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I hope these movies are better than Hollow Man.
I want the independant film makers to tell me how they pick their composers.

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Hang in there Loonachic. I attend many festivals and most film festivals wait till the last minuit to post their schedules. Look for “Satan Was A Lady” directed by Doris Wishman (self proclaimed Godmother of motion picture pulp). It stars Honey Lauren (Men Cry Bullets),Edge (TRANS). Go to CUFF, you’ll have a great time. Good luck, Edge
Edge SW, Fl USA

Sat Aug 4 10:04:46 CDT 2001

I hate to tell you this, but your site really sucks. Let me build you a new one. I’m trying to find out what’s showing this year and I keep getting directed to buy tickets. I don’t want to buy tickets to something I have not clue about. HOOK A GIRL UP will yah? Give me the link to browse and read about the fimls in this years festival.. Please!

E-Mail me if your interested in a better site.

Loonachic Illinois

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We are saddened that our film entry , “The Takers” will not show at the 2001 fest.We realize that our film is not controversial or disturbing , so it may not qualify for the “underground” label.I find myself questioning the alledgedly radical nature of many films I have viewd that do carry that label.Many are part of an ‘underground mainstream’ , strictly following the formuli of dealing with some perversion ,obsession,or blasphemy’ in order to stand out amoung other films.Must a film be controversial or disturbing to qualify as underground? I love blasphemy as well as the next man , however these ingredients have gelled into a restrictive mindset which has turned into a stultifying new conservatism that narrows the scope of topics that can be dealt with in independent film.Is it possible to make an independent film that is mainstream in style and subject matter? The indie production values will keep it from mainstream access , and the mainstream subject matter will prevent it from being accepted by the underground.In between these two points lies a whole realm of topics that can’t be covered by the independent film maker.Do all independent filmmakers obsess about decadance and entropy , or can any of them just tell a good story? Must all underground artists be tortured , misunderstood, sociopaths?Are any of them happy, well adjusted craftsmen ? Where does it say that indie films need to be small and claustrophobic? Many independent filmmakers utilize sparse or neutral sets for ease of production and to keep costs down.Where are the large casts, detailed set design and lush locations.Do these values disqualify a film from the underground cachet? Alledgedly ‘shocking’ moviemking has been with us since the dawn of film,and has always contained the same subject matter through the decades.How radical is that? We in the underground have all experianced and enjoyed plenty of kinky sex, drugs and rock and roll and seeing more of same on screen is usually boring.I tried to make a film that was scandalously radical to YOUR standards , incorporating all the elements of a sixties saturday matinee popcorn movie and dealing with subjects such as honesty , character and responsibility.KISS OF DEATH I guess.Believe me , I am no conservative moral crusader and our next film will be a more traditional approach to the underground(re-read that phrase!)but there is nothing radical in film today, below or above ground! Pretending that there is is self-delusion. In its way , The Takers IS a radical film , for directly challenging underground conventions.Underground festivals SHOULDN’T HAVE CONVENTIONS! We very much respect the work you do at CUFF, and understand your decision.The film is now eight minutes shorter after test audiances and we hope to resubmit it next year, along with our new project currently in the works(a bloody ’40s gangster flick).We are a local Chicago troupe and you will be hearing more from us in the future.I would welcome any correspondance from your board or staff regarding this issue or our film,’THE TAKERS’ JACK HAMMOND dir.


JACK HAMMOND/JACKROLL FILMS Glendale Heights, Illinois Dupage

Sun Jul 22 09:26:22 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 21 22:53:06 CDT 2001

Jean Howard

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Wed Jul 18 14:22:41 CDT 2001

Wed Jul 18 13:57:14 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 17 20:08:34 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 17 19:09:35 CDT 2001

I’ll see you there…
Via Catinella Chicago, IL USA

Tue Jul 17 17:49:42 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 17 16:15:12 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 17 16:06:44 CDT 2001

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Look for me in a lead role in “Satan Was A Lady” this Aug. 2001 at Chicago Underground Festival. “Satan Was A Lady” directed by Doris Wishman (self proclaimed Godmother of motion picture pulp).


Edge SW, Florida USA

Tue Jul 17 07:12:33 CDT 2001

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Sun Jul 15 06:33:44 CDT 2001

Sounds great.


Wayney England

Sun Jul 15 02:45:59 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 22:39:00 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 22:21:55 CDT 2001

Hi – I’d like to be added to your mailing list for updates on the festival, if you have such a list. Great site! Dave
Dave L Chicago, IL USA

Sat Jul 14 15:16:10 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 13:53:35 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 13:00:42 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 11:03:14 CDT 2001

Sat Jul 14 03:47:04 CDT 2001

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Tue Jul 10 16:19:12 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 10 08:00:08 CDT 2001

Mon Jul 9 22:27:55 CDT 2001

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Thu Jul 5 22:33:10 CDT 2001

Thu Jul 5 09:54:19 CDT 2001

Thu Jul 5 03:19:11 CDT 2001

Thu Jul 5 02:18:22 CDT 2001

Thu Jul 5 01:44:29 CDT 2001

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Wed Jul 4 21:24:27 CDT 2001

Wed Jul 4 20:39:44 CDT 2001

Gabulous Gigglesnort Chicago, Il. U.S.

Wed Jul 4 20:00:16 CDT 2001

Gabulous Gigglesnort

Wed Jul 4 19:54:50 CDT 2001

Gabulous Gigglesnort

Wed Jul 4 19:52:26 CDT 2001

Taking a video editing break over here and was cruising around the site. Saw some shit at that MCA party in June that was cool… weird, but cool. I’ll be sending you all some shit. Remember the name: Fatty Productions.


Cyrus Dowlatshahi CHicago, IL Iran

Tue Jul 3 17:20:57 CDT 2001

Tue Jul 3 08:51:51 CDT 2001

Mon Jul 2 10:04:38 CDT 2001

Mon Jul 2 09:39:55 CDT 2001

Mon Jul 2 07:58:05 CDT 2001

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Great site and very informative!
Lisa Ruth Chicago, IL USA

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Thu Jun 28 14:23:47 CDT 2001

great site!

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Wed Jun 20 14:37:56 CDT 2001

Wed Jun 20 11:58:29 CDT 2001

Wed Jun 20 10:09:29 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 22:52:24 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 17:03:43 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 11:24:24 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 04:15:44 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 02:32:35 CDT 2001

Tue Jun 19 02:11:25 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 18:45:39 CDT 2001

Thanks for a great resource!
Lee Higgs Chicago, IL

Mon Jun 18 17:32:27 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 14:09:17 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 09:01:46 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 07:47:02 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 07:28:42 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 06:50:02 CDT 2001

cool pahe

Mon Jun 18 04:24:04 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 18 03:22:23 CDT 2001

Dont know if you’ll even get to read this Mr. Kownacki.. Lookin through some old stuff last night and found one of your letters, looked your name up on the good’ol internet, and what do i find? All these articles and stuff that you have wrote(you always were good with a pencil) So just want to say, much respect and Keep On doin your thang! All the best

Grainne (The’ol Irish penpal)

Grainne Dublin, ireland

Sun Jun 17 08:25:10 CDT 2001

Sun Jun 17 01:46:05 CDT 2001

Sat Jun 16 22:11:04 CDT 2001

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Fri Jun 15 20:02:56 CDT 2001

Fri Jun 15 16:50:15 CDT 2001

Fri Jun 15 05:52:51 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 21:24:01 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 20:07:16 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 19:27:39 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 13:09:41 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 10:00:02 CDT 2001

Thu Jun 14 03:45:08 CDT 2001

Wed Jun 13 20:06:16 CDT 2001

Jillian Tsirtsis griffith, IN U.S.

Tue Jun 12 18:39:51 CDT 2001

This is an excellent site. So glad I dropped by. Will surely come back and visit again. JO
Jo Smith Pickering, Ontario canada

Tue Jun 12 15:31:29 CDT 2001

Tracy Mobley

Tue Jun 12 09:57:41 CDT 2001

Jayakanthan R. Perumal Serdang, Selangor Malaysia

Tue Jun 12 01:50:51 CDT 2001

Sat Jun 9 08:05:18 CDT 2001

great site! cool page i’ve never seen a site like this before. great work…

Fri Jun 8 22:07:52 CDT 2001


Fri Jun 8 22:07:07 CDT 2001

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Wed Jun 6 08:16:33 CDT 2001



Rusty Nails Chicago, IL USA

Mon Jun 4 17:38:29 CDT 2001

Rusty Nails Chicago, IL

Mon Jun 4 17:32:52 CDT 2001

Mon Jun 4 09:03:43 CDT 2001

Sun Jun 3 16:04:15 CDT 2001

Michelle Breger

Fri Jun 1 14:18:22 CDT 2001

Michelle Breger

Fri Jun 1 14:18:11 CDT 2001

Fri Jun 1 12:56:20 CDT 2001

Fri Jun 1 12:52:02 CDT 2001

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Fri Jun 1 07:58:46 CDT 2001

Thu May 31 21:35:21 CDT 2001

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Sun May 27 11:56:47 CDT 2001

Sun May 27 06:17:13 CDT 2001

Amazing Holy Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge revealed to seekers of truth. Results of 40 years of relentless research. Most amazing web site! Thank you.
Claude Revelation Ottawa,, United States

Fri May 25 11:15:06 CDT 2001

Fri May 25 10:37:14 CDT 2001

Thu May 24 06:11:52 CDT 2001

Georgina Salas

Wed May 23 16:44:35 CDT 2001

Wed May 23 08:50:16 CDT 2001

Wed May 23 04:30:42 CDT 2001

Tue May 22 17:48:21 CDT 2001

Tue May 22 06:17:22 CDT 2001

Tue May 22 00:22:48 CDT 2001

Sun May 20 11:27:24 CDT 2001

Sat May 19 15:51:18 CDT 2001

Holy Sex! Holy Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge revealed to seekers of truth. Results of 40 years of relentless research. Most amazing web site! Thank you.
Claude Revelation Ottawa,, United States

Sat May 19 13:30:24 CDT 2001

Sat May 19 05:54:40 CDT 2001

Sat May 19 03:36:57 CDT 2001

Thu May 17 09:51:53 CDT 2001

Thu May 17 02:19:04 CDT 2001

Wed May 16 19:43:20 CDT 2001

Wed May 16 14:30:36 CDT 2001


Tue May 15 16:03:11 CDT 2001

Tue May 15 15:43:56 CDT 2001

Tue May 15 02:10:16 CDT 2001

Mon May 14 10:19:15 CDT 2001

Sun May 13 02:57:14 CDT 2001

Fri May 11 16:34:00 CDT 2001

Thu May 10 02:30:06 CDT 2001

Tue May 8 01:05:21 CDT 2001

Greetings from Bloodshot Pictures / Upside Downtown, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to drop you all a note, and say “howdy”. I recently submitted our latest short, “The Interview”, to you guys, and just wanted to follow up AND inform you about our newest film, “The Tunnel” (starring Lloyd Kaufman and Mark Borchardt!), shooting August 3-6, 2001 in Dallas! I really and truly pray/hope that you get some enjoyment (and perhaps a certain sense of renal failure!) out of “The Interview”! If you’d like, you can go FILM THREAT’S web page, and look up their review of the film. Seriously! Also, let me know if there’s any thing else u need, ok? CUFF skewers the rest! I love your fest, and hope your underground/avant-garde tastes are ready! “THE INTERVIEW” has (to date) screened at the 2000 Fort Worth Film Festival, 2000 Deep Ellum Film Festival, 2001 Nodance Film Festival, 2001 Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee… READ UP ON US… Best Wishes (and wash your dishes!), Ramzi Abed Writer Director Editor Bloodshot Pictures / Upside Downtown


Ramzi Abed, “The Interview”, Bloodshot Pictures DALLAS, TXXX USA

Mon May 7 21:27:45 CDT 2001

Mon May 7 20:00:18 CDT 2001

Sun May 6 20:23:49 CDT 2001

Sun May 6 17:51:40 CDT 2001

Sun May 6 15:30:49 CDT 2001

Sun May 6 03:04:37 CDT 2001

Sun May 6 01:28:22 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 17:56:33 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 16:23:06 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 16:03:30 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 14:41:17 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 12:54:07 CDT 2001

Sat May 5 09:59:55 CDT 2001

Fri May 4 11:47:36 CDT 2001

maybe this will do it.
ace chix, ill

Thu May 3 15:27:32 CDT 2001

Wed May 2 17:21:35 CDT 2001

Wed May 2 14:57:54 CDT 2001

Wed May 2 12:40:14 CDT 2001

Kisja Barrett chicago, il

Wed May 2 10:30:22 CDT 2001

Wed May 2 09:20:33 CDT 2001

Wed May 2 02:35:56 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 23:12:14 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 21:44:07 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 18:05:25 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 13:17:55 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 10:59:42 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 10:56:04 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 08:30:38 CDT 2001

Tue May 1 01:09:55 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 30 23:18:50 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 30 17:10:56 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 30 08:44:27 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 30 08:34:28 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 23:37:02 CDT 2001

looking for michael…wanting to see him again…some how…some way…maybe at a festival…hmmm, i hope so.

