Jan 6 13:01:34 CST 1998


Tue Dec 30 22:16:20 CST 1997

Patrick Cuff Crawford, Texas United States

Sun Dec 28 13:02:01 CST 1997

Leslie T. Nagy, Jr. Lyons, IL USA

Mon Dec 22 14:57:44 CST 1997

i was born in l.a. and will probably die in l.a. and, that’s… okay 😉 but i must say, chicago is the one city i’ve always been more than a little envious of. and art and film have been my life interests since the beginning of time. i’m noticing the festival starts the day after my birthday… hmmmmm… 🙂
leah setka los angeles, ca usa

Thu Dec 18 12:34:15 CST 1997

THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK publish (free of charges) a web-site with info about video/media art festivals etc. around in the world – se adress above. we will put info about your festival on this site with a link to your web-site. Yours Torben Soeborg THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK Themstrupvej 36, DK-4690 Haslev, Denmark tel/fax: *45-56 31 21 21
Torben Soeborg DK-4690 Haslev, Denmark

Sat Dec 13 16:04:13 CST 1997

David Ryan Pekin, IL

Thu Dec 11 19:46:18 CST 1997

check out “addicted to noise” on the web
Nick Zedd New York, NY USA

Mon Dec 8 20:21:54 CST 1997

Spielberg is afraid of death, like the rest of us.. It’s just that he lets it influence all of his films…

I want to be like Spielberg… I’m afraid of death.

Geoff Basingstoke, Hampshire United Kingdom

Mon Dec 8 12:19:12 CST 1997



Sun Dec 7 09:50:48 CST 1997



Sun Dec 7 09:49:17 CST 1997

Avant garde cinema can be horribly repressive and insightful all at the same time- that’s the ultimate beauty of it all! I plan to submit the first film I ever made- a little animation job that is at times INTENTIONALLY out of focus….yeah, that’s it. Just kidding. Underground films are about spirit- fuck professionalism. To an extent, of course. Fight the power. I fucking love Chicago!


Sridhar Reddy Denver, CO USA

Wed Dec 3 00:46:09 CST 1997

I am interested in film festivals accepting entries from independent filmmakers in the Western United States and

specifically Texas. Thank you, Liza Deyo

Liza M. Deyo Dallas, Texas

Mon Dec 1 17:27:21 CST 1997

howdy, i’d like to apologize for my satanic films. sometimes the christian right is actually “right”. just kidding. if anyone else is pissed off about kodak discontinuing super 8 8 film, email. something has to be done. even though most of us don’t plan on shooting on super 8 our entire lives, it’s damn essential that we start somewhere. see everyone in august…

kipp welch

kipp welch

Wed Nov 26 13:47:49 CST 1997

Format is everything. One could even say that format is the only thing. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m an all encompassing being named Format. I stand proud, naked in front of the world, screaming my prophetic jabber, overwhelming any minds that come within hearing range. Sometimes I scare


Ashley Chapman Markdale, Ontario Canada

Mon Nov 24 20:52:32 CST 1997

30 bucks for a freakin’ entry??? Yeah, real “underground”! Please, please, please can I pay you 30 bucks to CONSIDER my short film? Thanks for pricing out the non-trust-funders from applying for your festival. -josh

Mon Nov 24 10:38:44 CST 1997

what format is used and how would one enter. please sent more information
donald schroeder

Mon Nov 24 00:10:28 CST 1997

Hey… I screwed up on my URL… No CAPS when it comes to the ‘index.html’ part… PLEASE VISIT MY WEBPAGE 🙂


PATTI KITT Chicago…Simi Valley, ILL & CA USA

Sun Nov 23 21:09:35 CST 1997

RIGHT ON, FILMMAKERS EVERYWHERE!! I have been cutting your negative for over 20 years now… I LOVE YOU…YOU LOVE ME… 🙂 I love to see your entries in the various FESTS!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORKS!!! Please, allow me to continue to be of service to the crazy industry we call FILMMAKING!!!
PATTI KITT Chicago/Simi Valley, IL/CA USA

Sun Nov 23 20:53:33 CST 1997

The site just looks better and better! Thanks, John and Michael. Can’t wait for the addition of Rocket Sam and exploding Quimby Mouse… beautiful tattooed punk girls, robots, rodents…we ARE the equal opportunity

film festival.

