Chicago Underground Film Festival presents GOREVILLE USA

Award winning documentary

On Saturday, April 24, The Chicago Underground Film Festival will present two screenings of Goreville USA, the award winning documentary by Chicago filmmakers Rob Shields, Dave Sarno & Seth Henrickson. Admission is $5 (free to members). The screenings takes place at 9 p.m., at The Note, 1565 North Milwaukee Ave. The directors will be available for question and answer after each screening. For more information call the festival hotline 773-866-8660.

Winner of the 1998 Slamdance Film Festival documentary prize, Goreville USA is a feature-length documentary that examines the issue of gun control and the birth of a grass roots militia movement through the eyes of Goreville, Illinois, a rural Southern Illinois town with an ordinance requiring each head of household to own a firearm with ammunition.

Enacted in response to a Chicago suburb that banned handguns; the Goreville ordinance works as a springboard into the resident’s varying insights on the values of gun ownership and the responsibilities accompanying the Constitution’s right to keep and bear arms.

“The odd gun law, of course, initially attracted us to this project,” says Seth Henrickson, one of the movies directors. “But Goreville has this batch of characters who, while entertaining, portray a compelling group of attitudes towards gun control. Attitudes that shed light on the nuances of an issue which proved to be far more complex than we had imagined.”

“The real power of the film is in the process,” relates Dave Sarno, Goreville’s other director. “For us it was about discovering the issue. For the residents of Goreville it was about reexamining and sometimes, but not always, reaffirming their own feelings about gun ownership and control.”

The 6th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival will take place August 13-19, 1999. Submission Deadline May 15th.

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