Sun Apr 29 22:56:12 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 18:57:36 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 18:40:32 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 18:05:41 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 14:20:26 CDT 2001

Sun Apr 29 00:50:42 CDT 2001

Sat Apr 28 17:06:36 CDT 2001

Sat Apr 28 16:12:23 CDT 2001

Sat Apr 28 11:25:02 CDT 2001

Sat Apr 28 10:40:16 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 22:55:35 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 18:54:22 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 18:25:25 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 16:11:46 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 15:13:25 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 12:52:35 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 11:29:09 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 07:28:23 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 01:44:20 CDT 2001

Fri Apr 27 00:33:56 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 23:55:12 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 22:30:55 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 19:32:05 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 18:57:02 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 18:37:34 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 16:29:31 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 15:57:41 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 08:17:17 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 02:22:28 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 01:51:31 CDT 2001

Thu Apr 26 01:37:23 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 25 19:48:13 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 25 15:20:16 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 25 15:16:05 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 25 15:03:10 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 25 03:43:32 CDT 2001

Tue Apr 24 19:17:03 CDT 2001

Tue Apr 24 17:58:34 CDT 2001

Tue Apr 24 13:07:07 CDT 2001

Tue Apr 24 12:34:26 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 23 21:52:11 CDT 2001

I love CUFF
Frank W. Zadlo Philadelphia, PA

Mon Apr 23 14:25:57 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 23 14:15:33 CDT 2001

Mon Apr 23 13:39:20 CDT 2001

Sat Apr 21 00:25:15 CDT 2001

Send me whatever info you will have in the up and coming months. I’m a huge supporter.
Brendan Kennedy chicago, il

Wed Apr 18 17:23:17 CDT 2001

Alyssa Stafford South Holland, IL USA

Wed Apr 18 17:15:20 CDT 2001

Hey everyone,

Alyssa Stafford South Holland, IL USA

Wed Apr 18 17:14:58 CDT 2001

Wed Apr 18 10:31:27 CDT 2001


Tue Apr 17 23:30:46 CDT 2001

Maximus Eisenberg

Tue Apr 17 11:08:29 CDT 2001

Maximus Eisenberg

Tue Apr 17 11:08:05 CDT 2001

This is a cool site and I would have never found it, unless I was reading guestbook signings off of hissyfits.
Marie Los Angeles, CA USA

Mon Apr 16 16:25:27 CDT 2001

gregory brosofske minneapolis, mn

Tue Apr 10 01:46:37 CDT 2001

Extremley informative site, thanks. Keep up the good work.
Jason Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

Mon Apr 9 15:55:54 CDT 2001

did u know that we are sittin on top of the world….? what a bloody fine-ass-view!!!

why do you talk with a YANG??


Mon Apr 9 08:09:40 CDT 2001

great site

Tue Mar 27 21:21:58 CST 2001

Tue Mar 27 21:00:31 CST 2001

To The young and not so young film makers in Chicago. I want to edit your work. Call me,E Mail or whatever I await Poem by me
Jim Schiller Chicago, IL USA

Tue Mar 27 08:23:43 CST 2001

great to be here, will be entering my first film in this year’s CUFF. thanks.


Scott Anderson Chicago, IL usa

Sun Mar 25 23:08:57 CST 2001

The Tahoe Int’l Film Festival is currently seeking submissions. The festival runs from Sept 27 through Oct 2, 2001, entry deadline June 1st. For more information please visit our website: or
email us at

Tahoe Film Fest North Lake Tahoe, CA USA

Thu Mar 22 16:43:14 CST 2001

Hi, Brian & “CUFF”! It’s me, -David “The Rock” Nelson. I noticed you guys will be at Cherybdis -I went there several wks. ago for the 1st time- it’s kind of cool. I gave a video copy of my latest work to Gina at “Cherybdis” that night. The movie is “Frankenstein Stalks”, starring myself in over 5 roles(actually “8”!), -w/a “cameo” appearance by Forrest J. Ackerman(“Forry”!), founding editor of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” mag. I finished editing it, ironically, on Boris Karloff’s 113th Birthday(Th., Nov.23rd, -only 4 days before my 44th birthday-Nov.27th-the same one as The Late-Great Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix! Anyway, maybe Gina or Gregor can show you some of my new movie, -if you want to, or if you have time, as I know you guys will be busy w/that show. In the mean time, take care! Also, I filmed a movie called “The Mummy Returns” in ’98, & Universal is about to release “their” version of “The Mummy Returns” this summer! -It’s funny how “The Rock”(wrestler) is the star, & it’s the same title as my movie(shot in ’98!)! -In fact, scenes of it (a 20-min. trailer)were shown to hundreds of people at The “Fright Vision” Convention-’99 & “Monster Bash-’99” Convention! -I do believe my idea, etc. was stolen & used for Universal’s version, & I wrote The President of Universal Pictures last week. I should get credit(name in credits), etc. for it. If Universal doesn’t give me my just due, I may go to court! “MANCOW” Muller, of Q-101 radio morning show, has expressed interest in this & wants me on his show to “contest” this fact(my movie idea, title ripped-off, along w/another “The Rock”! When you get a chance, please give me your feed-back on this, or any ideas, etc. Your “fiend”, David “The Rock” Nelson/”The Ed Wood of the 21st Century”! *P.S.-Did you guys hear me on “Mancow”? I’ve been on his radio show 4 times in the past 15 mths. & on his TV-show once(the radio show is mornings on Q-101, though his TV-show got cancelled, -probably because it was too “raunchy” for the censors).
David Rock Nelson/New Ed Wood! Des Plaines, Il.

Wed Mar 14 18:18:18 CST 2001

Francie Berns Chicago, IL USA

Tue Mar 13 14:45:35 CST 2001

lynette williamson barrington, illinois usa Are documentaries of uufo or unknown phonomena ever submitted and used in your festivals
tristen cutler Los Angeles, california usa Hi
Bill London, Su UK OK right on!
james scott
http://www, BASS, BASS GERMANY Happy new year 2001 from France !
Thierry MALET PARIS, FRANCE For some people who want to boost your film…
charles wundt luling, texas I’m interested in making small budget 8mm films and learning about the production of such films. My ideas are simpleminded and cliche, but I’m going to start anyway and see what I can learn. I’d be interested in joining a club and helping others with their films.
John O’Malley Chicago, IL USA Writer-director Hassan Ildari’s debut feature, FACE OF THE ENEMY (1990), a political thriller sold at IFFM 1990 to INI Releasing for worldwide distribution. Ildari is currently in post-production on his second feature, Sharkskin, a humorous crime drama, shot in 16mm, edited on Avid, and poised for 35mm blow up. FACE OF THE ENEMY was an official selection at the Venice, Florence, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Women in Film festivals. For eight years ILDARI headed production and development at director Arthur Hiller’s motion pictures company, Golden Quill. Prior to that, he worked at Disney and Columbia, and with directors John Landis and Walter Hill at Universal. Ildari is a graduate of the American Film Institute (AFI).
Lekgotla Seru Gaborone, Botswana Hi!
Cuong loi Nanaimo, British columbia Canada I find this website to be one of the best i’ve seen in years…..there’s so much communication between each other…everyone seems to be in the same shoes i am …..they wanna do something …but they just need someone to help them….this is the site that has managed to connect all of us with the simple assistance of a keyboard and a phone line..this is GREAT i too am in the middle of my first project…and it is not easy…it’s not suppose to be that way. that’s what makes it so “yours” so unique that you don’t wanna stop even if you’ve gone over your 10 dls budget and your little brother is tired playing the tripod and wants to go out and play with his friends. I love this page..if you wanna chat or discuss film or anything else you know the address/////// Alex!
Alex Rodriguez Edinburg, texas united states The agency is always looking for GREAT talents as well as working on projects that are affiliated with SAG and AFTRA.
Tom Colby, Office Director – Lily’s Talent Agency, Inc. Chicago, Il USA Looking for Clifton Holmes. I was in the film: In The Dark. Would like a copy. Thanks and have a peaceful day!
Buffy chicago, Illinois United States
Sally Shorr “Spread the Trauma!”

kevin park kalamazoo, michigan u.s. – I’m interested in getting involved in score composition. If anyone out there on a tight budget or is just getting started wants to give me a try I’d love to get involved. – I have 14 years of musical training and currently write to keep myself from going mad. I have to put this stuff to use so email me for samples and or ideas you may have.

Tad Rouse NC USA Exactly what are the top 10 worst movies of all time?
E-mail me people.

Dennis Shin Highland Park, IL USA i recently saw, for the first time, THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER. it was sick, disturbing, and great. i am trying to find a place to buy peter greenaway’s film called ZED AND THE TWO NAUGHTS. anybody who can provide some assistance in my mission will be thanked.
evar corradini kalamazoo, mi u.s.a. I want to make a movie!!!!! HELP!!!!!!! Any ideas on funding EMAIL me!!!!!
Bram Hayden Bremerton , WA Kitsap
Thimbe Prather atlanta, georgia
Shawn White Chicago, Illinois USA I produce a show called Eclipse Chicago at 2843 N. Halsted. It is one of the few shows that has a completely open submission policies for sketche sand short films. Beginning Dec 3, 2000 we will be showing 2 comedy shorts a week. 3-5 minutes max. The show is on Sundays at 8:30- 773 685-0058. Show up in person with your short on VHS and it will be watched and returned the next week with a yes or no for a showing.
Mick Betancourt Just saying hi from CANADA…keep up the good work.
Joe Biondi

Joe Biondi Montreal, quebec CANADA I beleive in the year 2001 i will win the cuff because i have a style that hasn’t been seen by man.
Darian McCaskill Daytona Beach , Florida United States I am a 24 year old male Hispanic in search for that right acting career.
I bearly stared modeling but I want to get into something biger.

Rene Perez Marquez Chicago, IL USA Namaskaar. My Best Wishes for Chicago Underground Film Fund Event ! Let It Work Genuinely For Real Interest of Film Makers and Other related Professionals ! Any of you,ever need any assistance for making Films in India,Nepal,Bhutan,Tibet,Egypt and Mongolia at reasonable Costs,do contact me. Sanjay Bhide, Chairman of Groupious Group of Concerns. Member of Western India Film Producers’ Association Member of Film Writers’ Association of India Life Member of National Centre for Performing Arts Life Member of Film Forum Life Member of Prabhat Chitra Mandal

Executive Member of Shiv Sena Chitrapat Shakha

Sanjay Bhide Mumbai, Maharashtra Hindustan – India.
david langlois
Kyel Is there any way I can provide sponsorship through free access to my web services. For instance: Anyone involved in CUFF could put CUFF in referred by and receive free webhosting.

Please e-mail me to allow a further explanation to someone in your marketing department. I am on the Nanaimo Film Commission and own and we wish to attract indies to our neck of the woods on Vancouver Island.