Donna J

Fri Nov 21 14:12:08 CST 1997

i was searching the web in relation to george kuchar which led me to this site and how happy i am it did, i appreciate your appreciation of independant films, keep up the good work.
joy melbourne, victoria australia

Sun Nov 9 04:34:10 CST 1997

I loved the festival. I recently had to move back to Detroit from Chicago but that did not stop me from coming to the festival. I have been 3 years in a row and I had a riot.. John Waters signed my back and I had it tattooed on in pink and black. It looks very cool and I am damn proud. I love the website also—–There are still a few interesting people left in this cesspool of a world.


Eve D. Royal Joke, Mi usa

Fri Oct 31 13:17:20 CST 1997

Just testing

Beta Tester

Thu Oct 30 16:39:18 CST 1997

john waters is god
magical leah

Wed Oct 29 20:50:57 CST 1997

kipp welch is a very evil filmmaker who must be stopped at all costs. his films glorify satan and lee kohler. need i say more.

boycott lysergic pictures!!!!!!

sara mayer

Mon Oct 27 18:45:52 CST 1997

Im speachless
Brian McCormic Florence, MA USA

Sun Oct 26 20:29:30 CST 1997

G’day all, I have to say I was impressed with all of your efforts. I would like to enter a film myself one day in the near future.
Ashley Wincer Prescott, Arizona U.S.A

Thu Oct 23 15:26:18 CDT 1997

Dear Cuff, Please put us on your actual mailing list as we are a non-profit organization for independent film and independent filmmakers and we provide festival information for our 4500 members. Tamara Krinsky

Member Resource Administrator

tamara krinsky, IFP west 1964 Westwood Bvld. Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA

Tue Oct 21 16:29:17 CDT 1997

Heather Perry knoxville, tn 37916

Mon Oct 20 16:38:21 CDT 1997

Dam, i missed your fest. Definitely will make it in 98. if you guys find your self in the middle of the pacific. swim by and check how we do it ho-town style. if you run in to Raoul Vehil tell him were looking for him. The Honolulu Underground Film Fest happens Nov.15-22. I’ll send a program when they come out. Could you please send me one for last years fest. I heard you guys kicked serious NY ass. Aloha Christopher Kahunahana
Christopher Kahunahana honolulu, hi usa

Sat Oct 18 14:56:01 CDT 1997

ray stephens

Sat Oct 18 12:51:52 CDT 1997

Russell P. Barbecue DC, USA

Fri Oct 17 16:56:39 CDT 1997



Fri Oct 17 14:24:34 CDT 1997

jules amsterdam, nh netherlands

Wed Oct 15 06:17:27 CDT 1997

Stay Sick! The World’s a Purple Knif!
Alvin Ecarma

Mon Oct 13 21:09:19 CDT 1997


Wed Oct 8 01:57:52 CDT 1997

Andy copp

Wed Sep 24 22:56:32 CDT 1997

Thanks to show my film in your festival.

Bargès henri paris, france

Sat Sep 20 17:44:11 CDT 1997

jeff puckett

Thu Sep 18 20:51:43 CDT 1997

Hi, Many compliments for the excellent program, it’s amazing! I’m a big fan of Jim Van Bebber, and I’m happy you prized his marvelous CHARLIE’S FAMILY. If you want to see a page about Jim, go to my site. I also love THE BRIDE OF FRANK!!! That movie makes you laugh, shiver, think….isn’t it enough? Anyway, my best wishes.


Antonella Fulci Rome, ITALY

Sat Sep 13 05:52:13 CDT 1997

please send more information about how to enter the contest.
omar ramon gonzalez lerdo, dgo. mexico

Mon Sep 8 19:58:51 CDT 1997

The only thing we have to fear… is rancid meat…

and cigar smoking midget wrestlers (of course).

