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Ruined Heart

Opening Night!
Wednesday, May 13

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02 Ruined Heart

Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between a Criminal and a Whore
73 min., Video, 2014, Philippines/Germany

Somewhere in Manila, a crime boss rules with an iron fist. He uses religion and violence to stay in power. What superstition and razzle-dazzle can’t accomplish, his goons can. To his most loyal henchman he assigns the task of guarding his woman, who is headstrong and impulsive, and often gets into trouble. Before long, she falls in love with the henchman, and the star-crossed lovers decide to leave town. Fighting ensues. It is while on the run that they finally get to know each other for the first time…

Described by Khavn as a “punk noir opera,” the story of Ruined Heart is told almost entirely through its music, and the stunningly lyrical visual imagery of master cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In The Mood For Love, Hero). Starting with a minimalistic theme composed by the director himself, the soundtrack was created by a host of musicians who interrupted and remixed it in styles ranging from folk and soul to drone, punk and pop. Like a great blues song, the form of Ruined Heart may be familiar, but the emotional resonance, the poetry, is found in the way it is played.

Preceded by:

01 Echoes

Jaimz Asmundson —
6 min., Video, 2014, Canada

“Structured around the recollection of a premonitory dream, fragmented memories from the period leading up to the death of the filmmaker’s mother were projected on to natural textures and surfaces, re-photographed, composited and processed until the memories became abstracted representations of the evolution, degradation and disintegration of memory and the physical self.” – Jaimz Asmundson


L For Leisure

Thursday, May 14

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L for Leisure 03L For Leisure
Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn
74 min., 16mm on video, 2014, USA/Mexico/France/Iceland

“An impressionistic, episodic comedy about laziness, wandering and wasting time. Hanging out with teenagers when you’re thirty, smoking nutmeg to get high and eating pie until you fall asleep. Teaching a dog to boogie board. Set to the rhythm of the school-year calendar, L For Leisure tracks the changes to the collected spirit of a group of graduate students through 1992-93 as they go on various vacations. Sprinkled among activities like coed wrestling, macking on teenagers, and naps, are soliloquies on the heavy and heady topics of the day. With a low-fi 16mm style that recalls 90s television, home videos and underground comic books, L For Leisure is a unique piece of deeply independent filmmaking, reveling in excesses of both lush beauty and awkward humor.” – Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn

Preceded by:

en plein airEn Plein Air
Jerzy Rose
9 min., 16mm on video, 2014, USA

“An outdoor painting instructor takes an objectionable interest in an attractive young couple’s summer romance.” – Jerzy Rose



SHORTS 1: sonnet entitled how to run the world

Thursday, May 14

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Broken Jaw StillBroken Jaw
Russell Sheaffer and Aaron Michael Smith
5 min., 16mm on video, 2013, USA

“A self portrait locked on repeat, Broken Jaw explores the filmmaker’s fractured body and subjectivity as he grapples with the interplay between the lasting physical remnants of trauma and a total lack of memory.” – Russell Sheaffer


02 Special FeaturesSpecial Features
James N. Kienitz Wilkins
12 min., video, 2014, USA

“In a lo-fi fragment from an unnamed video production, an interviewee interacts with an interviewer, recounting a special experience at once unique and shared.” – James N. Kienitz Wilkins


Lisa Truttmann & Behrouz Rae
9 min., video, 2014, USA/Austria/Iran

Babash is a multi-lingual parrot who lives in Los Angeles. Behrouz Rae has made friends with him over the years. Our short film is a colorful portrait of this special relationship.” – Lisa Truttmann & Behrouz Rae



Discussion Questions film stillDiscussion Questions, presented by Martin Thebes
Jonn Herschend
5 min., video, 2014, USA

“A text based PowerPoint presentation that becomes a cathartic dance party” – Jonn Herschend




F for Fibonacci
Beatrice Gibson
16 min, video, 2014, UK

Unfolding through the modular machine aesthetics of the video game Minecraft, text book geometries, graphic scores, images from physics experiments, and cartoon dreams, blend with images from wall street: stock market crashes, trading pits, algorithms and transparent glass.” – Beatrice Gibson


06 Nonstop Beautiful LadiesNon-Stop Beautiful Ladies
Alee Peoples
9 min., 16mm, 2015, USA

Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies is a Los Angeles street film starring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.” – Alee Peoples



