Sunday August 19 9:15 pm


Audiovisions: New Videos + Music from Austria Organized by Norbert Pfaffenbichler

Experimental. Video. 62:00. Austria. Midwest Premiere.

Audiovisions is a program that takes the notion of ‘music video’ completely apart, re-assembling the concept in new, uniquely minimalist and rhythmic ways through collaborations between video artists and electronic composers. Visually stark and emotionally rich, Audiovisions plays out like a feature-length video/music concert.

video: Michaela Grill, music: Takeshi Fumimoto, 5:00
A barely discernable concrete wall becomes visually organized by the score’s musical structure.

video & music: Dariusz Kreczek, 2:00
“Superimposed horizontal and vertical patterns in rich, dark colours flow across the screen at pleasantly slow tempos.” – N. Pfaffenbichler

Santora video: JFCrgen Moritz, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, music: Christian Fennesz,


A metrically built cord of images based on the number 3 and the music of Fennesz.

video & music: tinhoko, 7:00
“The footage (images from a trip through Japan) was subjected to innumerable manipulations…and are transformed into mysterious symbols of unique and peculiar beauty.” – N. Pfaffenbichler

notdef./version one
video & sound: maia./notdef, 4:00
“Wild geometric growth from the interior of the machine.” – Stefan Grissemann, Sixpack Film

video: JFCrgen Moritz, music: Christian Fennesz, 5:00
“Reminiscent of found-footage shot a long time ago: six seconds of a girl moving. Moritz calls this: six seconds of innocence. He manipulated the material until only fragments of this innocence remained.” – Lies Holtrop, Sixpack Film

comp.tot4 (romutation)
video & music: reMI, 16:00 “During a transmission, a video recording was damaged by defective equipment to the extent that none of the original concrete elements were visible. The fragments remaining from the process of decomposition were fed into a defective computer system, and the camera was able to capture only a portion of the stream of information. The result: the originally concrete footage was reorganized in a different esthetic context through these limitations.”

– reMI

video: Ben Pointeker, music: general magic, 6:00
Inspired by the director’s interest in early Romantic painting, particularly the works of Caspar David Friedrich, a video of sheer arctic seascape.

video: JFCrgen Moritz, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, music: Christian Fennesz, 4:0 0
“Fascinating for those familiar with the potential beauty held in minimalism. A conversation between pictures and music and their rhythms, concentrating on the material structure of the picture.” – Transmediale 99, Berlin

video: [n:ja], music: shabotinski, 5:00
“In contrast to commercial music videos…the ultimate goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between audio and visual material.” – [n:ja]

video: Skot, music: Christian Fennesz, 4:00
“A kaleidoscope of the world of moving images out of different clips. Through irritations and super-impositions they present the manipulability and fragility of the filmmaterial.” – Brigitta Burger-Utzer, Sixpack Film

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