The Sore Losers sponsored by Delilah’s John Michael McCarthy, 16mm narrative feature, 89 min., 1997

An action film with an exploitation mentality…kinda like the JD films of the ’50s, only with beautiful punk boys and Amazons. Blackie (Jack Oblivian) has been sent back to Earth by The Elder to complete a mission begun 42 years ago: he must kill one more earthling, making it an even dozen victims, before he’s allowed to re-enter the Lo-Fi Frequency. So Blackie smuggles his old buddy Mike out of a mental institution and the two start the hunt. They hook up with Goliatha and Kerine, who kills her parents in a fit of rage, and Blackie discovers the deaths are credited to him. Big problem, because now there are 13 undead instead of 12, and that’s a very unlucky number.

Featuring all sorts of cool things like a lime-green AMC Pacer in a road battle with a UFO powered ’55 Chevy, a beer-drinking angel, the entire city of Memphis leveled by forces from outer space. Soundtrack by The Oblivians, The Makers, Tokyo punk band Guitar Wolf and others.


Ingrid Yegros, animated video short, 1 min., 1996

Petula’s hooked on the Home Shopping Channel. One day she surfaces and realizes her little dog is missing. Where CAN he be?

7:15 Shorts Program EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ALEX THE CLOWN Keith Schofield, video animated short 4 min.1997

We don’t know if Keith (who at 18 is our youngest filmmaker to ever screen at CUFF) has ever seen Ralph Bakshi’s Fritz The Cat, but we think he’s a worthy successor. He describes this work simply as, “a perverted cartoon”.

FIVE HITS Jennifer Cluck, video experimental short 5 min. 1997

A 14-year old girl drops five hits of acid. This is a harrowing, real-time, real-life look at what that sounds and feels like.

BIBLE OF SKIN Mark Hejnar, video experimental short 12 min. 1997

A mixture of electronically distorted images dealing with ritual and religion, sex, violence, bodily functions, atrocity and home movies, mated with an abrasive drone soundtrack by Pile of Cows. From the director who brought you CUFF’s 1996 best documentary award winner, Affliction.

HOLY MATTER Cindy Kleine, video documentary short 22 min. 1997

A rememberence of bowel movements past by a series of artists who voice their piss and shit memories. Featuring home movies (some by the filmmakers very odd Dad, who clearly has some little-girl peeing obsessions of his own) and plenty of obsessive/compulsive behaivior.

George Kuchar, video experimental short 20 min. 1997

It’s bad enough to be abducted by aliens and get poked, prodded and opperated on, but when they force you to attend a dreary conference at a drab college where people yell at you and make you eat cafeteria food, that’s TRUE torture. This is the harrowing tale of George Kuchar’s close encounter, when a fun trip to an exciting, beautiful big city turns into an extra-terrestrial nightmare.

9:00 PM Shorts Program: VIVA LES GIRLS! CLIT-O-MATIC: THE ADVENTURES OF WHITE TRASH GIRL: EPISODE 2: LAW OF DESIRE Jennifer Reeder, Super 8/video narrative short, 18 min., 1997

White Trash Girl is back and meaner than ever! Our SuperHeroine’s powers and sense of justice are challenged as never before as she stomps to the defense of Trelita, a Mexican sex worker and single mother suspected of murder. Cheer as White Trash Girl disposes of a butt-pinching dirty old man (George Kuchar) ! Groan at an extreme close-up of a turd leaving a rectum! Thrill to the climactic battle between WTG and Trelita’s evil boss! It’ll leave you panting for the release of episode three, Natural Born Cocksuckers, due in late ’97.

(THE ELABORATE) EMPIRE OF ACHE Lisa Hammer, Super 8 experimental short, 9 min., 1996

View the pain of deranged pseudo-adolescence, as expressed by the deliciously deranged Dame Darcy, as she converses with dolls no bigger than God’s foot and holds court with raw meat all dripping with blood! Filmed in flickery 1920’s style black and white, complete with dialog cards and creepy music. Enjoy Dame Darcy’s underpants!

NOWHERE FAST Saskia Jell, 16mm narrative short, 10 min., 1997

Explosives! Nuns! Money! Call 911… The Lunachicks are robbing a bank! Featuring eyelashes almost too long for one movie to contain, jeans from Frederick’s of Hollywood, a bathroom-peeking pervert, Bertha Butts doing a star turn and Helen Sticker as the stunt nun. Plus, a peek at the April issue of “Jugs”.

GRACE HAS MACE Julianne Berg/Patrick InZetta, Super 8 narrative short, 10 min., 1996

Beautifully shot in grainy black-and -white, by turns serious, funny and disturbing, this is the story of Grace, who’s raped by a brutal, psychotic stranger on a quiet city street. Shaky, scared and in shock, she calls work and says she needs time off due to a “death in the family”. Recovering and feeling normal again is going to take a while; she just stays in and watches TV. And then an infomercial changes her life. Grace calls the 800 number and soon a GIANT can of Mace is delivered to her door. Let the revenge begin!

CLUB VIVISEXTION Rob Thompson, narrative video short, 15 min., 1997

City dwellers often have fluffy daydreams of bucolic farm life, but X, who grew up in the country, has learned from her father that farming is simply the art of killing things. So when she finds out that the club she’s inherited from her dead brother is actually a brothel and home to the truly kinky, she finds the whole thing kind of tame compared to the brutality she grew up with. In fact, the only thing that strikes her as strange is that the club is operated on the same principles as a fast food restaurant.

10:45 PM

STRAIGHT TO YOU: NICK CAVE, A PORTRAIT Nanni Jacobson, documentary video short, 55 min., 1995

An amazingly intimate and detailed look at the life and career of the legendary musician, Straight to You was made in close cooperation with Nick Cave and is the only authorized documentary about him. Shot in Germany, Brazil, and England, the documentary spans Cave’s 15-year career and includes rare studio and concert footage of both The Birthday Party and The Bad Seeds, interviews with Wim Wenders, Blixa Bargeld, Henry Rollins and others who’ve worked with Nick Cave, and most importantly, Nick himself talking openly and at length about obsession, anger, despair, religion, his family, and carnies.

Shown with TRUE BLOOD Charles Gatewood, experimental video short, 5 min., 1994

A blood-letting ritual in dreamy, religious slow motion and extreme close-up, featuring a blonde vampire who cuts herself with a razor and drinks her own blood.

and I GET IDEAS Charles Pinion, experimental video short, 3 min.

The video portion of the filmmaker’s doctoral thesis, which explores the correlation between 1930’s Americal ballroom dance and 15th century psychosexual religious hysteria.

and PARADICE Patty Chang/Anie Stanley, Super 8 experimental short, 15 min., 1996

Demo drama, demo derby, pink ladies, high rollers… a Molotov cocktail of low glamour,..a whirlwind of love, lust, booze, tourism and a killer pair of shoes that just won’t stay on.

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