07 I'm In PittsburghI’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining
Jesse McLean
14 min, video, 2015, USA

“An experimental portrait of a lighting stand-in and body double for a famous Hollywood actress, and a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes of cinema production. Music by The Velvet Underground.” -Jesse McLean



08 Hacked CircuitHacked Circuit
Deborah Stratman
15 min., video, 2014, USA

“A single-shot, choreographed portrait of the Foley process, revealing multiple layers of fabrication and imposition. The circular camera path moves inside and back out of a Foley stage in Burbank, California. While portraying sound artists at work, typically invisible support mechanisms of filmmaking are exposed, as are, by extension and quotation, governmental violations of individual privacy.” – Deborah Stratman


Thursday May 14


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01 CUTCut

Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller

13 min., Video, 2013, Germany

“The body as a wound that never heals.” – Matthias Müller



02 NavajazoNavajazo

Ricardo Silva

75 min., 16mm on video. 2014, Mexico

“The apocalypse we’ve always imagined, presented to us through portraits of characters struggling to survive in a hostile environment, where all they have is each other and the only thing they possess in common is the will to keep on living, no matter the cost.” – Ricardo Silva

“Flecked with hypnotic essay-film passages that meld impressionistic video and 16mm footage of Tijuana with intertitles detailing how cancer spreads, the film otherwise jumps back and forth between a set of equally degenerate protagonists. These include a Gene Simmons lookalike singing mordantly funny synthesizer numbers, an American porn director casting his next production (which is to focus on true love), a junkie couple shooting up and getting it on, and two battle-hardened men willing to fight for money. Much of what these protagonists do, or are made to do, in front of the camera is depraved or even exploitative, but still gruesomely compulsive to watch, with the total lack of delineation between staging and real life adding an additional layer of fascination.”—James Lattimer, Slant


Critical Paranoia: Dark Night Rising

Thursday May 14


Curated by Ernest J. Ramon

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01 Critical ParanoiaCritical Paranoia: Dark Night Rising

87 min. Video, 2015, USA

“You’re not allowed to believe in coincidences anymore. A fast encroaching military police state, mind controlled assassins, domestic terrorism, secret societies, ritual sacrifices, clandestine psy-op programs and evil old billionaires clamoring for world domination! Tired old plots of a comic book franchise or prophetic and deliberate enigmas wrapped in bubblegum and subterfuge? Who or what really killed Heath Ledger? Has the Dark Knight vehicle become nothing more than a harbinger for horrors such as the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings, and the events of September 11? What is the true meaning hidden behind the Dark Night Rising? Over the rainbow and through the looking glass, how deep does the rabbit hole go? All the way to the Batcave perhaps.” – Ernest J. Ramon


SHORTS 2: Humanity i love you

Friday, May 15


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01 Everything For The MoviesEverything For the Movies

Lukas Buys

20 min., video, 2014, Belgium

“Oliver picks up a young actress Lize to take her to a remote film set. But how far is she prepared to go to make it in the movies?” – Lukas Buys


02 Out of The Mold Still #1Out of the Mold

Michel Moon

12 min., video, 2014, USA/Canada/Australia

“The crumbling of a couple’s relationship manifests itself in mold growing in their bathroom.” – Michel Moon


03 Resting PlaceResting Place

Kristjan Knigge

10 min., video, 2014, Netherlands

“A terrible accident has left former dancer Julia paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. What could be nicer than being taken for a gentle walk in the woods by a caring friend?” – Kristjan Knigge


04 VioletsViolets

Jim Vendiola

13 min., video, 2014, USA

“Two strange, reclusive sisters quietly await the advent of their secretly twisted plan. Inspired by true events.” – Jim Vendiola


05 Nature BoyNature Boy

Annelise Ogaard

27 min., video, 2014, USA

 “Is it a kidnapping, or a non-consensual health retreat? Lauren comes to in a warehouse, at the mercy of Nature Boy, a New Age sadist determined to save her from herself, or destroy her. Whichever, really.” – Annelise Ogaard