Rik Engstrom Lockport, IL USA

Wed Sep 3 19:13:46 CDT 1997

I’m an independent filmaker just starting out. I’ve barley begun writing my first script; But have worked on different films as an extra or production assistant. I’ve always been interested in films to the tune of directors like: Oliver Stone, John Waters, David Lych, Stanley Kubrick, a little Tarintino, ect. It’s always comforting to know there is a population of freaks out there that haven’t settled for Hollywood Pop and this country’s rating system. It’s also comforting to know that there is a chance to make a living doing what I love, rather thn my current corporate patsy position in society. Thanks to the organizers

of CUFF for supporting the risk takers!

Quentin Kruger (Freddy Tarintino) Phoenix, AZ US

Mon Sep 1 23:25:19 CDT 1997

can you send me info via mail about your festival and entry form to: david levine 137 east 26th street

e4 nyc 10010

david levine new york, ny usa

Wed Aug 27 17:23:07 CDT 1997

Sergey Aniskov Moscow, New York Earth

Tue Aug 26 19:50:58 CDT 1997

Cool site. Check out the ultra groovy Cork Film Festival site at Great programmes this year. me and Gary have the coolest shorts pog yet. Lots of cool docs and features too and a great bar in the Cork Opera House. C Ya
Ivor Melia Cork, Co. Cork Ireland

Fri Aug 22 13:55:34 CDT 1997

Huge Jarmusch fan here (Mystery Train, Down by Law, Night on Earth, and my all time favorite Stranger than Paradise). If you have any special UNDERGROUND movies playing around Chicagoland – where?, when? what paper is the best to determine times/locat ions?
Chris M. Grayslake, IL USA

Wed Aug 20 22:14:05 CDT 1997

Just got back from the drive back to Detroit from Chicago… Sorry I missed John Waters today but what I saw of the Festival (wish I had had more time) was FANTASTIC! Thanx for having me!
Mike White Ferndale, MI USA USA USA

Sun Aug 17 17:45:27 CDT 1997

thanks for putting the fest on I am the maker of ‘The Whites’ since I am out of town this weekend please pass along my E-mail address to any wealthy art patrons who want to sponser my next film- big clams welcome
Natasha Uppal

Sat Aug 16 11:41:07 CDT 1997

pete K chicago, Il USA

Thu Aug 14 14:54:06 CDT 1997

diana giovenco

Wed Aug 13 14:46:16 CDT 1997

Actually, there are two films in which you can see the Fest Programmers weenie, and they are both in the same film block!
Percival Boring, OR USA

Wed Aug 13 09:50:09 CDT 1997

Oh, Pull my Daisy…To CUFF we go!

Bill Breitenbach Arden, Illinois United States

Tue Aug 12 20:44:40 CDT 1997

I hear that there is a film at this year’s festival where you can see the festival programmer’s weenie!
Binki Springfield, IL USA

Mon Aug 11 23:35:03 CDT 1997

I’m an IFC junkie (it’s hard to pull myself away even now). Just saw a great documentary in Austin, Texas: “Chasing the Dream” by Jeff Fraley and Harry Lynch. It’s about bull riding — it’s hilarious, exciting, and a hell of a ride. Good luck to these guys.
John L. “Red” Gower Florence, Texas USA

Mon Aug 11 23:14:20 CDT 1997

I just moved here ( S. suburbs) from Tucson, where I lived within a 2 mi radius of several art house film houses and video stores. In Az there are several film fests AND the HARKINS THEATER chain which shows only independent and foreign films! This i s serious withdrawals! I have to drive an hour to get to the city and park $$$$$, Then I have to hope I don’t get attacked to or from the theater walking aroung at night. Why is everything in the City!!?? Why is there no major art house theater chain o ut here, like Harkins!!??? Are there no cultured people in the suburbs!? Underground film is the BEST!!!!!
reenie homewood, il usa

Sun Aug 10 16:15:01 CDT 1997

Visit the Independent Film Channel’s Webpage to find out how you can win
a pair of passes to this year’s festival.