Jim Ripley Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada
Aimee Chan Chicago, IL USA could someone email me on how to submit work, discuss works etc… want to know more
Zoe Roland Auckland, New Zealand please put me on your e-mail list.


Kerry Weldon New York, NY USA Hello, my name is Robert Lacher and I am writing a Masters thesis at San Diego State University. In my thesis I am proposing various script models for short films. I am specifically interested in kinetic short films. Films that tell a story using kinetic action and motion. These films generally aren’t scripted with the usual master scene format. It is my goal to view these films, read the script and do an analysis as to how the script enabled the director and production crew to produce the film. Any information about films like this or filmmakers who make these types of films would be greatly appreciated. Any information I recieve will be used soley for the purpose of research for my graduate thesis. If you have any questions please ask. You can e-mail me at this address: or call me at 619-465-3578 Thank you very much.

Robert Lacher

Robert Lacher La Mesa , Ca USA I think you will find the information below of interest. We are the best-kept secret in Chicago. BackPay Pictures invites you to stop by the Los Angeles based Ifilm website to view –“WICKER PARK”. A short film guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder the next time you take a walk at night –alone. “WICKER PARK” (13 minutes) The hunter becomes the hunted, as an innocent young woman tries to cope with her inner conflict by perusing seedy areas of the city at night. Using her innocence to attract evil, she learns to cope with the evil within her own conflict. Copy and paste the URL below into the address/query line bar. Then click –GO.,1263,422910,00.html **Please leave a review before you leave the site. Regards, Nicholas James Schodtler Writer/Producer BackPay Pictures 312.399.3017
Nicholas James Schodtler I plan on submitting my film to your filmfestival in 2001. I’d love it if you could email me with deadlines and stuff. thanx.
Blaze Novac Berkeley, CA USA There are 3 things in film making you can have. 1. Good 2. Cheap 3. Fast

You can have any 2 but not all 3 three. If you follow this you will surive and understand this wonderful business.

Cory Coken Chicago, IL USA
ananta govinda Moundsville,, WV USA I’M TRYING TO GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH JIM SIKORA (RBCHS Class of 1981). We lost touch when I was on my way to Japan in 1996 & I’ve been trying to track him down ever since. If anyone who could forward this to him, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you,

Tricia Lombardi

Tricia Lombardi England Please forward to Advertising, Human Resources Benefits & Training, Marketing, Production, Promotions, Purchasing, and Sales: Greetings! For your next project, whether it be audio or video, CD or DVD, or a combination thereof, including the fantastic “brochure” business card CD, we would love the opportunity to provide you exceptional customer service as well as great national duplication and replication pricing. Check us out at and call Ben Morgan toll free at 1-888-613-7772. Thank-you. Ben Morgan Vice President of Sales Green Solutions

Ben Morgan Cypress, Texas USA Your wedding video business has dried up. Your last “underground experimental mocumentary” did poor box office. Your dreams are dying. Time to fold up shop and sell the camera? Not if you are Monkey Pirates! John and Dan’s solution is to take a grant from a shady y2k cult and document Wickerman 2000, a sacrifice to Millennium. See the intrepid film makers delve deep into the world of Ambarii the Flesh Mother, and his followers, The Elect. Feel love burn and rise again from the ashes when the artists’ life partners make their own “forbidden” sacrifice. Watch in awe as a 20′ tall wicker colossus with a television in its head and a computer monitor in its stomach is prepared for sacrifice…or is it preparing you?

Wickerman: Year0…Prepare your Sacrifice.

wickerman:YEAR 0 Ottawa, Canada Hehehe
I like!!!

GODnALLHISDEVILS Scotland Great website……………..
Barbara Shelton Looking good CUFF!
Scotty what the hell is a url?
doug heath lithgow, new south wales australia i want to attain a copy of 30 seconds which i saw whilst in chicago this summer. please help me track down a copy to bring this message to ireland. this message should be spread and viewed by anyone looking for the truth, please help us to break down the walls, send me info @ who to contact to attain a copy
– andrew

andrew keogh dublin, 22 ireland I respect your sense of cultural jamming that you’re one letter away from the web-site for “Catholics United for the Faith” sub-titled “proclaiming Christ for a new generation”. Dogma and dissonance served up on the same plate is my kind of meal.

Dan england Hello all, More a question than a comment really… How do we enter a film in the festival… Yeah – yeah, we’re just starting at this stuff, but we want the opportunity to knock your socks off! Please take pity on us and reply to this email. Thank you – thank you.


Aaron J. Courteau, Nate Courteau, & Kevin Coughlin St. Paul, MN USA
Kate Levinson Chicago, IL USA hi i am a former chicagee, attended art institute, a ways back my film ‘the whites’ was in your fest… anyways, i am looking around for the grant application and not finding it, can you pretty pleeze e- me an application thank you

natasha uppal

natasha uppal Please add me to your mailing list for 2001 call for entries.
James Fortier Pacifica, CA USA
PIERRE LORILLARD Marina Del Rey, CA USA I was not able to attend this year, which is a shame considering I was caught on camera smoking guitar in-hand in one of this years entries “An Amazing Simulation” although I can’t say who I Emulate for the camera. My bandmates and I had a blast working with jeff and darren, and it’s just too goddamn bad we couldn’t attend. I’m told most every film and/or short was well worth the price of an easy-bake oven,
john melendez detroit, michigan us As the Editor of Location Update Magazine I would like to receive information on the 2001 Film Festival.
Cheri Ross I’m a huge Flaming Lips fan. How can I get to see or own a copy of Brad Beesley’s “Flaming Lips Have Landed”? Thanks

Max Tepper

Max Tepper New York City, NY I was at one of the discussions when one of the speakers mentioned something called CinaLook. The way she described as a program that can take video footage and convert it to look like a film stock. Does anyone out there know what I am talking about and can give me more information on it? E-mail me at Thanks


Dexstar Denver, Colorado USA
Jennifer White East Lansing, Michigan USA damn important and inspiring. the place to see the latest and the greatest. home vision cinema believes the classic filmmakers of the future are underground today. r. O’donnell public relations director home vision Cinema 4411 n. ravenswood chicago, illinois 60640 773.878.2600 x237
r. O’donnell chicago, iPlex Cinema at is currently showing full length features and shorts from independant producers & directors. Interested!?

TEL: 630 762 1795

iPlex Cinema Chicago, IL USofA Boy am i inspired to create my next piece of work…
Geoff Basingstoke, Hampshire UK
alistair australia
Anna Brownfield Melbourne, Victoria Australia anybody know sunil mulhotra? anybody know a relatively cheap place to get my super 8 projector fixed? anybody like making dumb movies on super 8 and video and junk like that? no artsy fartsy froo froos
joel chicago, in usa hii,… i’m indie filmmaker from indonesia,… and i want to know information about indie movie,… loke how to produce with low budget…

ok thank’s before.

kemud anto sleman, yogyakarta indonesia Why no all festival passes this year. I have attended every year but had to pass do to NO ALL FESTIVAL PASSES! SELL OUT I SAY. MONEY MONEY MONEY! Please give the reason for this! I hope by next year that you get it right. I’m not the only one who didn’t attend because of this, I know a hole group that comes in from the Detroit area that passed on your festival this year.
Patrick Dennis chicago, IL hey hey hey , I like Fellinni and fancy pants.
anyone else/?

the great whodunnit Put me on your information address book via E-mail
Steve Abbott Chicago, IL USA I see myself as an undiscovered Stephen King, Spielberg, or Hitchcock! I have a catalog of dramatic screenplays in need of support…. from Sci-Fi to Mysteries. They are all here ready for production.

Ed Randolph

Ed Randolph\magicityprod Elmhurst, IL USA BRING ME THE HEAD OF JIM SIKORA–I wanna talk to it some more.
Laura Sobocienski Glen Ellyn, IL CUFF was awesome this year! Bejamin Smoke was an incredible film, Fucked In The Face lived up to its name,
Keep it up. I can’t wait til next year!

Vincent McCluhan Chicago, IL Just wishing the folks from ENDGAME the best of luck with future festivals. I really enjoyed your film- and hope to someday get a copy to share with others with similar taste. :)You are great people with a lot of talent. It was a pleasure meeting Nick at Slamdance and getting a note back from Luis. Best of luck- continue creative beautiful films, Sandy K Lemen
Sandy Lemen Chicago, Aw well another festival over – back to watching hollywood Sh#t – for the most part anyway! (Not that its all sh%t) Superstalet AD – what can i say – an awesome time – not so much a movie as an experience! And Elvis meets the beatles was a r-i-o-t too !! Still, the best movie of the Fest, for me at least was still ROCK OPERA. With WE ARE TRAFFIC and THE SEEDLING coming in at joint second places. Shame the lounge wasnt opened on the last night – maybe by next year there’ll be better organisation on that front. But hey guys, dont change the lounge – it was a great place to hang out in between movies and pick up freebies – especially indeed those little lighty pens – always want one of those. Now i can go watch movies and pretend i’m a reviewer – well actually i guess we all ARE reviewers just by being watchers.?


Alex -S- Chicago, IL
Paul Frederiksen Hoffman Estates, IL USA
David Stephen Hope interested in film submission info

Gary Chechak FERNDALE, MI U.S.A.
Gary Chechak Just a quick thank you to all the CUFF organizers. Great event.. thanks for putting up with all of us cranky filmmakers from out of town. Things I liked: WE ARE TRAFFIC by Ted White. BEYOND THE SCREAMS by Martin Sorrondeguy. The T-shirts and little lighted pens. Things I’m sorry I missed: Parties. SIX EASY PIECES by Jon Jost. (Damn! Damn! Damn! when will I finally get to see a Jost DV feature?) HARRY KNUCKLES Award ceremony. Peace, all.

Brian Standing (PEDALPHILES)

Brian Standing Madison, WI USA hello, beautiful…
brad adkins portland, or usa live mice hide in my closet at night eating froot loops.
genevieve coleman chicago, il US
gary chechak
Rebecca E. Milam Chicago, IL USA
Melissa Elias Chicago, IL USA Its Tuesday: SO FAR SO GOOD!! High’s : HOLY MOUNTAIN (Especially the ending) WE ARE TRAFFIC – the vidoe with it (Pedalphiles) was pretty hot too – i want one of those messed up bikes! 🙂 MONKEY V’S ROBOT – what a combination of catchy little tune and hysterical film. DEEP AFRICA – apart from the ejaculating ET that is (Can i say Ejaculate in here 🙂 And Most Especially – ROCK OPERA!!!!!!!! – THAT MOVIE REALLY ROCKS IN THE BEST SENSE OF THE WORD – i never knew there were so many crazy ways of doin drugs 🙂 The low: MIGRATING FORMS – Didnt grab me at all – the sound quality was very poor and i felt the whole repetitive encounter thing could have been handled just as well in a 30 minute feature. Sorry to the director and all!! The festival lounge is pretty cool – best view in Chicago! Nothing better than scoping out a window spot and a beer and watching the world go by! (As i have done pretty much every night between movies so far) Three more days to go – i’m very eagerly anticipating SUPERSTARLET AD – that looks like quite a film.

Alexstar signing out!!!

Alex -S- Chicago, IL
Archie Cocke Park Forest, IL USA looking forward to having my lid blown off by the visuals

we are but shining… dying

S.H.Ebeling Royal Oak, MI Having finally made it last night to see Migrating Forms and Holy Mountain, I have to say that it is great to see some truly interesting, thought provoking film in such a large scale. The only comment I can make is that it would be incredible to extend the festival to two weeks so all of us who are not independently wealthy can have a better chance of seeing more of the films. Great work. You’ve all done Chicago proud in a time when the city resembling more a corporate playground than living up to its history of fostering creativity and original expression.
Ken Chicago, IL
Nick Athanasopoulos Chicago, IL
Jamie Hotchkin Iowa City, IA Imperialism of the usa BLOW ME…The film to see. Mark Sovel shreds onscreen and is the new face of Indie/Undie filmaking. Christina Beck is a brilliant new voice in American cinema. Director Marcel DeJure is creating works of arts for the ages.
Elvis Eleven
Jennifer Greenburg Chicago, Illinois USA
James Rupp Hello all! I worked Film Fest New Haven, an independent festival in Connecticut last year and we showed and viewed some of the films in this year’s CUFF. I highly recommend SHADOW BOXERS and NIGHT DEPOSIT, both of which won first place jury awards at FFNH.

