12:30 PM

Shorts Program Cartoons That Never Made It AMPnyc, animated video short, 4 min., 1997 Some hilariously misguided ideas, and certainly no worse than a lot of misguided cartoons that did make it Wig Rodeo Marcel de Jure, Super 8 experimental short, 20 min., 1997 Kafka-like characters as by way of Jean Genet, manufacturing wire hangers in a pre-industrial world of self-sabotage and mechanical tyranny run by an oligarchical corporate insanity. Do you chose to live in peace and bordeom, or create havoc and feel alive? You will probably draw painful parallels to your own day job while watching this. Astroturf Ian Haig, animated video short, 6 min.,1996 A look at a number of test cases which support the theory that humans are actually devolving through their interaction with technology, featuring the Pop-O-Matic Dream Home, The Robot Dog Kit and The Futuristic Hairdo Machine. Hey, does this mean The Jetsons were lying to us?? The History of the Future Reynold Reynolds, experimental short, 28 min., 1996 A review of over sixty narrative films that depict the future. Technology, survival, fashion, religion, philosophy, destruction and politics are all part of the popular conception of the future, derived in large part from narrative film. Here you’ll see the changing interplay of reality and past visions of the future, from silent film to the latest that Hollywood has to offer. MR. SUNSHINE

2:00 PM

Shorts Program One Man’s Life Colin O’Neill, documentary short, 10 min.,1996 A convicted murderer talks about the crime, the trial,and his sentence of life in prison. A raw, personal insight into the shame, regret, terror and boredom of life behind bars. Suicide Anne Charlotte Robertson, experimental Super 8 short, 8 min., 1979/1990 A contemplation of suicide… considering the knives, the pills, the vodka, the bathtub; imagining the bloody aftermath, even the afterlife, complete with a passage across the river and the Hound of Hell at the gate. Exodus 12:21-30 Carl Seaton, 16mm narrative short, 20 min., 1996 In a story which parallels the tale of the Angel of Death in the Book of Exodus, a young man has his wallet snatched as he’s on his way home from work. While he’s chasing the thief, Reggie’s hit by a speeding jeep and seemingly killed on the spot. Amazingly, he gets up as if nothing’s happened and simply shrugs off the accident. But some- thing has happened:Reggie’s become a modern Angel of Death, with the power to kill any living thing with a touch. Let the Punishment Fit the Child Maria Beatty, experimental short, 15 min., 1997 Drive to Work Tyler Hubby, experimental video short, 18 min., 1997 A spontaneous documentary made to test the limits of viewer anticipation. Shot in real time with a handheld camera, it enters the singular hypnosis of a driver with a hangover on his way to work. The minimal soundtrack is comprised of the natural sounds of the car, the surrounding environment and the tunings of an FM radio, which switches from classical to new wave music as Tyler apparently starts to feel a little bit better. Aquatorious Kota Ezawa, narrative short, 30 min., 1996

Something’s rotten in the world of top-secret undersea exploration. A submarine and the sailors on board have disappeared, and it’s up to Commander Poulson and her intrepid crew (one of whom is George Kuchar in a very flattering silver jumpsuit) to find out just what happened. Featuring the exhilarating kind of special effects you haven’t seen since Plan 9 From Outer Space and an underwater vessel you’ll wish you had for your own bathtub.

3:45 PM

John Waters Program Panel
on the making of “Pink Flamingos.”: Mink Stole will also be present.

5:30 PM

John Waters Shock Value Program
Video simulcast of John’s live spoken word performance in Theater One.

8:15 PM

Visiting Desire

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