Shorts 3: if a cheerfulest Elephantangelchild should sit

Friday, May 15


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01 Uzi's PartyUzi’s Party

Lyra Hill

30 min., 16mm on video, 2015, USA

“Five young women gather for a Ouija party on the anniversary of a mother’s death. One of them becomes possessed. All special effects were achieved in-camera on 16mm film.” – Lyra Hill


02_HIGH_AND_DRYHigh and Dry

T.J. Misny

18 min., video, 2014, USA

“A privileged photographer learns that she needs to cry genuine, cathartic tears in order to keep from going blind, a pursuit which alienates and upsets those around her including her musician boyfriend who is grappling with depression.” – T.J. Misny


03 Blood BelowBlood Below The Skin

Jennifer Reeder

32 min., Video, 2015, USA

“This short narrative chronicles a week in the lives of three teenage girls. They are high school classmates from different social circles, who form a bond in the wake of an unanticipated incident. Two of the girls are falling in love with each other against all expectations and the third girl is forced to mother her own mother after her father gets sent to prison. Each girl seeks comfort within the walls of her bedroom where the music blasting from the turntable provides a magical synchronicity between them all.“ – Jennifer Reeder


Speculation Nation

Friday  May 15


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01 Traditional DayThe Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel

Joel Schlemowitz

6 min., video, 2014, USA/Japan

“Events of a summer day in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.” – Joel Schlemowitz



02 Speculation NationSpeculation Nation

Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat

75 min., video, 2014, USA/Spain

“Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat travel across Spain to document the consequences of the housing crisis. What they find are Spanish citizens, inspired by the politics of The 15M Movement and Occupy Wall Street, who mobilize, collectivize and fight for the right to a decent place to live.

“Along the way, the filmmakers visit young mothers and their families squatting in failed condo developments; intentional communities of mountain cave dwellers; protest campsites that have sprung up in front of bank branches; and empty apartment buildings transformed into experiments in Utopian living.” – Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat


SHORTS 4: luminous tendril of celestial wish

Friday May 15


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01 FallingFalling

Robert Todd

7 min., 16mm, 2015, USA

“Moving through fall’s end and beginning, falling.” – Robert Todd



02 1 part 71 Part 7

Reynold Reynolds

6 min., 16mm on video, 2014, USA/Germany

1 Part 7 takes as its point of departure a Renaissance image that purports to demonstrate the rules of linear mathematical perspective, to take up historically similar questions of experience and of self.” – Reynold Reynolds


03 soundprint 3Soundprint

Monteith McCollum

8 min., video, 2014, USA

Soundprint explores the marks left by sonic frequencies on various materials and landscapes, natural and artificial. Imagery from optical soundtracks and microphotography of record grooves play against similar signals received by sand, water, and people.” – Monteith McCollum


04 Die BergfrauDie Bergfrau

Kerstin Neuwirth

18 min., 16mm on video, 2014, Austria/Germany

“Hallways. Doors. A donkey. The mother. Water is flooding the room. A girl in a river between vision and memory.” – Kerstin Neuwirth



05 The Queen of Material - Still 1

The Queen of Material

Rajee Samarasinghe

2 min, 16mm on video, 2014, Sri Lanka/USA

“A short procession of colorful material and a mysterious woman lit by the sun. A paean to Kenneth Anger.” – Rajee Samarasinghe



06 Atlantis (Title)Atlantis

Ben Russell

24 min., Video, 2014, Malta

“Loosely framed by Plato’s invocation of the lost continent of Atlantis in 360 BC and its re-re-resurrection via a 1970s science fiction pulp novel, Atlantis is a documentary portrait of Utopia — an island that has never / forever existed beneath our too-mortal feet.” –Ben Russell


07 La Isla_02La Isla Está Encantada con Ustedes (The Island Is Enchanted with You)

Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt

24 min., video, 2014, USA/Switzerland/Australia

“By interweaving strands of colonial and postcolonial history, the filmmakers of La Isla está Encantada con Ustedes have created a lyrical work that mirrors and expands on dynamics of power and lust. A modern roundelay that restages the past in the present. Led by a gaze of sexual innuendo, this is a comedy in which reality is subordinate to strategies of power – while revealing the closely intertwined nature of health and economics, in the past and present.” – Berlinale


SHORTS 5: one’s not half two. It’s two are halves of one:

