The 8th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival: August 17-23, 2001


MAIL TO: Programming Director CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL 3109 North Western Ave.

Chicago, IL 60618

Deadline: April 15, 2001. Late deadline: May 15, 2001.

 ENTRY FEE: [ ] $20 fee for each entry postmarked by April 7 [ ] $35 for Late Entries postmarked after April 7 and received by May 15. Make check or money order in U.S. funds payable to: Chicago Underground Film Festival. Entry Fees are not required from filmmakers who have screened at CUFF in the past. PAY BY CREDIT CARD You can also pay for your entry fee by credit card through There is an additional charge for credit card processing. Go to and follow
Insound's checkout process, then when you receive your sales confirmation
via email, add your confirmation number here: ________. Credit Card payments
may be made through only.

Please read the rules and this application. Mail it to us with your entry
fee, 1/2" NTSC tape, B&W still and synopsis.

Picture Title_______________________________________________________________


Submitted By _______________________________________________________________

Running Time________________________________________________________________

Date Completed (month/year)_________________________________________________

City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________


Fax ________________________________________________________________________


Does your entry currently have distribution?
[  ] YES    [  ] NO

Category (check one only)
[  ] Narrative Feature   [  ] Narrative Short   [  ] Documentary
[  ] Experimental   [  ] Animation  [  ] Music Video

Original Production Format(s)
[  ] Super 8    [  ] 16mm   [  ] 35mm   [  ] video

Final Screening Format
(If accepted Super8 must be screened via video projection)
[  ] 16mm   [  ] 35mm   [  ] video

Will this screening be a premiere?
(Previous theatrical runs and/or other festival screenings only determine
Premiere status)
[  ] World Premiere     [  ] US Premiere    [  ] Midwest Premiere
[  ] Chicago Premiere

[  ]  Check here to confirm that you've attached a brief description of the
film with credits along with any additional promotional materials,

Other Public screenings, awards and festivals



[  ] Check here if you have enclosed $5 to have your tape returned ($10 for
outside the US) Although due care will be exercised, CUFF cannot accept
responsibility for lost or damaged preview tapes. If you pay for return of
tape and your tape is lost and cannot be returned, CUFF will refund your
tape return fee of $5 ($10 for overseas returns) but cannot refund the cost
of your preview tape. Please DO NOT SEND S.A.S.E.s! If you send a S.A.S.E.,
it will NOT be used.

[  ] If my film is accepted to screen, I can provide trailers and/or clips
to be used for festival promotion with selected internet partners.

I have carefully read and understand the complete rules of the festival. I
am an owner of the exhibition rights to the film/video being entered. If
accepted, I grant permission to CUFF to show my film/video and to use it for
promotional purposes for the 2001 festival.

Signature: ________________________________________________________


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