Good luck to everyone at CUFF this year!

Lisa Chicago,
Carlos J Ortiz San Juan, PR USA
Carlos J Ortiz Sa, where’s mark borche?
lou galassini
Andre’ Teamer North Chicago, Illinois United States REELMIND was created to empower every filmmaker, animator and musician in the world by providing individual artists with the means to promote themselves using their own work and their own words to an audience of millions. Our comprehensive service oriented site contains a variety of resources designed to nurture the independent creative process including: articles, discussion forums, a film school database, links, film festival information and a store. You do not need to stream your short to be a member of REELMIND, you could create an online portfolio to promote your past, current and future projects. Check it out:

Erin Michelson Monterey, Ca USA
Anna Schierer Schaumburg, IL USA This is a shameless plug for John Tagamolila’s “Tim and Andy Fight and Then Go Bowling.” Congratulations, Tag. YOU the man.
Colin DeAngelis Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Anna Schierer Schaumburg, IL USA
Anna Maria Gliszczynska Schaumurg, IL USA
jenn Peace of thought for the feature….. Freedom comes in many diffrent forms….. Should you choose to take the visual way… Your mind will for ever see the truth.. Feelings mingle joint persons.. And from love and respect comes unity and peace.. Bounded by the music..

We share the same rave.

Eric chicago, IL us I hope these movies are better than Hollow Man.
I want the independant film makers to tell me how they pick their composers.

Vena Gore Chicago, Illinois USA
chris green janesville, wi us of a
Mark Swindle Chicago, IL US I’m going to CUFF for the first time this year. I’m going crazy in Wisconsin, but I believe I can make it a great place to live if I can get some ideas, meet some people, and begin working with film. CUFF, help me.
David Voss Fox Point, WI USA Great Site!!!
Susan Medina Chicago, Il USA
Susan Medina Chicago, Il USA
Justin Retzlaff Never seen this festival, looking forward to it.
OR PURE HEADACHE..IT’S LAST NIGHT..Thursday, August 24 at …………6:30pm



ERIK FROBERG CHICAGO, ILL I’m thrilled that a short film I co-wrote made it to this year’s festival. On Thursday the 24th we’re screening “She Wolf”. See ya there. Jeff
Jeffrey Spivak Gurnee, IL I miss my pants. And I miss my shirt. See you at the movies!
Funk Masta Ronnie Phats Saint Charles, IL USA Good luck to all of the creative individuals participating in CUFF 2000! – Janusz, Editor,
Janusz New York, Toronto, Los Angeles,
Robert Zweifel Lisle, IL USA Great Site! Cool Site. Frank
Frank Phoenix, AZ someday detroit will have something more to offer than kid rock
steve simon royal oak, mi usa
brendan hendircks Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa I’m a stoney, crusty individual filmmaker and very Independant. I hate people who tell me what to do.

I know what I’m doing.

Malcolm Soosay Hobbema, Alberta Canada
Jennifer Cook Check out our strange movie in edit as we speak !!!
That is all for now ,,,,,,

Richard Fazi Falzone Hi tech city, ca usa Possums!
Langston SuBurb Chicago, IL Cook Cool man
Blazin’ Tommy D. I am really thrilled about the Chicago Film Festival. I am a film buff especially independent films i wanna know more about you guys and send me more info because i want to come to chicago and check out the festival peace and love !!!!
By the way has a free bulletin page where you can announce your event.

Patrick Rankine Brooklyn, NY This is a very nice place !

Protector 1uno Gospic, Li Croatia Hello, is a forum for the development of movies with an independent vision in mind. DEARFILM has the purpose of introducing the most innovative work in film entertainment on the web. In addition to our extensive database of unproduced screenplays and storylines, DEARFILM has linked partnerships with a wide range of affiliates to promote the development and production of independent movies. You might be interested in submitting your synopsis, short, feature, and documentaries for the possibility of distribution. There are many opportunities in this field,and we are looking for people like you with different skills. Thanks for your time and check out our site! Thank You, Dearfilm Staff

Dearfilmcom Hi, just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone.
Paul Mifflin Zion, IL USA
intern yon glenolden, pa USA
beckie wendorf (cough) deatsville, (cough) al Hello to all Filmmakers. I admit that I am a virgin film festival participant. I have always been interested in the process of making a great film. I have wonderful ideas that should be on film. If any one reading this is lookinf for a great script to produce and or a in search of an aspiring filmmaker, although does not have much expereince, will work hard and be dedicated in helping anyone with their film projects. I am in search for anyone willing to give me experience in the filmmaking process. If so E-mail me at…

Clarissa Naling Westmont, IL U.S.
Shawn Clark chicago, IL united states
james c. wade paulsboro, nj USA
james c. wade paulsboro, n.j. usa the festival was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I’ve cleaned up and found God.
T. Illinois the good ol’ USA film is an essence of the human ability to create and be creative. love everything you people are doing. keep it up!
charles samuel chicago, illinois u.s. of a
steve menkin la, ca usa
Gino L. Bozzi Prospect hts., I.L. U.S.A. Scheduled of upcoming films?
Mark Delude Chicago, IL US Just completed the short film “Dream Job.” I shot in Super 16mm and edited on a SoftImage (Avid) system. I’m now stuck in video/Super16 Hell! If I had only known what the costs where to get my baby back to film I would have never shot on S16. Yeah, it looks real pretty, but who gives a hoot, its the story that keeps people in their seats, not the image quality, So, WARNING TO ALL NEW FILMMAKERS!! Don’t shoot S16 unless you’ve got a ton of cash, otherwise you’re screwed because no one projects S16, I mean no one!
James Lasley I just wanted to say thanks for the festival in Amarillo, again. It went very great, and you can’t imagine how much Amarillo appreciates the support of CUFF and Chicago.
Deborah Morrow Amarillo, Texas USA
meshall shumate atlanta, GA fulton who’s got revolutions to attend to? who’s got connections to sever when due? and where is the sign hung for viability cause i’m playing my fiddle tonight up on your rooftop looking for a cozy spot to lay down a tune… and bite at the heels of shadows fR
ag8nt2ruth WickedSista, the state of Washington Very Pretty, Intellegent, Outgoing African American 16 year old ASPIRERING Actress. (( ))
I live in chicago Illinois (I do have a picture scanned and available)Above all, I am extremely serious about acting as well as passionate.
Ashley Kay Jordan Chicago, Illinois US Visit the web site of PARIVISION ENTERTAINMENT and read about the films of underground filmmaker Jonathan M. Parisen
http://WWW.PARIVISION.COM STATEN ISLAND, NY RICHMOND I wanna make a fucking movie OK!!!
Michelle Muhammad leesville, Louisiana USA Just as the evening winter wind wails and wonders, may your dreams trace the landscapes of your greatest fantasies.
Aaron Christopher
mike Hi,

I´m the co-director of “PLAGA ZOMBIE” (Zombie Plague, 1997) and someone told me that a guy got info about our movie because his got something to do with the CUFF. The thing is that I´m from Argentina and I´am curious about how info about our movie arrived to the US. If anybody know anything about us, please write to our email address ( Some tips about us may help you… We´ve made our movie when we were 17 years old with a $187 budget… It´s 72 min. long. Now we´re rolling “Plaga Zombie: ZONA MUTANTE” (Zombie Plague: MUTANT ZONE) our third movie and PZ´s secuel. Well I hope you can help me. See you!

Hernán Sáez Haedo, Buenos Aires Argentina Hi people of I was curious as to when you next festival was for the year 2000, and how someone like myself could submit something. thanks


Jamie O’Brien Want to inform about new Underground films. As director of an arts group DIE FÄHRE FILM & CAMERSAEXPERIMENTS SINCE 86 we are producing and collecting short films from Europe and especially US Underground & Avantgarde


Gert Weidenfeldf D-42119 Wuppertal, NRW Germany I have been working the post industry for 13 years. My love is for the indie. If anyone needs help with there film or just has questions please feel free to drop me line. Good luck to all.
Cory Coken Chicago, IL USA This is a great sight. Want to make the festival. Love Chicago. Good people; great film! CHECK OUT THE CUCALORUS FESTIVAL IN WILMINGTON NC…NOTHIN’ BUT FUN AND EYE & EAR FOOD. “Where is Death?” in

a festival near you.

PARKER WEBB WEST “smile when you say it” VIRGINIA USA
Liza Budihardjo Jakarta, Indonesia
mac Great, wonderful, marvi, etc.
Jim Schiller Chicago, Illinois USA Great site! I’ve been intrigued enough to plan to attend this year!

Larry Mauk Indianan, Pennsylvania USA Great site! I’ve been intrigued enough to plan to attend this year!

Larry Mauk Indianan, Pennsylvania USA
Rafael Hernandez cool site put on your mailing list
wendell m.king houston, texas usa cool site put on your mailing list
wendell m.king houston, texas usa Does anyone out there not agree that animation (clamation prefered by me)should stop automaticly being focused on the cute little ones? I’m just a begining film/art student and so i’m realy passionate about art and film work. I just recently started being interested in film, ’cause i’m actualy a painter/illustrator, but i can’t always seem to get my whole entire point into one frame. And ever since i was young, i loved claymation. I swore that that’s what i was going to grow up to do. I just forgot. I of coarse will never stop painting. I’ve never been to a film fest. Especialy in Idaho. But good luck everyone. I can’t wait ’till i get to goe to one & be in one. I’m not sure of the leaniancy of an under ground film fest as aposed to any other. Never the less, i’d still want to be a part. Sorry to have rambled on for so long. – keep in touch –

a 3/5/’00 nother artist -VAUNUIT-

Vaunuit Nampa, Id US
Ward Crockett Jeez o peat, Iz gots no feet. Bakula is the Man. His word is law.
Tom Denney Chicago, Il I’ve been stuck in a suit for so long, but have the heart of an indie filmmaker. Why do the characters need to be likeable? Why does the boy meet a girl, lose her, and then win the girl back?

“Little Indiscretions” The anti-romantic comedy starring Diane Farr.

Craig Lew Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA GOD HAS A PLAN…… Hell’s Soap is an internet soap based on the sins of society.Very grim stuff indeed hopefully grim enough to make it to CUFF this year.
Maurice Thomas Akron, Ohio GOD HAS A PLAN…… Hell’s Soap
Maurice Thomas Akron, Ohio
Pepe Gonzalas Hello! Just a note to all filmmakers, screenwriters and TV writers that Robert McKee will be bringing his 3-day “STORY” Seminar to Chicago, April 7-9th, at the Sears Towers. The Washington Post described the lecture as “near legendary” [February 10, 2000 edition], and the New York Times recent said, “Mr. McKee’s $495 course is almost universally acclaimed – not only as a good place to start, but also for some to return again and again…John Cleese, Quincy Jones and Griffin Dunne have each taken it three times…About the only Hollywood notable not to have taken STORY Structure is Steven Spielberg…” [NY Times, January 9, 2000]. Robert McKee’s STORY Seminar April 7-9, 2000 Sears Towers, Chicago, IL


Derek Christopher Los Angeles, CA 90049 See our intro promo if you have a Real Player and send us money so we can finish Wickerman 2000. Thanks! Ottawa, Ontario Canada videosurveillance?
availibel now —- everywhere —- 100% free

melmo germany Please support Punk Pretty a feminist punk documentary It will be available in march ( Women’s History Month ) if you would like to be on the mailing list please send a mailing address to The video is full of female bands, poets, dj’s, pulishers,etc. Punk Pretty is neatly wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a large purple bow, NOT !
Jackie Joice Long Beach, CA USA
Mike Bulin Chicago, Il. U.S.A. Site looks great! I havent made it to any CUFF yet but plan to this year. Also plan to be in it sometime too! So remember the name.

