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“Spectres of the Spectrum is nothing less than an alternative history of our century.”
(1999 Vancouver Film Festival)

Chicago Filmmakers and The Chicago Underground Film Festival will present two evenings with celluloid maverick Craig Baldwin (Tribulation 99, Sonic Outlaws) and the Chicago premiere of his latest found-footage masterpiece, Spectres of the Spectrum. The screenings will be held on Sunday, April 2 at 9:00p.m. at Cinema Borealis, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 4th floor and on Wednesday, April 4 at 8:00p.m. at Columbia College, 600 S. Michigan Ave. Admission is $7 general, $4 Chicago Filmmakers and CUFF.ORG members, and $5 Columbia students at the Columbia College screening only.

Spectres of the Spectrum is a brilliant, over-the-top riff on telecommunications, science fiction, and the modern world at the turn of the millennium. Set in the year 2007, this found-footage fairy tale pits a telepathic father-and-daughter team and a group of media outlaws against a corporate/governmental “New Electromagnetic Order,” which threatens to use the earth’s magnetosphere to “bulk erase” the brains of every human on the planet. Baldwin playfully twists the detritus of industrial films, B-grade sci-fi, and kinoscopes of old television broadcasts into a high-speed “activist science-fantasy collage-egory – that mocks America’s military-industrial miracle, that critiques high-tech robber-barons, and that opts for the agency of human curiosity and invention.” Says World Art Magazine, “The premiere of Baldwin’s richly allusive film is an event that no one interested in the formal and political possibilities of cinema can afford to miss.” Truly, it is a millennial film for the ages. Widely-known for Sonic Outlaws, his 1995 documentary on the now infamous suit between U2 and the plunderphonic band Negativland, Craig Baldwin has been turning out densely allegorical and thought-provoking film collages since 1978. “My filmmaking process is a form of ventriloquism. I use found footage as a puppet to mount my political arguments in visual terms – what better weapon to use against mainstream society then the stuff that they consider obsolete garbage. That for me is perverse revenge.” This aesthetic has brought him numerous awards and critical acclaim, including the inclusion of Spectres of the Spectrum in this year’s Whitney Biennial Exhibition. Baldwin also teaches film at San Francisco State University and curates for the Other Cinema series at San Francisco’s Artists’ Television Access.

The event is collaboration between Chicago Filmmakers and the Chicago Underground Film Festival’s year-round film and video series in a special effort to bring Craig Baldwin and Spectres of the Spectrum to Chicago.

Chicago Filmmakers is a 27 year-old not-for-profit media arts organization dedicated to fostering the understanding of artistic, social, and technical issues of alternative media practices though its year-round film and video exhibition series, Kino-Eye Cinema; Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival; and filmmaking classes and seminars.

CUFF’s year-round programming series is part of the festival’s commitment to increase the impact of uncompromising film and video on the counter-cultural landscape. Says Festival Director Bryan Wendorf, “Our goal is to add to Chicago’s already diverse alternative film scene, while also discovering and exposing fresh new voices in film and video.” Past programs have included a night of mischief with experimental filmmaker tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, an appearance by underground chronicler Jack Sargeant., and rare performance by British plunderphonic artist Vicki Bennet of People Like Us and the San Francisco “All-Projector Orchestra” Wet Gate.

For more information, please visit the Chicago Filmmaker’s website or the Chicago Underground Film Festival website at or contact Patrick Friel ( 773-293-1447 or Amy Beste ( 773-327-FILM.

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