Saturday, May 16


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01 Notes From The Apothrocene

Notes From The Anthropocene

Terra Jean Long

16 min., video, 2014, Canada

“A wry, speculative faux-nature film which looks at mythic dinosaurs that resist domestication and seek to transcend fantasies of human dominion.” – Terra Jean Long



02 Fort MorganFort Morgan

Alexander Stewart

22 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Fort Morgan uses live-action footage and drawn animation to examine the geometric plan, physical materials, and structure of a 200-year-old fort on the Alabama coast. “ – Alexander Stewart


04 Immortality stillImmortality, home and elsewhere

Sasha Litvintseva

12 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

“Weaving around a theory of immortality based on the premise that our lives are a summation of all the information we consume and process, the film draws on my personal history’s brush with a global nuclear disaster, to precipitate a meditation on the potential role of an individual in the imaginary film/event of our individual or collective death: as a protagonist, or as an extra appearing in a handful of frames at the very moment of their death.” – Sasha Litvintseva


04 Under the Heat Lamp an OpeningUnder The Heat Lamp an Opening

Zachary Epcar

10 min., video, 2014, USA

“An expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird’s-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior.” – Zachary Epcar


05 Don't Go AwayDon’t Go Away

Christine Kirouac

25 min., video, 2011, Canada/USA

“From celebration to squabbles, food serves as a microcosm for the push/pull of family dynamics. Coming from a French-Canadian restaurant family, Kirouac’s experiences of familial relations have been continually filtered through the ubiquitous, yet intimate act of cooking. In Don’t Go Away, Kirouac combines these histories and emotions into a mediated conversation with her now deceased father “Fernie”. By hiring through two female actors to play the “daughter” opposite him in his televised CBC cooking show that aired from 1976-78, watchers are witness to the vulnerability, humor, discomfort, endearment and even underlying antagonism, typical in all our families.” – Christine Kirouac


SHORTS 6: the great advantage of being alive

Saturday May 16

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01 Fausto and Emilio Still 3_300dpiFausto and Emilio

Nora Sweeney

13 min., 16mm, 2014, USA

““I like it…because it’s my job.” Waiting, snipping, shaving, smoking, and chatting. These are the daily rhythms of a barbershop in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio where brothers Fausto (age 83) and Emilio (age 75) have worked together for decades. The barbershop, with its turquoise barber chairs, porcelain sinks, collection of glass bottles of aftershave, vintage postcards from Italy, is more than a workplace – it is a window into an earlier time.” – Nora Sweeney


02 Port Noir 2Port Noir

Laura Kraning

11 min., Video, 2014, USA

”Within the machine landscape of Terminal Island, the stratum of a 100 year old boat shop provides a glimpse into Los Angeles Harbor’s disappearing past. Often recast as a backdrop for fictional crime dramas, the scenic details of the last boatyard evoke imaginary departures and a hidden world at sea.” – Laura Kraning


03 Klan in Chapel HillKlan in Chapel Hill 1987

Michael Galinsky

4 min., Video, 2015, USA

“Last year I found a couple of rolls of negatives from when the Klan came to town. I posted a few online and was told that it was the day after my high school graduation. Another friend shared a sound piece recorded by Brandon Uttley and Jeff Robins. We combined the sounds and images.” – Michael Galinsky


04 Atomic City Cover PhotoAtomic City

David McMurry

27 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A meditation on the town of Arco, Idaho, the first city in the world lit electrically with atomic power. Once on the glowing edge of the nuclear future, Arco is a town of just under 1000 residents, struggling to resist fading into the backdrop of the west. Atomic City  weaves together ethereal portraits and astrological archetypes to create a melancholy collage of a forgotten town on the atomic frontier.” – David McMurry



Kevin T Allen

29 min., Video, 2014, USA

“An ethnographic portrait of two roadside ghost towns in South Dakota and the elderly proprietors who devotedly maintain these sites. The film uses contact microphones and super-8mm film as archaeological tools to uncover the material traces of living history.” – Kevin T Allen


Saturday May 16

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01 the Rapture_still 01The Rapture