Independent Film Channel

Wed Aug 6 23:53:36 CDT 1997

Keep it real! (as it’s said) Jacob

editor – “Hang Your Dog in the Wind”

Jacob Craycroft Brooklyn, NY USA

Tue Aug 5 22:40:13 CDT 1997

Hey guys, thanks for all the last minute dealings. hope my print & posters made it. Sorry I couldn’t come up for the fest. To everyone else GO SEE MY FILM!!! “THE MARIONETTE” (please) Sat 6:00 pm (dont forget to bring someone

who is squemish)

Sean M. McManus
Tue Aug 5 19:49:32 CDT 1997 I am making the documentary film DIVINE TRASH The Making of John Waters’ Pink Flamingos the nucleus of which is some five hours of documentary footage I shoot of John MAKING Pink Flamingos in 1972 complete with interviews with Divine, Edith Massey and David Lochery. The film is in the final editing stages including

interviews with 60 individuals. I expect to have this 2hr feature doc, shot on Film, ready for submission to the Sundance film festival by Oct 1st

steve yeagerstev baltimore, md

Tue Aug 5 13:58:46 CDT 1997

A VERY BIG THANKS to everyone at the 4th CUFF for screening our film, A GUN FOR JENNIFER! Todd & I are so psyched to be attending all 5 days of this LEGENDARY Underground event that we’ve heard so many good things about about for the last 3 years!(is it true that it kicks the NYUFF’s butt???) Can’t wait to meet all the cool undie film makers and fans and see all the excellent new films! Never been to CHICAGO before either! Heard it rocks! Hope to see you all there! — Deb Twiss in Da Big Apple
Deborah Twiss New York, NY USA

Mon Aug 4 22:31:35 CDT 1997

Fresh water for the horses…
Mitch E. Apley Chicago, IL USA

Sun Aug 3 22:46:36 CDT 1997

Joe Griffith, IN USA

Fri Aug 1 21:49:12 CDT 1997

hi, i’m coming up to chicago all the way from buffalo for this fest. that’s all.. well, actually, how much are tickets to the show?

Allison Cohn Buffalo, NY USA

Thu Jul 31 12:29:40 CDT 1997

Hi, anyone know if ther is a Washington DC equivalent to CUFF? please e-mail me Thanks,



Wed Jul 30 20:51:36 CDT 1997

Where are the after parties at? I want to know.
marcel dejure

Wed Jul 30 19:57:13 CDT 1997

Jennifer belbis Iowa City, ia usa

Wed Jul 30 13:28:15 CDT 1997

Hello Chicago!

Dan Piercy Athens, OH USA

Wed Jul 30 13:16:04 CDT 1997

Steven Clar New York, NY USA

Tue Jul 29 10:48:27 CDT 1997

Tom Makedon Lincolnwood, IL 60646

Tue Jul 29 03:35:57 CDT 1997

Looking forward to it!!!
Lisa Rising Chicago, IL

Mon Jul 28 15:22:18 CDT 1997

I’m looking Forward to coming to Chicago for the fest. I’m an actor in Brian Flemming’s film “Hang Your Dog In The Wind” which screens on Sat. at 4:15 but I’ll be there for the whole fest.Looking forward to seeing some good films.I was born in Des Plaines and this is my first time back to Chicago in some twenty years.It

should be fun.See you soon.

David James West Hollywood, CA LA

Sun Jul 27 23:27:11 CDT 1997

Saw “Cracking Up” last year at the 3rd Annual and thought it was a great film. This year should promise the same.
Todd Miller Chicago, IL

