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Shorts Program Lil’ Estrella’s Big Headache Bridgette Wilson/Jon Seagul, 16mm animated short, 3 min., 1996 An animated 3-D intergalactic tale of a tiny little star taking a big trip around the universe. Season’s Greetings Michael Dougherty, 16mm animated short, 4 min., 1996 An exquisitely hand-painted animation, this is the sweetly macabre tale of a child who discovers the dangers of trick-or-treating past midnight. Young Sam, who’s been roaming the ominously quiet neighborhood for hours in a quest for treats, finally finds what he’s been looking for from a sinister stranger. Marvelous twisted ending! Gus Fist Andrew Marcus, 16mm narrative short, 18 min., 1996 A cinematic warning to drag quens, practitioners of voodoo and those who would scorn dweeby office help. Featuring lots of squished body parts and the year’s cheesiest fake moustache. Seven Virtues Myke Zykoff, 16mm narrative short, 10 mln., 1996 A sardonic look at the reality behind the righteousness aquamorpheus Brien Burroughs, 16mm experimental short, 7 min., 1996 Do fish dream? Would a piranha dream be different from the dream of a sardine? A watery treat for the thousands of you who’ve wrestled with deep questions such as these. Un Ange Passe Jun Kurosawa, 16mm experimental short, 14 min., 1995 Just one girl has survived the nuclear holocaust at the end of the 20th century. Desperately hoping that there is someone else left alive, she sends out psychic messages and finally begins to believe that her own image is actually the longed-for companion. The Baby Haters Laurie Pike, 16mm narrative short, 27 min., 1996

Performance artist Dawn Butterworth doesn’t believe that babies are good for anything but spoiling women’s figures and ruining their artistic pursuits. So with the help of disillusioned lesbian Dr. Judy, she launches a crusade to turn back the hands of the biological clock. Featuring Mink Stole as Judy’s loopy, knocked- up-at-40 roommate.

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Jack Smith Retrospective – Program 3
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Visiting Desire

Stick around after the movie for the Best of CUFF ’97 awards and the presentation of the Jack Smith Lifetime Achievement Award to John Waters, followed by rockin’ good music spun by DJ Hacker and John San Juan. It’ll be your last chance to collect the rest of those phone numbers you’ve been after!

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