ENTRY FORM – Please Read all entry guidelines before completing this form. Mail it to us with your entry fee, VHS tape, B&W still and synopsis.

MAIL TO:                                                                      DEADLINE May 1 2002

Entry Coordinator                                                        FINAL DEADLINE May 15 2002


3109 North Western Ave.           

Chicago, IL 60618        

Picture Title______________________________________________________________________________________             


Running Time____________________________________          Date Completed (month/year)___________________

Contact Name ___________________________________                ENTRY FEE:

Company________________________________________               [   ] $30 for entries postmarked by May 1.

Address_________________________________________              [   ] $35 for entries postmarked after May 1 and

                                                                                                                       received by May 15

City, State, Zip____________________________________                             

Make check or money order in U.S. funds

Telephone_______________________________________              payable to: Chicago Underground Film            


Fax _____________________________________________              

                                                                                                                Entry Fees are not required from filmmakers

Email____________________________________________              who have screened at CUFF in the past. Please

                                                                                                                indicate the name of your film and the year it

Website__________________________________________             was screened below.

Does your entry currently have U.S. distribution?                       Film title ________________________________

(Please note the festival does not pay rental fees for               

work submitted).                                                                                Year screened  ______________

[  ] YES            [  ] NO                                                                            

If yes, with what company?___________________________

Category (check one only)                                                                                                                                               

[  ] Narrative Feature      [  ] Narrative Short      [  ] Documentary      [  ] Experimental      [  ] Animation                                                                                             

Original Production Format(s)

[  ] Super 8    [  ] 16mm     [  ] 35mm       [  ] video (video format___________)

Final Screening Format      [  ] 16mm              [  ] 35mm               [  ] Beta SP video                                  [  ] 1/2″ NTSC VHS

Please check with us before sending video formats other than Beta SP or standard VHS.

Will this screening be a premiere? (Premiere status is determined by previous theatrical runs and/or other festival screenings only)

[  ] World Premiere             [  ] US Premiere                   [  ] Midwest Premiere        [  ] Chicago Premiere

[  ]  Check here to confirm that you’ve attached a brief description and/or artist’s statement of the film with credits along with any additional promotional materials you wish to include (press clippings, stills, artist bio, cast & credits, etc.)

Other Public screenings, awards and festivals



I have carefully read and understand the complete rules of the festival. I attest that I hold the exhibition rights to the film/video being entered. If accepted, I grant permission to CUFF to show my film/video and to use it for promotional purposes for the 2002 festival.


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