Good luck to all indy film makers.

Tom Conway IN
david new york, ny usa As per your request elsewhere this is to let you know my film “Chasing Destiny” is screening at Slamdunk. Chris LLoyd, Roger Daltrey, Caspaer van Dien, Stuart Pankin, Lauren Graham. Good story, good performances, great music. Drop me a line,

Tim Boxell

Tim Boxell …dear!! Im a young hungarian filmmaker, and i just intereset about your festival. I got a company, called: END AND END IMAGE it’s a visual image group. I don’t know why i type this stupid info, but maybe somebody reply me!! That’s would be great!! Sincerly: pat sparrow
EARL WINFREY CHICAGO, IL. Human Condition Productions is an up and coming new film company that is always looking for new film projects in which to get involved. Whether it’s directing, acting, writing or producing for which you need help, drop us a line! Some projects we work for free! We are open for negotiations!
Jason Trippel Evanston, IL USA 1hour1/2ago is waiting for your love.
stevemay pittsburgh,
Jason Trippel Evanston, IL USA Peace, Love & Blessings… Very glad to know your organization is around, thanks to Black Talent News!!!!

Keep Growing—Nefertina

Nefertina Los Angeles, Ca Peace, Love & Blessings… Very glad to know your organization is around, thanks to Black Talent News!!!!

Keep Growing—Nefertina

Nefertina Los Angeles, Ca
Pankaj KUmar New Delhi, India Say …
Aden J Shillito Christchurch, SI New Zealand Forced Exit 2000 is done and Iam sending it out now to the fests, if you would like a copy ofthe DV film, 13 bux, you can email meand I will send you a vhs copy

you can read about at my website,.

Kirk-O-matic austin, TMG/5Artists are a Los Angeles based Independent Film team who have been together for the last 5 years. The team is made up of industry veterans who work for companies like CBS-TV and PBS. At the risk of sounding immodest, TMG/5 is our way of unlocking the talent we can’t use in our daily jobs. Although all of us have great jobs in the industry, we aspire for more and that drive has taken us to such a point where as we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our first independent production, “Different Worlds.” We are looking forward to the future with a new indie film due for production in the summer of 2000 entitled “The C-Shift.” Other films on our drawing board include “Who Is Jeremy Villegas?” and “Fayte.” All of these are productions we will make sure come to fruition some how, some way. In the meantime, on an individual level, I have enjoyed success as a freelance writer who has and continues to pitch story ideas to Star Trek: Voyager (UPN). All of the members of this team, collectively, have works into CBS, Paramount Pictures, and WB. With all of this going on, we still have a long way to go before we reach the summit of our journey. The secret to this group staying together for so long is that fact that we are artists and FAMILY as well. We look out for each other and offer support on each others indivudual projects even if there is no real stake in it for everyone on the team. I hope you’ll take some time and explore TMG/5 by exploring our website.

The human journey has just begun!

Chin Thammasaengsri/TMG5Artists Los Angeles, Ca USA
Doug Portland, OR USA Please visit the site new information on indie musician/filmaker FLESZ! Calling all digital filmakers! would you like to join the Chicago Area Digital Directors? ck. out the above web adress for more info!

flesz I recieved some material from your main headquarters and was excited to see a website, but on entering it I was shocked to see a half clad woman and it isn’t the sign of the cross she is giving. What is with this. Not something I think the Blessed Mother or any of the saints would like to happen on to. And if it is supposed to be art, I don’t think so. I am disappionted at first sight with that page. Would someone

like to explain?

Denise Wood Texas USA Party when you can. Work when you have to. Sleep as needed. Eat bananas. Go on by yourself.
Erica Hopp Muskogee, Oklahoma cool guys I like the stuff on George Kuchor, pity I had n’t found this site for my University assignment on the man, but Hey who gives a fuck, I ve read it now and I have passed the site onto my limey mates here. Anyway. See you all Next year don’t forget I stil hold the record for the most coke up one nose in a single session

Rave on good ole Chicago “It’s my kind of town”

Matt love London, England UK Enjoyed my visit! Come visit me and please sign my Guestbook! ALT=”Click Here!” SRC=””> ALT=”Click Here!” SRC=””>
G.Miller Hammond, In USA I haven´t seen any of the films ´cos I´m Spanish, so e-mail
me and tell them to me!!

Rubén New Jersey’s newest independent film festival is currently seeking entries! See to download Entry Form and find info about MYHELAN INDIE FILM FEST 2000. Myhelan is a cultural arts alliance. The film fest is about the new and cutting-edge, but with class. Check it out!
Leila E. Bloch Long Valley, nj usa I am trying to do a damned assignment. It is driving me mad and I have only 5 days to do it in. never mind I finally graduate from University this year!!!!
claire mellissa worthing, england Your website is looking great!


Scott Chicago, IL USA is a free site for filmmakers to expose, promote, sell their film projects. Three top industry executives drive this young company. Underfinanced and over ambitious, this site aims high and low to bring orphans films into the theatres near you, near me! We market the site and the films on it as if they were our own films. They are not our films. Your film is welcomed! Please send jpeg of poster/key art to: No film is too small. We welcome all films! Dean Ramser


dean ramser, from oakpark los angeles, california usa I’m looking for experimental videos….! I love the Bunuel film “Phantom of Liberty”, Peter Greenaway’s “A Zed and Two Naughts” (does that count as experimental?) Stan Brakhage, blah blah….if you have stuff on videotape, or know where to get stuff on videotape, I’d be interested in BUYING it! The more bizarre/experimental the better! Thanks! JT P.O. Box 17024

Wichita, KS 67217-0024

Jerry Trimmell Wichita, KS USA
kari chicago, il usa
Michelle McLaughlin Detroit, Michigan United States
Hurricane Please keep me informed when you are calling for submissions, I have a 3 min. video called “Making a Deathmask”
Mark Nichols SA Australia Please keep me informed when you are calling for submissions, I have a 3 min. video called “Making a Deathmask”
Mark Nichols SA Australia i need to find jim van bebber;also,he needs to find me.i dont know how this junk works,but i need to find jim!
freddist columbus, ohio usa
idris goodwin chicago, il
lil jeff
Matthew Garvin New Orleans, La USA I am a student at C.W. Post majoring in Film and Production . I would love the opportunity to meet with some of your staff to give me some insight of where to begin first in this indus- try.Presently I was able to get an internship with a commun- ications company.I am very much supported by my instructors for my creativity and goal objectives. I saw your add in MovieLine and I was really impressed.Being a single mom I feel very proud of my accomplishments so far. If possible could someone advise me on direting and prducing films.Thanyou for listening!

516-909-4605 Michele Williams

Michele Williams Rosedale, NY USA At this years festival… producer will be reveal how a 150K pre-movie trailer/promotion package Grossed $182,000,0000 X 11 months… without… one foot of film ever been shot!!! Really Intriguing Stuff… what one can do towards successfully making a film. Then producer… will select those who he thinks has outstanding talents to produce (the film that was never made)!
Mr. D. David Wight Chicago, IL. USA I would like to talk to you guys but your email address isn’t on the website. I am interested in you festival and would like to know more. I am an independent film maker, and have worked at an Indie Film Festival in London called Raindance. I have produced two short films, as well as a multitude of other things like albums and plays. Please give me an email so we can talk. Thanks,

Soren Bailey

Soren Bailey New filmaker. Looking to take over the world. I wish other directors the best. This sounds like the place to be.
Randolph O. Williams Sr. Sharon Hill,, Penna. U.S.
Randolph O. Williams Sr. Sharon Hill, Peaan. U.S. Please add me to any mailing list you may have. Jessica Pettyjohn Juniper Post 801 S. Main St. Ste B

Burbank, CA. 910506

Jessica Pettyjohn Burbank, CA USA
Lisa Shurley & Marc Thompson Electronic Artist wants to score.
Press Chicago, IL US
Jahkia Yasmyn Ali Hey all, good luck with your festival this year.
Phil Glau I would like info on your festival in 2000. My wife and I are interested in tickets for the full event. We are both movie addicts and would like see the new work. Thanks, Mike Halstead
Michael Halstead Indianapolis, IN USA
tanya santiago, chile Hey everybody. Wish I was there. Especially miss Sarah and Laura. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we last hung out. Working on my new film OEDIPUS SEX which I hope will be there at CUFF 2000.

Have a drink for me.

Lisa Ann Nordstrom
darryl walker chicago, ill cook Ok, so I have yet to get into Chicago to see any of these, so called, great films, but I am completely interested. I need some advice on which to see and other things that go along with this type of festival. Never been to one, but ya know, when you run out of things to do, you decide to try something different. Got info on it all, send if my way…
Jamie Speranske Batavia, IL i am really excited for this year’s festival. last year was great, as was the year before that. i am going to miss eating hotdogs at murphy’s by the theatre building, but village is much closer to my apt.
rachel arias chicago, il us
yolanda kaye relerford chicago, il u.s I am an independent vendor, I am interested in finding out more about the events that are scheduled to take place in the remainder of this hot season. Please get back to me so that I can see if I can fit my frozen treat on the menu of some of your events. Hope to hear from you soon.

Phillip Glasper Sr

Phillip Glasper Sr Harvey, Il. I am an independent vendor, and I am interested in finding out more about the events that are scheduled to take place in the remainder of this hot season. Please get back to me so that I can see if I can fit my frozen treat in the menu of some of your events. Hope to hear from you soon.

Phillip Glasper Sr

Naji K Ross Chicago, IL USA Ozoner Video is a weird and twisted video rental store in Columbus, Ohio. We sometimes show movies in our basement theatre.
Ozoner Video Columbus, Ohio U.S.A want to go to movie, he he he
Travis Bloomington, IN USA Chicago Rocks in all aspects & I ‘m glad local independent FILMAKERS have the opportunity to exhibit their work through organizations like yours. LOOK OUT 4 BLUE FLOWER PRODUCTIONS who’s on its way with the realest underground filmaking. mUCH rESPECT tO aLL fILMAKING bEINGS oUT tHERE*******rhetoric orel mind control……………….
NEGATIVE ZERO CHI, “Only Hope.” A sweet and touching little film about the death of every living thing. At Christmas. We’re actually serious.
Joseph Francis Venice, CA USA
Mark Swindle chicago, il Great Site!
Visit my page Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum ( You can make a link to my page and I’ll make one to yours. Thanks !

Jane U.S.A. I would like to extend the offer to scren these films in Washington, D.C. Daydream Theater
james owen chevy chase, md usa
Guarana Very nice site!
Please visit Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. (

Janet USA We’ll try to be there! Any good, cheap hotels?
Leslie Pevac Atlanta, GA US Hey, CUFFaholics, I’ll be coming up for the first time to see how the Underground kicks it in the Windy City. I’ve heard lots about your fest in the past, and from the looks of the lineup you recently posted, we definitely won’t be bored! For anybody who might give a hoot, I’m starting a rag called MICRO-FILM, the Magazine of Personal Cinema in Action. #1 comes out in October. It’ll feature articles on Slamdance, South by Southwest, ICE FROM THE SUN, RUNNING TIME (CUFF ’97), the movie ‘zine sub-genre, a look at local (Central/Northern Illinois] films such as DOGS IN QUICKSAND, COYOTE’S HONOR (from the guy who produced HARDWARE WARS way back when), and pURe kILLjoy (Chi Alt.Film ’99), with a selection of short blurbs about flicks like OUT OF THE LOOP (CUFF ’97) and SUCKERFISH (CUFF ’99). Want info? Need the e-newsletter? Gotta get yer mitts on a copy? Have to spill the beans on what YOU’RE doing? MICRO-FILM P.O. Box 45 Champaign, Il 61824-0045

Keep the peace. Make cool movies. Later!