Michael Fleming

5 min., Video, 2014, The Netherlands

“A pulsating image bombardment about our pursuit to happiness and freedom of fear. A frame-by-frame hand manipulated 35mm celluloid collage film. The found footage is nourished by photo stills that were taken from various magazines, distorted and deformed. The surplus of images contains more than could be mentally processed and emphasizes our insatiable hunger to perpetual happiness. “ – Michael Fleming


02 Resolve To Be Ready4Resolve To Be Ready

Eugene Sun Park

7 min., Video, 2015, USA

“Inspired by FEMA’s “Resolve to be Ready” campaign, this film invites the viewer into a bustling public space filled with commuters. The space becomes subtly charged when a mysterious man in black drops an unmarked bag on the sidewalk in plain view. What is the appropriate reaction? Alarm? Fear? Humor?” – Eugene Sun Park


01 Immune Scammell Image 1IMMUNE! 

Ryan Scammell

70 min., Video, 2014, USA

“After an incident on the subway where he saves a dying man, Ryan Scammell comes to believe he has the power the heal people with his hands. As his obsession with the idea grows, he finds himself traveling down a road of real life superheroes, run-ins with the law, and dangerous life-threatening situations. Blending live action and animation, documentary and narrative, the film asks the question of why real people allow themselves to get so lost in fantasy, and ultimately why we all might want to believe in a world with superheroes.” – Ryan Scammell



SHORTS 7: a clown’s smirk in the skull of a baboon

Saturday May 16


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01 Gente Perra still 11Gente Perra

Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy

25 min., 16mm, 2014, Germany

“A film based on fragments of the story “La Gente Perra” by the Colombian writer Gomati D. Wahn (1923 -1993). The story, which takes place 3000 years in the future, tells of the character of The Admiral as he searches for the land of the Dog People and the riches that it hides. However, as is typical of Wahn’s style, the story is assembled out of altered existing texts, in this case, historic accounts of the conquest of what was once known as the New World.” – Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy


02 WashingtoniaWashingtonia

Konstantina Kotzamani

24 min., Video, 2014, Greece

Washingtonia starts when the giraffes heart can no longer be heard. Washingtonia is an alternative name for Athens, a place where people, like animals, fall into summertime sadness because of the heat. Washingtonia is the only palm tree whose heart is not devoured by the red beetle. Because its heart is small and dry and no one likes small and dry hearts.” – Konstantina Kotzamani


03 ENNUI ENNUIEnnui Ennui

Gabriel Abrantes

32 min., Video, 2013, France

 “This dark comedy depicts the current military conflict in Afghanistan with slapstick comedy. Giselle, the current French ambassadress to Afghanistan, and her daughter Cleo, a volunteer for Bibliotequaires sans frontieres, visit a Kuchi nomad camp with the intention of negotiating the tribe’s disarmament. While they are caught up in the absurd and complex negotiations a female warlord Bibi Ayesha and her half-witted son Mal Faq’tar approach the camp with the intent of kidnapping the nomad princess Cher. By the time they arrive, Cleo has been offered and is wearing Cher’s traditional Kuchi dress, leading them to kidnap the wrong person. Still unaware of the switch, they transport Cleo back to their hideout where Mal Faq’tar is pressured into consummating his relationship. Cleo wakes while Mal Faq’tar is kissing her and, having been neglected love the majority of her life, actually enjoys and motivates their lovemaking. In the end Cleo and Mal Faq’tar are united, her mother with the nomad leader, and Cher with a crashed predator drone. Their love ends up annihilating all the aggression of this violent conflict, as well as good common sense.” – Gabriel Abrantes


Sailing A Sinking Sea

Saturday May 16

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01 A Dream at the Edge of Land_still3A Dream at The Edge of Land

Steve Wood

8 min., Video, 2013, USA

“The textures and colors of this piece were made by hand-coloring 16mm film. These colorful, frenetic textures were then matted digitally with simple animated shapes and archival photographs. The resulting dreamlike visions of shorelines and seascapes tell of solitude, soul-mates and transformation.” – Steve Wood


02 War PrayerWar Prayer

Richard Wiebe

17 min., Video, 2015, Cyprus/USA

“Last summer marked the 40th anniversary of Cyprus’s invasion and partition. For decades every US administration has exploited this partition, using military bases on the island to conduct surveillance in the Middle East. An icon is a prayer, a window to heaven, to a listening ear.” – Richard Wiebe


