Saturday August 18 7:00 pm


The Last, the Rest Johanna Dery

Animation. 16mm. 4:30. 2000. Chicago Premiere

Woodblock animation stamps out the tale of a granite world filled with wingless birds and mystery disks.

Annihilation Madam Rosie Saunders

Experimental. 16mm. 5:00. 2000

“Although she¹s obviously not happy that the footage she shot in London did not come out, Saunders ends up using it anyway.” — Patrick Friel

Rogers Park Pin Pin Tan

Short. 16mm. 11:00. 2000. Chicago Premiere.

“A restrained yet explosive film about a boy toying with death, a dying woman and a desperate immigrant looking for his cat and what happens when they meet.”­ Pin Pin Tan

Soundings Sandra Gibson

Experimental. 16mm. 5:30. 2001. Chicago Premiere

A visual and sonic exploration where the conscious and unconscious meet. Images flash by, often a frame at a time, in a pulsating dissection of film itself.

You Can¹t Keep a Good Snake Down Moira Tierney and Mash Goodannaya

Experimental. 16mm. 4:00. 2001. Midwest Premiere.

In the 4th Century Saint Patrick led a forced conversion of pagan Ireland and drove out the country¹s snake population. With the aid of Jackie Chan, Maria Montez, and Margaret Thatcher, Tierney and Goodannaya redress this injustice.

Silver Screen Thomas Fleish

Experimental. 16mm. 5:30. 2000. Chicago Premiere. Germany

A film made entirely with tinfoil, each frame a new landscape of light and perspective.

Mary Worth
Stephanie Barber,Anne Killelea,Naomi Wyoming,Brent Goodsell,Peter Barrickman,Xavier Leplae,Didier Leplae,Anna Siri Johnson,Yasuhiro Ikeguchi,Tate Bunker,Sarah Boland and Theresa Columbus Short. 16mm. 15:00 2001. Chicago Premiere

A surreal and funny adaptation of the popular comic strip soap opera.

“Mary Worth is the result of a film group project called ‘Summer Movie Madness’­ a laborious collective process where passersby at a local fair paid $1 to submit a concept toward a short film they would then vote on and make. As a group of about 12 people we collectively shot Mary Worth, which ended up being our favorite concept (one of our own submissions!) You wouldn’t get this from seeing the film, but we had to vote on just about every aspect of the making of this film.” – Xavier Leplae

Cat Number Six Is A Coward Jerome Gariepy

Short. 16mm. 8:00. 2001. Midwest Premiere. Canada

An idiot attempts to prove Schroedinger’s Theory of Quantum Mechanics by experimenting with living cats.

Blow-Up Siegfried Fruhauf

Experimental. 35mm. 1:30. 2000. Chicago Premiere. Austria.

A man simultaneously performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on both a life-size dummy and a strip of celluloid.

Rejected Don Hertzfeldt

Animation. 35mm. 9:17. 2000.

In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network. The cartoons were completed in five weeks. The Family Learning Channel rejected all of them upon review, and they were never aired.

Copy Shop Virgil Widrich

Short. 35mm. 12:00. 2001. Chicago Premiere. Austria

The story of a man who works in a copy shop and copies himself until he fills the whole world. Composed of nearly 18,000 photocopied digital frames, animated and photographed with a 35mm camera.

Total Running Time 81:17

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