Jason Pankoke Champaign, IL USA We are the Publishers for AREA VISUAL a review for the Mediterranean Movies. Mail more information about you
jové i dig your website . only saw it today and i am hooked !!! will be visiting you a lot. expect tons of mails from my friends. i am a budding filmmaker (voted top in my class) WATCH THIS SPACE. mhh such confidence–that should give you more of a reason to give me the $$$loot$$$$ when i submit my project. please write back , you can’t miss the opputinity of chatting to the next spike lee. cheers


tumi mokoena
i am clueless johannesburg, gauteng south africa
sharon yule
donita allen I’m looking for advice, direction, etc. I’m graduating with a BA in Philosophy and History and have recently become very interested in making films. Unfortunately I have no background in the genre. Where do I start? How do I get my visions onto film?

Hallie Green Shawnee, OK USA

Hi everybody!

I am on a desperate quest to own
the movie “Me and Will” color=”#0000FF”>, can anyone help or it is a lost cause? : )

Please email me at
with info if possible!

Thanks and have a happy happy day! : )


Kat NC USA I am a student right out of high school. I have been interested in the whole “video Production” thing. My friends have started their own buisness called Mirror Image Production the use the system Media 100. i wanna go to school to do the sam or even make like big screen movies. I have some of my own equipment and my friend and i wanna make a movie or something and enter it in some film festivels but i just need some information on were they are if you could e-mail them to me i would appresheat it.
Zara chesaning , Michigan U.S.A I’ve made some movies, none in this film festival, But my girlfriend and I are GREATLY waiting to see what Films will be shown,,, Good Luck to all who are entering Ian L. Sklarsky

Ian Sklarsky Naperville, Illinois USA
Jean Jessup
julia riley milwaukee, wi usa I can hardly wait for the festival. see ya there
sherrie dentley chicago, il us Well it’s the second of July. My premonition was correct (my spelling however…), I wasn’t selected. Well at least I tried that’s about all I can say. Thanks for the chance.
Marc palm Coldwater, MI USA Let’s see some funked up stuff.
Laura DiPaolo Chicago, IL usa Uh…
S D Schroder Chicago, IL Cook hey looking for a nizo S 800 super 8mm camera anyone know of this creature i have made a few super8mm films the last one “What are you doing Walker Leroy?” just showed in it’s second festival @ splice this in toronto yeah yeah i toote my own horn someone has to so put me on your mailing list !!!!!!

bye for now

Andrew Ranford vancouver, bc canada

I want to start a new ACLU: all creative and literary types unite.

Daniel Flynn Chicago , IL
DERRICK MUHAMMAD Just trying to make movies on a teeny tiny budget. But after six weeks of shooting, the cast and crew are sick to death of chips and salsa and stale cookies. At least the ginger ale still got its fizz.
Nina Tucciarelli work with S.8,your art willl come out great
MECH….. ill Mamboo Jamboo cool cartoons!
ryantan singapore, singapore singapore Must have a tee shirt with the awesome retro director and kick-ass female protagonist with laser pistol!!!!!! Such a mod site. Kudos……. All creative types – visit my

page and exchange websites with me.

Barber Callihan Birmingham/Iowa City, Al/Iowa USA
jenny&donnie I am looking forward to visiting CUFF this year. I am searching for some REAL independent films/filmmakers.

See you at CUFF!!!

Miss Angel could you email me some info on the festival what are the different categories what is the criteria


aidan hayes
Ron Jarrett New York, NY USA
Andrew Dixon
martin moynihan Your site is very informative. Would like info on events happening August 27-19, 1999.
Love Chicago Blues and Jazz Festival. Taste of Chicago is all That!

Mary Dean Day
Robert Menasian Astoria, NY US-MF#$@ing-A No Ramblings, Rants or Revelations, just wanted to sign in the guest book. Thanks.
Michael Joshua
Michal Rooney Chicago, IL USA
Rick Michaels
http// Key Largo, FL USA Independent film producer/writer

Phillip McCann Lexington, KY GMP – Another bunch of whining hacks who’d rather complain than work to improve their dismal offerings.
Jerry Mcdonald We are GMP and we are too cool for the Underground Snob Fest
Mike Oak Forest, IL Where is everyone?
Tiki beach bear Redondo Beach, Ca. U.S.A. FILM FILM FILM!!! By any means necessary, DOnt stop never stop!!DONT let anybody tell you to stop. Dont let wives and girlfriends speak to you the logic of Supermans Bizarro WORLD that makes you passive and idle and them happy that you’ve given up your dreams to stay home and make them happy and you a nut and bolt in tha big fuckin machine. Don’t let insecure ass boyfriends or jealous husbands keep you from walking the yellow brick road. Mortals were made to be subject to the gods. You Know what i mEAN. Gods dream and create to entertain the dreamless and make the mundane bearable. Accept your destiny as an artist, revel in creativity not depression. If your an artist and u think your art sucks, thats even better, cause u can enjoy the road and process to getting better, drown in the daydreams of never punching a timeclock again. Write, write write , every fuckin day, a scrible a scrable, a poetic dable, something somebody said, something somebody did, some lie u heard and they said wuz just a little fib. FILM FILM FILM, By any means necessary. Peace out, -rG-
Emily Embree
kerk geeble, gabble
isaac raabe

Charles R. Skaar new york, new york usa Dear Sirs, We are filmmaking company from Bulgaria. We need a producer and investor in our new film projects with one of the best Bulgarian directors and actors. We organise film shooting in our country to a different foreign film projects. Regards.

Iancho Ianchev – Production Supervisor.

Iancho Ianchev Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria I have a documentary on Breakdancing that I want to submit.
Are there any requirements as far as length of time?

Ardee Florendo Chicago, IL US I have a documentary on Breakdancing that I want to submit.
Are there any requirements as far as length of time?

Ardee Florendo Chicago, IL US The the first thing I have to say is keep it up I went to the 5th underground last year and it was the shit. toke up 4:20
Mikedog1 chicago, il u.s The the first thing I have to say is keep it up I went to the 5th under groung last year and it was the shit. toke up 4:20
Mikedog1 chicago, il u.s Good work….don’t stop….lookin forward to the festiv!! big MIKE…I mean reeeally BIG.


Michael Ferrante
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Posterazzi It is very cool!
Fernando Campos La Mirada, California United States in the process of writing a paper on independent films… work at a video store with a decent selection of indies… going to college… is there any more i have to say? i don’t think so. just wanted to stop by…


SOO-JIN.CHOI SEOUL, KOREA HEY you know what? Fuck the lion king!!!!
Frank N. Stein live mice enjoy the occasional froot loop. make sure to keep some on hand at all times.
genevieve coleman Vision is always a naked sword! Great site!

Gianni Usai

Gianni Usai Genova, Ge ITALY I would like to know if I could send in a works in progress I have a film that I am working on right now, 4-11-99 and hope to finish this summer but, might not be finished in time – you can read more about it at

Kirk-O-Matic Austin, Texas
FLESZ I’m primative, silly, boring, but I improvise. Don’t hate me.
Marc Palm
Megan Singapore, Serious screenplay writer seeks cinematographer with equipment and editing capabilities. Have several short scripts ready to go. Or.. can write for those with means to shoot on film or digital video, in need of SOLID writing.
Simpling looking to turn words on paper into visual reality, with fun, talented individuals.

Nicholas Schodtler Oak Park, IL USA Serious screenplay writer seeks cinematographer with equipment and editing capabilities. Have several short scripts ready to go. Or.. can write for those with means to shoot on film or digital video, in need of SOLID writing.
Simpling looking to turn words on paper into visual reality, with fun, talented individuals.

Nicholas Schodtler Oak Park, IL USA
Liliana Lomeli Looking forward to the fest. Hopefully you will find “Night Train” underground enough to be invited to participate in CUFF.
Twan los angeles, CA USA Looking forward to the fest. Hopefully you will find “Night Train” underground enough to be invited to participate in CUFF.
Twan los angeles, CA USA Great site. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you all at your festival this summer.
Jack Rooney Indianapolis, IN USA
Brian O’Hara New York, NY USA

Fri Dec 25 19:53:22 CST 1998

Timmy Beideck

Fri Dec 18 13:41:29 CST 1998

There’s lots of filmmaking going on in Nashville. Feel free to drop by my page or email me if interested in finding out more. I’ll plug Donny Miller’s Partly Cloudy, an amazing 16mm film about some homeless fellows. Hopefully he’ll send it to you.
Ben Worsham nashville, TN

Wed Dec 16 17:25:00 CST 1998

If it’s you then get in touch. You must.
sara cuff u.k.

Sun Dec 13 10:51:31 CST 1998

I don’t know what any of the above means. All I know is that I am glad I found abut CUFF. I will be sending a projet to you soon. Thanks, Farid Bozorgmehr 18518 Gingerbread LN Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (301)670-0617 Please use the following e-mail if need to be:

Farid Bozorgmehr Gaithersburg, MD USA

Fri Dec 11 12:00:13 CST 1998

Mick Cuff- Sara Cuff You know?
sara cuff England

Fri Dec 11 09:29:54 CST 1998

Wow! Melissa Behr signed this guestbook i love her as an actor, especially when she acts in that Dollman v.s. Demonic toys movie.

Fri Dec 11 00:47:48 CST 1998

Wow! Melissa Behr signed this guestbook i love her as an actor, especially when she acts in that Dollman v.s. Demonic toys movie.


Fri Dec 11 00:47:39 CST 1998

I want to thank Brian W. for SENDING ME MY NICK ZEDD TAPE!

Michelle Gantner

Thu Dec 3 13:40:15 CST 1998

I lived in an abyss, confidence lead me to bliss.
Maria Battaglia Milton, Ma

Wed Dec 2 19:18:46 CST 1998

night train
Bernstien Pasadena, California U.S.A.

Mon Nov 30 11:35:59 CST 1998


Fri Nov 27 18:27:00 CST 1998


Fri Nov 27 18:22:29 CST 1998

Without doubt, you have the best festival posters in the country. Pleae add me to your mailing list.
Margo Romero Los Angeles, CA

Wed Nov 18 18:09:41 CST 1998

looking for Internationl Fim Fests on the East coast in the fall of 98-99 can you help me thanx, don
Don Umbach Pittsburgh , Penna US

Tue Nov 17 08:59:38 CST 1998

Yvette Cook Muncie, Indiana USA

Mon Nov 16 14:02:58 CST 1998

Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor of
Milwaukee independent film, opening Summer of 1999.

Jeremy Stevermer

Tue Nov 10 16:16:38 CST 1998


Fri Nov 6 20:47:55 CST 1998

John Lindsay Chicago, IL USA

Tue Nov 3 16:04:07 CST 1998

Is this a yearly event?
Daniel North Cape Girardeau, MO USA

Fri Oct 30 14:33:49 CST 1998

It is satisfying to finally have a festival where creativity, deviance, and pushing the envelope can take centerstage. Good luck in the future!
curt barrett freeport, IL

Sun Oct 18 22:21:45 CDT 1998

I have been into film-making since early 1970’s and still going. Used to shoot some in 16MM with old Bolex, But with film stock prices as they are, I now shoot in super-8 format, which is overpriced. Would love to hear from others that work in S-8. Ricky Hargrove

Ricky Hargrove Panama City Beach, Florida USA

Fri Oct 16 18:56:35 CDT 1998

As film makers I applaud your work and hope to be able to one day enter one of our projects.
Tommie Williamson Manhattan, New York USA

Fri Oct 9 09:26:42 CDT 1998

christine new york, ny usa

Mon Oct 5 09:04:23 CDT 1998

craig cooper

Sat Sep 26 11:59:20 CDT 1998


Sun Sep 20 11:43:44 CDT 1998

I need the name of a store where I can PURCHASE independent films somewhere around the Chicagoland area.
Liz Biondi Lake Forest, IL USA

Fri Sep 18 14:18:00 CDT 1998

C.Cienfuegos Havana, CUBA

Thu Sep 17 09:03:24 CDT 1998


Tue Sep 15 15:44:14 CDT 1998

I am interested in getting more information on registering for next years festival. I am an independant producer/director, who is looking to start promoting my projects. The name and address of my company is: Frontline Productions P.O. Box 351568 Los Angeles, CA. 90035-1568 (909) 920-3021 Office (909) 920-5410 Fax

email address list in form.