03 Sailing a Sinking Sea(2)Sailing A Sinking Sea

Olivia Wyatt

65 min., Video, 2015, USA

 “Sailing A Sinking Sea  is a feature-length experimental documentary exploring the culture of the Moken people of Burma and Thailand. The Moken are a seafaring community and one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in Asia, traditionally spending eight months out of the year in thatch-roofed wooden boats. Wholly reliant upon the sea, their entire belief system revolves around water. Sailing A Sinking Sea weaves a visual and aural tapestry of Moken mythologies and present-day practices, exploring underwater activity, religious ceremonies, healing rituals, music, language, and a broad range of daily practices.” – Olivia Wyatt


SHORTS 8: what a proud dreamhorse pulling(smoothloomingly)through

Saturday, May 16

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01 After Creation After IcebergsAfter Creation After Icebergs

Mary Beth Reed

3 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Visual music created with paint on an 8×10 canvas, an iPad, and After Effects as if working on an early cinematic special effects machine, the optical printer. The subtle hues above the water shift as the film dives into the depths of the icebergs, surfacing once more into a kaleidoscopic landscape.” – Mary Beth Reed


02 ExtraitsExtraits D’une Famille

Rhayne Vermette

6 min., Video, 2014, Canada

“This film is my failed attempt at creating a thematic palindrome of audio/visual samples. When working between two poles of remembering – one easily gets confused. Please enjoy this film before my mother asks me to delete it.” – Rhayne Vermette


03 Celestial Objects_3Celestial Object

Ben Balcom

9 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Here are the playful recordings of a naturalist—the observations of a difficult object. As the study accelerates and numerous cinematographic strategies are employed, the information gathered becomes noise; all these measurements become scribbles. “ – Ben Balcom


04 Subtle Distance_SantaCruz_SD_Still1“Subtle Distance”

Christina Santa Cruz

4 min., Video, 2014, USA

“For every trip and/or move we bring various amounts of suitcases and boxes filled with our tactile possessions. Have we become obsessed or is it merely a necessity in order to be comfortable in one’s own skin? I don’t know…” – Christina Santa Cruz


05 Picture 70Her Silent Seaming

Nazlı Dinçel

10 min., 16mm, 2014, USA

“A transcription of what I have been told during intimate experiences while separating from my husband. Sections consist of destroyed originals from Leafless (2011), motifs of the “feminine” alluding to Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures (1963) and of reconstruction of a pomegranate.” – Nazlı Dinçel


06 Blue Loop JulyBlue Loop, July

Mike Gibisser

5 min., Video, 16mm, 2014, USA

“Chicago’s summertime blazes, unanchored. Skywriting out of time.” – Mike Gibisser



07 Under The Atmosphere1Under The Atmosphere

Mike Stoltz

15 min., 16mm, 2014, USA

“Filmed on the Central Florida Space Coast, site of NASA’s launch pads. Dormant spacecraft, arcane text, activated landscape, and the surface of the image work towards a future-past shot reverse shot.” – Mike Stoltz


08 Mototanaka DeriveMototanaka Dérive

Michael Lyons & Malte Steiner

5 min., Super 8 on Video, 2014, Japan/Germany

“A staccato Super 8 document of an aimless walk through one of Kyoto’s former outcaste neighborhoods, which continues to exist below normal Japanese living standards. The soundtrack was created using ‘The Octopus’ – an original optoelectronic apparatus which allows the film itself to act as the score.” – Michael Lyons & Malte Steiner


09 au bord de la riviere_2Au Bord De La Rivière (At The Edge of the River)

Mike Rollo

3 min., 16mm on Video, 2014, Canada

“an unblinking examination of the light and movement patterns that animate a river bank; an earthly mysticism in miniature, a professing of natural secrets hidden in plain sight. “ – Mike Rollo


10 SerenaGundy_02Serena Gundy

Stephen Broomer

4 min., 16mm on Video, 2014, Canada

“Serena Gundy Park, in Toronto, so named for the late wife of Toronto businessman James Henry Gundy, who influenced the financial character of early twentieth-century Canada.” – Stephen Broomer


11 THINGS 10Things

Ben Rivers

20 min., 16mm, 2014, United Kingdom

“A lyrical analysis of the objects we gather around us, split into sections loosely based on the seasons.” – Ben Rivers