Sun Jul 27 08:59:22 CDT 1997

Todd Miller Chicago, IL

Sun Jul 27 08:53:57 CDT 1997

Harold Slatore San Diego, California USA

Fri Jul 25 19:09:37 CDT 1997

I’d like to think that the work I did with Chris Gore on Film Threat and Film Threat Video Guide in some way inspired the lunatics behind CUFF — but now they are the ones inspiring me. Underground film will always exist as long as interested parties c an form a sense of community and help generate an audience for the work that the filmmakers sweat, suffer and bleed over. That was one of our goals with FTVG — and we were somewhat successful. I was at the first CUFF years ago and found it to be not only a great UNDERGROUND fest, but a great fest PERIOD — simply because people like Jay and Brian really care about what they’re doing. I’ve sort of left the underground world since FTVG ended last year and I went on to work for American Cinematographer maga zine ( Did I sell out? Did I turn my back on the kinds of films I really love? Sort of — at least in the sense that I now have a dreaded “day job.” But REAL independent cinema — not this “indie” crap we’re now force-fed through the likes of Miramax and Sundance — is what I will always love and admire — and CUFF is helping to provoke that kind of filmmaking. Thanks guys, and I hope to finally make it back next year.
David E. Williams Los Angeles, Duh You know

Fri Jul 25 12:41:53 CDT 1997

Ryan Murray Arlington, Texas USA

Thu Jul 24 01:15:46 CDT 1997

Laurie Pike NY, NY USA

Mon Jul 21 23:00:07 CDT 1997

should be good
Jenifer Dwyer WAsh, DC USA

Mon Jul 21 14:33:30 CDT 1997

Marguerite Spaulding Chicago, IL USA

Mon Jul 21 13:10:36 CDT 1997

Big drag man. I am stuck in Atl. while all the fun is going on at home . I mean the film fest and the Project Records gathering………makes me wish i was back there.
Richard Rudolf Marietta, Ga. USA

Thu Jul 17 22:30:49 CDT 1997

Jeff Cawhorn Minneapolis, MN US of A

Tue Jul 15 18:41:41 CDT 1997

Shawn Lane Palatine, IL Cook

Tue Jul 15 17:52:41 CDT 1997

Steve Chicago, Il USA

Thu Jul 10 23:44:40 CDT 1997

Sorry not to be in Chicago for the fest–any filmmakers out there with new, independent films that don’t yet have distribution should check out the IFP/West page for info. on our New Visions screening program.
Josh Welsh L.A., CA

Thu Jul 10 16:16:34 CDT 1997

Pauly Witchell Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thu Jul 10 15:03:54 CDT 1997

Please check out your link in our site –
Patrick Laslett Norwich, Norfolk UK

Thu Jul 10 13:03:34 CDT 1997

I miss this doggone festival every year – even the year my film was in it. This year I’m not on tour and I’m not working and my new film should be done by then so I won’t be stuck working on that – so I hope to come, but I’ll be broke and might not be able to afford it. I guess there’s always next year.
Skizz Cyzyk Baltimore, Maryland USA

Thu Jul 10 11:54:02 CDT 1997

Thanks for showing The Return Of El Frenetico & Go-Girl! Please check out our website!! Thanks again!! See you

in Chicago!

Pat Bishow

Tue Jul 8 08:43:19 CDT 1997

Nici Nienburg, Niedersachsen Germany

Wed Jul 2 07:31:33 CDT 1997

We just want to say thanks to the powers that be for choosing “GUS FIST” to play in the fest. To the others who get in, we will see you there. To those who did not, keep sending your work around. It too will find a home. We have a stack of letters sent to us from those who were not so fond of our work. They

are all getting framed.

Andrew Marcus & Michael Kadela Chicago,

Tue Jul 1 19:59:10 CDT 1997

Terry dixon Roswell, GA United States

Tue Jul 1 09:12:50 CDT 1997


Fri Jun 20 20:20:38 CDT 1997

Leslei Sisk

Thu Jun 19 12:00:03 CDT 1997

June 16, 1997 I did not like Chasing Amy, Mallrats, or Clerks very much. Didn’t ANY one else notice how CONTRIVED every WORD that each character utters is???? Happy to be here. Send me some mail. p.s.

the grass looked greener before i got here

Theresa Southern Greensboro, North Carolina United States

Mon Jun 16 12:19:51 CDT 1997

Is is true that if you put 100 monkeys in a room for 100 years with 100 video cameras they’ll remake every movie

ever made??!