Dave Reynolds Los Angeles, California USA

Sat Sep 12 03:22:58 CDT 1998


Thu Sep 10 20:57:29 CDT 1998

Did anybody see the Cirkus Ridikuless (sp?) film? Can you please tell me if there was a female audience member performing with an empty cigarette pack on their “Pinky” (Kalamazoo, MI) ??? Please let me know b/c I didn’t know they were doing a film on it and I just want to know if I was in it. BTW,


Melina Paez Chicago, IL ASU

Wed Sep 9 16:24:23 CDT 1998

Dude, I went to the CUFF and bought a film by Nick Zedd called Police State.. I brought it home, popped it in the VCR and there was nothing on the tape! I called CUFF, I’ve e-mailed CUFF…no response…NOW…I don’t want to get Midevil on your

ass, but I want a fu**ing refund or an exchange…

Michelle IL

Sun Sep 6 09:42:10 CDT 1998

Hello, I will be in Chicago on the 7th of Oct. for the big event. I hope to find the schedule on this site with some

kind of reviews. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Natasha Larson Carbondale, Colorado usa

Fri Sep 4 19:36:12 CDT 1998

I had a short called THE CONFESSION at your festival last year and I had a great time. I just got an email address and wanted to check in with you. James DuMont
James DuMont Los Angeles, CA USA

Fri Aug 28 17:51:15 CDT 1998

Just wanted to thank you guys for putting together such a mind boggling body of work! Your gracious hosting abilities left me energized and inspired. Chicago is AMAZING. Except for the youth hostel I stayed at for 1 night—my roomate was a semi-retarded 30 something guy vising from Spokane to see the Library. He sported underwear with the ass and crotch ripped out during the morning hours, and a boy scout uniform during the day. When I asked him why he wore the boy scout uniform he replied, “Cuz it makes me feel like I’m in the Army”— There’s a story there somewhere. I got a date set to record Larry Flynt and hopefully I’ll see you all next year with “Jesse Helms is Cleaning up America”…thanks again for such a

great experience.

Bob Judd “Bovine Vendetta”

Wed Aug 26 12:14:36 CDT 1998

Karen Raatz Palatine, IL USA

Fri Aug 21 15:21:39 CDT 1998

You guys rocked. Thank you so much for a wicked time! Everyone was terribly friendly with us ‘canadians’; but Mike you were the best host, ever. Thanks to all of the staff for a swell time, hope to see you all again. Patrick (Harrison, that is) would say the same but he is already in no man’s land. And say, when will the Awards be on line? Keep up the good work. Sincerely,


Brunella Battista vancouver, B.C. Cananda

Thu Aug 20 04:10:26 CDT 1998


Wed Aug 19 09:49:33 CDT 1998

Alexander Laurence New York, NY USA

Mon Aug 17 20:50:50 CDT 1998

CUFF 1998 was fabulous, funny, frightening, and fantastic all at the same time. I was my first entire fest, and my girlfriend and I had a blast. Kudos to EVERY SINGLE film we saw, but especially LAST BROADCAST, DECLINE PART 3, MEN CRY BULLETS and VIRTUE. Some absolutely amazing stuff. Thank you so much for selling Zedd and Out of the Loop vids. Being suburban kids, we can’t find that shit anywhere. Extra special thanks for THE FABULOUS STAINS. Couldn’t get much

better. Hope next year will be just as much fun.

Mike Connelly

Mon Aug 17 18:46:54 CDT 1998

Just got back from this year’s fest! Great stuff, guys! Keep up the fantastic work!
Mike White Riverview, MI USA

Mon Aug 17 09:12:25 CDT 1998


Sat Aug 15 20:58:06 CDT 1998

I especially want to see Battlesounds! HELP ME OUT! Is there a place where I can purcase some of the masterpieces?



Fri Aug 14 09:14:22 CDT 1998

What I want, what I really, really want (spice girls suck ass) is a chance to see all of the films…Anyway to do this besides hanging my ass around the theater building for days on end?


Michelle Gantner

Fri Aug 14 09:10:16 CDT 1998

We are interested in submitting our current feature project “Exiting Left” in your next festival. Please send info to the above e-mail.
Also, we are sponsoring Valleyfest Film Festival, running March 12-14 1999. Our web link is above, and we would be glad to put a link to your pages on ours. For further info, contact us at the above address. Thanks!

Euphoric Productions\valleyfest Knoxville, TN USA

Thu Aug 13 18:59:04 CDT 1998


Thu Aug 13 15:10:53 CDT 1998

Flying in tomarrow with a new print of “Me and Will” 90 min. long. So don’t get to the after party too late.
Melissa Behr

Wed Aug 12 23:45:57 CDT 1998


Wed Aug 12 13:05:20 CDT 1998

hi, this page is great. My dad is featured in Rock+Roll Punk, and I have a small part in it as well.
Jeremy Hammond Glendale Hieghts, IL USA

Tue Aug 11 11:05:45 CDT 1998

dan ezrow chicago, illinois

Mon Aug 10 22:00:44 CDT 1998

I can’t afford to come, but it was cool visiting.
Mark Sieber Newport News, VA USA

Mon Aug 10 18:10:59 CDT 1998

Producer/director Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man, Hope to see you all at my screening on August 13. By the way I’m looking for a real bed to sleep on during my stay, from 11th through night of the 15, if there’s anyone out there who would like to put up with a…well now I seem to be faced with trying to discribe myself… let’s just say that I’m charming, a good conversationalist, like long walks on the beach…etc. etc. Whatever. Leave a message with the festival Thanks,


David Vaisbord Vancouver , BC Canada

Mon Aug 10 00:57:49 CDT 1998

christy heath oak park, illinois

Sun Aug 9 12:28:49 CDT 1998

David Trevarthen Wilmette, IL 60091

Sat Aug 8 18:04:41 CDT 1998

I have been making films for the last 17 years,during which I have not yet joined any film festival in my life.

please send me more details to join a film festival like this.

avinash nanda New Delhi, New Delhi india

Fri Aug 7 13:47:45 CDT 1998

Chris Mann! Congrats on the “Shiney Harp” A job WELL DONE. Can’t wait to get your dolls, lamps ect. (for sale) on the artopening website =) Wishing you tons of continued joy and success with your work! You know where to find me if you ever need anything. Thanks for letting me be a part of this project–love ya… THE UNDERGROUND FILM FEST R U L E S!!!!! As Ever,


Stephanie Basham Ann Arbor, MI USA

Thu Aug 6 12:00:15 CDT 1998

RADIOMAN(not a music video)a new york city movie set ICON.see it at the INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM MARKET sept.18-25 NEW YORK CITY.
Pipo Maypo bronx, ny us

Wed Aug 5 21:34:33 CDT 1998

Hi. I thought you might want to know that a lot of text on your Web site is invisible to some users. For example, the guestbook page is mostly blank. The HTML on the page sets a white background, but does not set a foreground (text) color. So browsers will default to the foreground color that the user has selected under Windows. If the user has set Windows to display white text on a dark background, your pages will override the dark background with white, but then leave white text on it. The solution is easy: Just explicitly set the text color on your page to something dark. I sent a similar message to the company that designed your site, and their own pages suffer from the same problem. Regards,

Gavin Stokes

Gavin Stokes Chicago, IL USA

Wed Aug 5 15:52:29 CDT 1998

Hey- What’s this about Cumdumpster? My husband was the lead singer (Scott) We never knew anyone took any films and would like to see it. Thanks



Wed Aug 5 14:04:59 CDT 1998

I am presently working on my first film entitled “Amo.” I am hoping to submit it for entry in the 1999 CUFF. I was wondering if there might be any information on this event as of yet.
Tyler J. Rinta Racine, Wi U.S.A,

Tue Aug 4 13:58:06 CDT 1998

Intersted in info on the Underground Film Festival
I am a film-maker in the UK.

Dan Saul Nottingham, Notts – England UK UK

Tue Aug 4 13:27:20 CDT 1998

Send me more info. on the festival: G. Ashford GOAA-OIA One Airport Blvd.

Orlando, FL. 32827-4399

Guy Ashford

Mon Aug 3 20:59:12 CDT 1998

I am a published writer of film criticism, and interviews. Some past interviews were of Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh, Leonardo DiCaprio (This Boy’s Life) and many others. Please E-Mail me information on how to establish a press relationship with your festival. Clippings can be sent via fax on request. My colleagues are also interested in this information, they are: Diane Smith & Leo Hickman who can be e-mailed at Your prompt response with this info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Ira Harmon

Mon Aug 3 12:07:46 CDT 1998

I cannot wait until August 11th!! I have only seen 2 of Waters’ works and am looking forward to seeing some more at the Chicago Underground Film Fest. Finally – something to DO in Chicago.

thank you.

Cari Holmes New Lenox, IL USA

Mon Aug 3 03:05:11 CDT 1998

Rob Rector Rehoboth Beach, DE US

Sun Aug 2 16:57:56 CDT 1998

I really want to go to this festival!!!
Jean Jessup Fairfield, Iowa USA

Thu Jul 30 22:10:04 CDT 1998

I cannot believe it! I just picked up a New City paper and found the film festival insert. Looking through all of the various films and I come across “Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.” It’s been at least 14 years since I saw this film, it was on a show called “Night Flight” that came on the USA cable network. Anyway, I’m working on the day of the exclusive filming of this great, which I was just thinking about yesterday. Is there any possible way for me to get this on video, perhaps at Facets Multimedia. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. E-mail me if so!

Rosalyn Thomas chicago, il

Thu Jul 30 10:58:25 CDT 1998

Rosalyn Thomas

Thu Jul 30 10:48:41 CDT 1998

Suzanne Santos

Wed Jul 29 18:25:22 CDT 1998

gfjgf fucktown, wI usa

Wed Jul 29 16:38:08 CDT 1998

2K Filmproduktion Gruenwald, Munich Germany

Tue Jul 28 05:37:51 CDT 1998

From a real cultural wasteland, I glad you’re there, I’ll be there.
Jim Moreno Mt.Pleasant, MI U.S.A.

