Director Philipp Virus in Attendance


Saturday March 17 Doors Open 8:00 p.m. Charybdis Multi-Arts Complex

4423 N. Milwaukee Ave. $10.00

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“To say that Philipp Virus simply ‘makes music videos’ is like saying that Charles Manson ‘had a magnetic personality’. Virus has such an advanced ability to engage his audiences with hypnotic, controlling fervor that it’s kinda scary he’s German. Lucky for Western civilization, he’s fully anti-authority, a pure proponent of eternal artistic revolution.” – Ed Halter, NY Underground Film Festival

The Chicago Underground Film Festival and Charybdis Multi-Arts Complex will join forces on Saturday, March 17 to present “THE VIRUS HAS BEEN SPREAD” the first Midwest retrospective of Digital Hardcore videos by German DJ and video artist Philipp Virus. In addition to screening his videos, Virus will also perform a DJ/VJ set making the evening an all-out multimedia blitzkrieg. Doors open at 8:00pm. Admission is $10. Charybdis is located at 4423 N. Milwaukee

Virus, a digital filmmaker from Berlin, has been working with Alec Empire and the Digital Hardcore Records bands for seven years. Taking advantage of the newest digital video and computer technology to produce his videos, Virus’ work is influenced by turntable scratching and collage as he mixes and warps] his images into both relentless pixel-driven assaults and soft electro-atmospheric visual environments, like an uncontrollable mood engine set to bipolar.

Among the artists with whom Virus has collaborated are Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire, Shizuo, DJ Mowgly, EC8OR, Hanin Elias, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Nintendo Teenage Robots. This program features all Digital Hardcore Videos as well as exclusive footage of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT’s arrest after their show during the May 1 riots in Berlin in 1999.

Virus will also present his two short films: “Civilization Virus”, about two primordial men encountering modern civilization, and “The Report”, about a girl who finds out that her life has been programmed and all her emotions are artificially created.

Many of these videos have never shown in public before. Currently Virus is working on a documentary about the history of Digital Hardcore, which will be completed later this year. Banned on MTV, censored by most media and hated by the mainstream, this is true underground propaganda that fights conformity and apathy. From high quality 35mm surrealism to lo-fi reality TV trash, digital animations, VJ’ing and the fastest cuts, the VIRUS has been spread…. This is DIGITAL HARDCORE! HARDER THAN THE REST!

Philipp Virus is available for interviews. For more information contact Bryan Wendorf 773-327-3456

This event marks the first collaboration between THE CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL, the Mid-West’s premiere showcase for underground, independent and experimental film and video and CHARYBDIS MULTI-ARTS COMPLEX, a 14,000 sq. ft. multi-arts complex for rehearsal, performance, & exhibition of all art forms located in Chicago’s Jefferson Park, For more information on CHARYBDIS contact Gregor Mortis 773-427-9970


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