Project Title________________________________________________ Estimated complete running time _____:_____ Work-in-progress tape length ______:_______ CATEGORY (Check One) _____ Feature _____ Short _____ Documentary _____ Experimental _____ Animation PRODUCTION FORMAT (Check all that apply) _____ 16mm _____ 35mm _____ Super8 _____ Video FINAL EXHIBITION FORMAT (Check One) _____ 16mm _____ 35mm _____ Video Director's Name________________________________________________ Producer's Name________________________________________________ Production Company ____________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ________________________________________________ Telephone_____________________ Fax____________________________ Email_________________________ Web site_______________________ Estimated Total Budget of Project______________________________ Amount Needed For Completion___________________________________ BE SURE TO INCLUDE _____ Project Description and Statement Of Intent _____ Bios/Resumes Of All Principal Cast & Crew _____ Work-in-progress Cassette _____ $15 Processing Fee (US Funds Only) CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS of processing fees can be made through our friends at go here and follow Insound's checkout process, then when you receive your sales confirmation via email, add your confirmation number here: _____. Credit Card payments may be made through only. 

I have read, understand and accept the complete guidelines and regulations. If selected I agree to acknowledge the Chicago Underground Film Fund as a funding source on screen and in publicity materials and to provide CUFF with a film or tape for a Chicago area premiere screening.

 SIGNED___________________________________ DATE_______________

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