For the Plasma

Saturday, May 16


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01 For The Plasma5

For The Plasma

Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan

94 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A digital-pastoral drama of friendship, landscape and technology, For the Plasma begins as the story of two young women (Anabelle LeMieux and Rosalie Lowe) employed as forest-fire lookouts in Northern Maine, and ends in a hundred places at once. Along the way, the girls make financial predictions based on surveillance footage of the surrounding forest, the local lighthouse keeper and a pair of unusual investors interrupt their solitude, and a dreamlike portrait of small town America and contemporary life is revealed. For the Plasma is a film of minimal means but ambition, shot in Super 16mm and 4:3 with a small cast and crew, and scored by the great Japanese experimental composer, Keiichi Suzuki.” – Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan

Dirty Looks presents “Hardcore Home Movies”

Curated by Bradford Nordeen

Saturday May 16

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01 FiendFiend


3min., 1992, super 8 on DV

Shot on super 8 for projections at the legendary sex party, Fiend, in 1992, this short B&W silent reel features members of the queercore band Fagbash in solitary erotic exploits. Part portrait and part salacious dare, this never-before-screened work offers an ad hoc glimpse into unapologetic cruising and lust.


02 hardcore2Hard-Core Home Movies

Greta Snider

5min., 1989, 16mm

“Hard-Core Home Movies” is a frank and irreverent documentary that asks the question, “What is hard-core?” Seedy, grainy, and fast-paced, this is a nostalgic look at an ephemeral moment in the history of a subculture: punk rock in San Francisco in the late eighties.


03 Birthday-Party1Birthday Party

Jill Reiter

9min, 1993, 16mm on DV

A queer girl’s fantasy of the best birthday party a mother could give. Being queer, the “sweet sixteen” character has only two girlfriends to invite to her party: one is the daughter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the other a precocious slut.


04 TroublemakersThe Troublemakers

G.B. Jones

20min., 1990, super8 on DV

The Troublemakers follows the lives of four down-on-their-luck characters. Surrounded by the vestiges of conspicuous consumption, the struggle to survive outside of society, fashioning their own aesthetics of poverty and devising strategies to navigate a surveillance society, evading or performing for cameras everywhere.


05 salivation2The Salivation Army

Scott Treleaven

22min., 2001, Super8 on DV

For three years the Salivation Army operated a counterculture zine aimed at restless queer punk youth. But during their brief existence what began as a small, local gang transformed into an increasingly dangerous cult network. A cut-and-paste portrait of the underground itself.


06 Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate (from Three Faces of Women)
Rick Castro
20min., 1994, Video

3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate: Fonda LaBruce and Vaginal Davis are a drag queen lesbian couple experiencing bed death. They call in therapist (Dr. Chris Teen) to help them get out of their sexual rut. (Bob Alvarez, the famous 70’s porn-film director shot this in uptown Manhattan).



07 ourgaybrothers_2Our Gay Brothers
Greta Snider
9min., 1993, 16mm

“This collage of found film footage, assembled porn movie, children’s instructional film, sports coverage and ‘50s Hollywood musicals to construct and investigation into gay men’s differing attitudes towards the female body. A clever and contentious film.” – Melbourne Film Festival



SHORTS 9: when serpents bargain for the right to squirm

Saturday, May 16

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01 STILL_002Some Southern Country

Michael Paul Lopez

28 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A 13-chapter video comic book, wherein a teenage boy experiences sexual adventures and overcomes obstacles of the heart atop a generic, racially ambiguous, American 80s world determined to perpetuate tribal war in a southern jungle. Green agents blackmail, torture, spy, cry and trash their bedrooms in a private high school while a concurrent narrative in text details the personal development of a cruel and horny teenager overcoming his fear of love. These conflicting narratives are rendered together with gradual color changes, hand-drawn illustrations, sound effects, synth and faux orchestral arrangements.” – Michael Lopez


02 Blood Squatch2Night of the Blood Squatch

Kenny Reed

22 min., Video, 2015, USA

“One night a man making a Bigfoot ‘documentary’ encounters a few other intense characters with their own issues to contend with.” – Kenny Reed