Mon Jul 27 17:46:59 CDT 1998

Follow me, follow me for I am the great Sombozula Sombozulo Esq. Producer-Extradinaire. Chicago Undergound Flim Festival, you have meet your match. now! shine my great boots! haw haw haw
Sombozula Sombozulo Esq. Golden Hollywood, Sunny California where the grass is green and the girls are pretty USA

Wed Jul 22 20:26:38 CDT 1998

~~~~~~~~~~ Garden.Com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden.Com the ultimate place for garden supplies is having a super blow out sale. Come, all ye green thumbs, and browse our state-of-the-art “web” site. And remember, we can beat any price!

see you soon, thanks.

Omar of the Andes

Wed Jul 22 19:44:55 CDT 1998


Wed Jul 22 19:36:47 CDT 1998

quality of food: good value for the money: good did you receive exactly what you ordered? no what did you order? double stack – plain, what I got – cheese, onions, mustard, etc. speed of service: poor courtesy of employees: fair employee apearance: excellent was your order taken promptly? yes, as always inside store: good outside store: good, could use a little trimming restroom: good * good humor man and same tune passes by* were any cleanliness improvements needed? no dining room temperature: ok how many miles did you travel to get here? 6-10 comments: when I ordered my food Joe Martinez gave me weird looks. I felt uncomfortable. please review this comment card.


James McPheirson III columbus, Georgia United States of America

Wed Jul 22 19:31:27 CDT 1998

Steve “the rock

Wed Jul 22 19:20:29 CDT 1998

locomotor ataxy

Wed Jul 22 19:15:31 CDT 1998

Luke Hinson

Tue Jul 21 23:40:13 CDT 1998

Luke Hinson

Tue Jul 21 23:38:54 CDT 1998

i don’t have much to say except keep up the good work everybody.
i. cisneros chicagi, il usa

Tue Jul 21 15:17:57 CDT 1998

Ginger Wyland St. Louis, MO USA

Mon Jul 20 10:11:58 CDT 1998

lesli wood / matt menovcik seattle, wa

Mon Jul 20 00:51:48 CDT 1998

Hillary Hutton Chicago,

Fri Jul 17 14:44:40 CDT 1998

william south

Thu Jul 16 01:08:23 CDT 1998

I’d like to know more about the films that will be shown at the festival.
M. G. Marsh Beverly Hills, CA USA

Wed Jul 15 17:40:12 CDT 1998

Jeesus, some of these movies are a insult to film making. Tarantino rip off crime films or some movie about a guy watching his penis floating in a toilet bowl while a chicken crows outside. Like a half ass Ingmar Bergman. How about reeeal talent like a Remy Belvaux, a Joel and Ethan Coen a Neil Labute. I think a lot of filmakers need to go and watch Polanski’s Macbeth and see genius at work. Until some of my work comes out I guess you’ll all have to languish in the doldrums of the Gen X filmaker.
Justin Bennett jacksonville, florida U.S.A.

Sat Jul 11 19:32:58 CDT 1998

Where’s the archive of stuff from festivals past? No R. Kern, Kenneth Anger or Guy Maddin interviews??? Why?
Is there going to be a “headlining” filmmaker this year?

Nicole Battle Creek, MI USA

Wed Jul 8 23:11:00 CDT 1998

Robert Cyr Atlanta, Ga US

Wed Jul 8 19:39:29 CDT 1998

Robert Cyr

Wed Jul 8 19:38:28 CDT 1998

Robert Cyr

Wed Jul 8 19:37:10 CDT 1998

elliot Grove Raindance Film Showcase, London

Wed Jul 8 12:51:03 CDT 1998

K Smith New York, NY USA

Tue Jul 7 05:55:39 CDT 1998

I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES! I went to the Premier of “AFTERBIRTH” by Paul Rinehard, I was shocked and yet grotesquely pleased by this disturbing film. I work with this “off-center fellow” I never would have imagined him producing a film of this nature or quality. I guess there is a deep dark in everyone, but to bring it out into public (GEEEZE)! I’ll never think of Paul the same. He is one of the Greats in Green Bay to chip away at our conservativeness. I’ll definately look forward to his next creation and hunt for past tapes!
David Nelson
NONE Green Bay, WI DUH

Fri Jul 3 08:49:17 CDT 1998

The Bronx with Coconut Trees is a group of young independent filmmakers coming together and putting their knowledge and passion of filmmaking to work.
Please visit our website for more information.

Lesley Alvarez Miami, Florida USA

Thu Jul 2 10:19:41 CDT 1998

Jerry Looper Cedar Hill, Texas

Wed Jul 1 13:24:33 CDT 1998

I would like to thank everyone who went to my mothers funeral.myself and harry are very gratefull. LOVE

Prince Willy

prince william
http://www.prince london, don’t know england

Wed Jul 1 02:57:10 CDT 1998

i want to show you, my: ANTHONY- FILMMAKER, CAMERAMAN…
Godfrejow Bogumil Cracow, Poland

Mon Jun 29 08:39:22 CDT 1998

Godfrejow Bogumil Cracow, Poland

Mon Jun 29 08:33:54 CDT 1998

We are Sporadically Germinating all the time. Rey Parla TUI Learner –

Rey Parla Miami, Florida USA

Sat Jun 27 20:50:37 CDT 1998

I realize now that you obviously can’t send me anything on Indie films and artsy-fartsy stuff like that because of lack of info and incorrect addresses. Please omit my last selection, since I’m just fooling around on my cousin’s bosses computer and feeling quite lethargic

as well as incompetent (that word is spelled wrong)

Jeana M. LaDelia Rochester, New York USA

Fri Jun 26 18:12:37 CDT 1998

Kindly let me know what night “HEAVY BLACK SMOKE STACK” will be shown, so that I can make air & hotel arrangements.


Julia Shepis New York, New York USA

Fri Jun 26 13:51:48 CDT 1998

Don’t be afraid to take ride on the Metro… Don’t be afraid to parley vous some francais… Don’t be afraid to stand right in the in the middle of the Champs Elysees look up at the Arc De Triomphe and scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH VOUS!!!!!! a film by Kirk Fogg….
Kirk Fogg

Fri Jun 26 11:22:03 CDT 1998

Hector Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA USA

Sat Jun 20 00:55:48 CDT 1998

Hector Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA USA

Sat Jun 20 00:54:47 CDT 1998

Greg Barrett Chicago, il USA

Fri Jun 19 16:31:11 CDT 1998

Jennifer S. Cluck

Tue Jun 16 18:06:39 CDT 1998


The NY Underground Film Festival has a post-production fund for underground films. thye are at

Helen Nagy Montreal, PC CANADA

Sun Jun 14 14:00:38 CDT 1998

Revelations, I got many, Rants and ramblings, I may had, I just do’t know what does those words mean. Please, I want to participate with my project Perspectives of the end, I just have not finished it and I Need a postproduction fund. Even if it is a couple of bucks, you are welcome. Send any info on postproduction grants to: Anton Bunt Amsterdam 92-5 Col. Hip. Condesa 06100 Mexico City, D. F. Mexico Tel./Fax (525) 553-7758


Anton Bunt
Not available Mexico City, D. F. Mexico

Thu Jun 11 11:41:11 CDT 1998

Anton Bunt
Not available Mexico City, D. F.

Thu Jun 11 11:37:34 CDT 1998

Hey Hows it going? I’m looking forward to seeing the fest this year. Please add my to any mailing list you might have. Thanks, Rich Trash Times POB 248 Glenview IL 60025 847.998.5753 FAX


Thu Jun 11 08:34:22 CDT 1998

ý’m looking for somemoney for the film that ý’m planning to shoot in june. I have the film stocks and equipment but still need some money for post production… HELP THE FUTURE GENUIS DÝRECTOR AND GET


B.BORA EGEMEN istanbul, turkey

Mon Jun 8 15:50:25 CDT 1998

David Ingham

Sat Jun 6 21:57:41 CDT 1998

someday i want to make movies!
gary white huntington, indiana usa

Sat Jun 6 15:28:56 CDT 1998

James L. Campbell Chicago, Illinois USA

Tue Jun 2 16:35:44 CDT 1998

Yeah Vous!….There- got it right… Yeah Vous!(pronounced Yeah-Vous!… like Vous! means you!…) Yeah(English) Vous(French)… Two Americans go to Paris and all breaks loose… Don’t miss it….New Haven Film fest says…”A true original”…. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh Voooooouuuussss!!!!!
Kirk Fogg Sherman Oaks, CA US of A

Tue Jun 2 15:13:09 CDT 1998


Kirk Fogg Sherman Oaks, CA US of A

Tue Jun 2 15:06:38 CDT 1998


Mon Jun 1 14:20:22 CDT 1998

kick arse. i have two (original, mind you) scripts i’m mentally fixing right now. i’d tell you but then i’d have to kill you. can’t wait to see you soon,


Melina Paez chicago, il usa

Mon Jun 1 11:25:43 CDT 1998

my boy and i entered out tape – dead in a ditch productionz – into the festival, we hope dat it gets submitted. props to all these movies, luncmeat, death weekend, maniac, the hills have eyes, slaughterhouse, eatin alive, junior, mountaintop motel massacre, motel hell, near dark, the burning, dawn of the dead, sleepaway camp series, friday the 13th, backwoods, bloodlake, bloodfeast, bloodcult, killer klowns from outerspace, bodycount, redneck zombies, and zombie. sorry, i got more but im sure yo haven’t even read this far.
da tall man atlanta, ga us

Sun May 31 03:13:10 CDT 1998


Tue May 26 10:17:24 CDT 1998

shady paraphanalia and the likes of bolex’s everywhere come together to form a great festival and one in which I am proud to watch and in the future will be a part of

so to all that make this possible thanks for a raucous good time.

landon hosto

Thu May 21 11:34:28 CDT 1998

I hope I entered the correct URL no. if not, please give me a clue. I would like ticket information about the upcoming CUFF events. I am looking forward

to real independent movies. Here in St. Louis we have a film festival around November. However, it is obvious the real movies are being shown in Chi-town.

Aging1 St. Louis, MO USA

Thu May 21 02:29:28 CDT 1998


Tue May 19 18:30:24 CDT 1998

“TURNBUCKLE” a film by corey adams,look out the camel clutch is nasty!
JIMMY JUMMERS vancouver, b.c canada

Thu May 14 02:47:35 CDT 1998

Pete! Ford Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Tue May 12 07:15:54 CDT 1998

It’s great to see so much support for underground film!!!
Things are a little dry here in Arizona.

dave olsen Tucson, AZ USA

Sat May 9 16:13:41 CDT 1998

Scott Anderson chicago, Il usa

Fri May 8 14:06:41 CDT 1998

Robert Herman Brooklyn, NY USA

Tue May 5 21:50:21 CDT 1998

Coal Mine Productions is looking to add to it’s demo reel and is looking for independent film makers in need of special effects, animation and compositing. We will work on a sliding scale to help truly needy up-and-coming film and video makers. For more info please E-mail us or feel free to call us at 847-657-9254.
Coal Mine Productions Chicago, IL USA

Mon May 4 15:07:04 CDT 1998

Philip Kasper

Sun May 3 12:14:27 CDT 1998

There is little to offer that has not already been whipped to death.
Jack Cargerman Hollywood, CA USA

Fri May 1 18:10:09 CDT 1998

“I’m comin’! Get ready!”
Don Montrey Philadelphia, PA 19103

Thu Apr 30 09:39:36 CDT 1998


I’m just helping to wrap up post on a Gen-X comedy feature we call, “Some of the People…” The other producers are, Jason Wolk, Chris Coronado and Gregg Cannizzaro. Gregg was the director. We’re interesting in submitting our film to your festival, if we can finish it in time. Please put me on your mail and e-mail lists. Thanks, David Rambaldi, 51 Rose Ave. #16, Venice, CA 90291, (310) 399-2247; (310) 399-4541, fax

David Rambaldi

Wed Apr 29 22:00:46 CDT 1998

tim degard

Tue Apr 28 15:23:10 CDT 1998

Intervenus Music has supplied music for films including Falling from grace, teenage mutant ninja turtles 1&3, White men can’t Jump, as well as music for ESPN and E! Entertainment. We are always looking for film makers who need soundtrack material. We have an extensive catalog of music and artists, and our prices cannot be beat. Fell free to E-mail us, or give us a call at 317-570-9689.

Tim Williams Indianapolis, In. USA

Mon Apr 27 13:58:34 CDT 1998

Shae Morris Milwaukee, Wi. UASSA

Sun Apr 26 18:22:31 CDT 1998

My girlfriend and I were sitting around the dinner table talking about a plot for a screenplay, where some guy gets in a chat room with some white supremacists, and just goofing, starts dissing his black neighbor, with whom he’s actually friends. In fact, this guy is white and is married to a black woman. Somehow, the clan gets a fix on his location and figures out which apartment his neighbor lives in. We see the neighbor inside his apartment reading Nietzsche and listening to classical music, but to the outside world, his street fashions make him appear to be a brotha from the hood. He’s brutally murdered and the white guy becomes a prime suspect to the police, because the supremacist group has a plant who has read the rantings about
Duncan Stuart Santa Rosa, CA Amerika

Sat Apr 25 01:21:19 CDT 1998


Wed Apr 15 10:59:30 CDT 1998

B. Chirinos

Tue Apr 14 23:29:17 CDT 1998

Noah Jenda

Sun Apr 5 17:17:05 CDT 1998

Nora Saunders

Thu Apr 2 10:41:44 CST 1998

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