Mike & Kim Lewis

Sun Jun 15 18:49:08 CDT 1997

So very happy to have aquamorpheus accepted into the fest… I am planning on attending, and believe you me I’m going to

get a piece of Mr Waters when I get there

Brien Burroughs San Francisco, CA

Wed Jun 11 18:47:43 CDT 1997

Ez eredeti magyar nyelv. Talan jovore egy magyar film is lathato lesz a fesztivalon, tolem.
emese takacs budapest, hungary

Wed Jun 11 06:48:18 CDT 1997

bela takacs tomord, hungary

Wed Jun 11 06:23:58 CDT 1997

Glenn J. Glasser north chicago, IL USA

Sun Jun 8 22:21:28 CDT 1997

Charles Cohen

Thu Jun 5 13:15:56 CDT 1997

Mike Beil Redmond, WA USA

Tue Jun 3 15:17:23 CDT 1997

Sam Gahm Council Bluffs, Iowa United States

Tue May 20 21:14:53 CDT 1997

Found your site by way of Film Threat links! Counting the weeks until August.
David Koehne Mt. Zion, Illinois USA

Tue May 20 18:15:55 CDT 1997


exground on screen, the filmfest outside the mainstream, andrea wink (programmer) 65185 wiesbaden, Jahnstr. 17 germany

Sun May 18 08:36:32 CDT 1997

Good luck and “weiter so”
andrea wink,exground on screen,the filmfest outside the mainstream Wiesbaden, Germany

Sun May 18 08:29:43 CDT 1997

Andrea Wink (exground filmfest)

Sun May 18 08:21:08 CDT 1997

Jason Wasserman Chicago, Illinois

Thu May 8 11:40:01 CDT 1997

Shawn Maher
Http:// Rochester, NY US

Wed May 7 11:32:30 CDT 1997

I went to CUFF 96 and saw AFFLICTION. It was the most disturbing film I have ever seen. I hve really experienced sickness during a film, but when I saw AFFLICTION, I was constantly feeling nauseous. I never thought that seeing someone vomit on a bible and cross would be considered a “breather” compared to the rest of the film. Keep up tha good work. Can’t wait to see the lineup this year. I hope I’m on it. Love,

Keith Schofield

Charlie Lombado northbrook, il USA! USA!

Mon May 5 21:28:46 CDT 1997

Howdy, sitting here with Mark Siska in Berlin and planning the Berlin showcase of Cuff. Greetings! Stefan.

Stefan Brun Berlin, Berlin Germany

Mon May 5 12:38:24 CDT 1997


Sun May 4 13:12:58 CDT 1997

you guys rule. lee kohler will be a rising star when i get through with him. sincerely, kipp e.welch

lysergic cinema, inc.

kipp welch

Sat May 3 14:37:31 CDT 1997

Cool site, looking forward to the festivities! Q: What’s the difference between an independent filmmaker and a dead guy? A: The dead guy can still get a credit card. -r
Rob Warmowski Chicago, IL USA

Fri May 2 21:10:27 CDT 1997

David Sawatzky Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

Thu May 1 17:09:34 CDT 1997

Great looking site, Hope the festival goes well. Regards, Ivor Melia

Programme Coordinator

Ivor Melia, Cork Film Festival Hatfield House, Tobin St, Cork Ireland

Thu May 1 10:46:57 CDT 1997

Hmmm. The Zedd interview was interesting, specially since I never really got a chance to speak with him about serious shit. He used to drop into the Fangoria offices once in a while, but my co-editor Dave Everitt was a stauch right-wing conservative who used to get really annoyed by Nick’s presence. The atmosphere wasn’t really conducive, you know? Funny thing is, Everitt’s parents were old-fashioned Marxists, and now I learn that Nick’s dad was post office functionary who helped prosecute

Henry Miller’s works! Haw! Explains a lot…

Uncle Bob Los Angeles, CA USA!

Tue Apr 29 23:34:04 CDT 1997

sam spry rhode island usa

Tue Apr 29 17:18:35 CDT 1997

Wheat Chicago, IL USA

Tue Apr 29 15:43:32 CDT 1997

Welcome to our web site!
Michael Jered Kopp Chicago, IL USA

Tue Apr 29 00:33:58 CDT 1997

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