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Out Of The Loop Headache Productions

Half-Spirit: The Voice of the Spider Grand Prize Winner CUFF ’97

Love God The World’s First Fully Digital Multi-camera Live-Action Special FX Rock N Roll Monster Love Story! CUFF’s 1997 Opening Night Feature.

The El Frenetico & Go-Girl Page

The Operation An erotic film shot in infrared video.

A Gun For Jennifer (Conspiracy Films)

WEED Doug Wolens

Mary Jane’s Not A Virgin Anymore

The Electric Urn

So Wrong They’re Right Russ Forster and Dan Sutherland’s award winning documentary.

The Sore Losers BigBroadGuerillaMonster

The Bride of Frank Too Disturbing To Watch…Too Compelling To Turn Away!

The Four Corners of Nowhere Best Feature Winner 1995 Festival

Delinquent Peter Hall’s thriller about patricide, suicide, cross-dressing, defective parenting, Virginia Woolf, and the need for gun control…oh yeah…and survival.

The Delicate Art of the Rifle “History is Not A Bullet” Best Feature Winner at the 1996 Festival

At Ground Zero At Ground Zero, award winning junkie road film from Craig Schlattman has pictures, synopsis, cast and crew information plus director profile.

The Seller The Seller, photos, synopsis, cast, crew, director information. “One of my favorite films of 1997.” Chicago Tribune. Winner Silver Trophy CUFF ’97

American Skin One, Two, Three Jump! Films

Charlie’s Family Winner of the 1997 Audience Choice Award.

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