03 Lingerie ShowThe Lingerie Show

Laura Harrison

8 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A drug addict, Lorraine, attempts to entice her bisexual boyfriend Cesar away from his boyfriend, Wade, with a lingerie show she and her friends put together. An animated portrait of characters on the fringes of society.” – Laura Harrison


04 BiteRadius_StarBite Radius

Spencer Parsons

30 min., Video, 2015, USA

 “Last night Peyton had such a great time that he can’t even remember the murder he committed. So he tells a friend. Big mistake. Inspired by actual events.” – Spencer Parsons



SHORTS 10: proud of his scientific attitude

Curated by Emily Oscarson

Sunday, May 17


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01 We Were Not Made For This WorldWe Were Not Made For This World

Colin West McDonald

4 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A robot searching for his creator in the desert lands outside his city. Based on ‘We Were Not Made For This World’ by award-winning cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier.” – Colin West McDonald


02 Toward the Flame Still 4Toward The Flame

Paul Turano

6 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Lighting up the morning sky a meteor detonated mid air over Chebarkul, Siberia on February 15, 2013. Existential shockwaves emanating from the explosion caused a momentary chaos, and catalyzed more desperate fears that it was perhaps signaling The End.” – Paul Turano


03 Terity Entitory 3Terity Entitory

Todd Mattei

9 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Terity Entitory is a meditation on memory, identity, and technology. The figure at the center of the piece is caught in a moment of complete stasis, “powered down or very deeply asleep,” as he puts it.” – Todd Mattei



John Harden

17 min., Video, 2014, USA

“An elderly couple, cryonically preserved at death, awakens centuries later, their health – and youth – totally restored. Together, they face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future.” – John Harden


05 Mysterious DisappearanceThe Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident

Damon Mohl

5 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Amidst a ghost town’s dilapidated ruins, one resident still resides, but he won’t be there much longer.” – Damon Mohl



06 Elsewhere, the Survivors 1Elsewhere, the Survivors

Ali Aschman

3 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Two connected figures wander endlessly through a desolate landscape, haunted by anxiety and doubt. “ – Ali Aschman



07 Happy Fun RoomHappy Fun Room

Greg Pak

14 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Sam, host of the once-popular children’s television show ‘Happy Fun Room,’ clashes with her child co-stars, recalcitrant crew, and unsupportive studio execs as her career and life fall to pieces. ‘Happy Fun Room’ teaches kids how to be safe in an insanely dangerous world. But the world has changed and the show’s messages may no longer apply. Can Sam prevent her past fears from making her a monster in the present?” – Greg Pak


08 In Times of PeaceΕν καιρώ ειρήνης (In Times of Peace)

Nikos Vouteniotis

29 min., Video, 2014, Greece

“The government of a country allows to the citizens ten breaths a day to settle its debt to the creditors. Nobody can understand why. Maybe through the eyes of a little girl, the eyes of imagination and poetry we can.” – Nikos Vouteniotis


Evaporating Borders

Sunday, May 17

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01 WawaWawa

Sky Hopinka

6 min., Video, 2014, USA

“This is an anxious video. Featuring speakers past and present of chinuk wawa, an Indigenous language from the Pacific Northwest, Wawa begins slowly, patterning various forms of documentary and ethnography. Quickly, the patterns become tangled and confused, translating and transmuting ideas of cultural identity, language, and history.” – Sky Hopinka


02 CHORAChora

Anna Kipervaser

8 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Chora (Greek: χώρα) can mean one of several things. A place outside of place. Or an interval. The between. Where things are born. Or.” – Anna Kipervaser


03 Evaporating BordersEvaporating Borders

Iva Radivojevic

73 min., 16mm on Video, 2014, USA/Cyprus

Evaporating Borders develops a sweeping visual essay on global restrictive attitudes toward migrating populations. Guided by the filmmaker’s curious eye and personal reflections, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus. Through a series of vignettes, it poetically weaves themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.” – Iva Radivojevic


SHORTS 11: my sweet old etcetera

Sunday, May 17


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01 Beautiful ThingsBeautiful Things

Mike Olenick

5 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Sunlight sparking through a window sets into motion this story of a woman recovering from a break up. She heads outside looking for love, but what she doesn’t expect to find is a perfect match. Music by The Wet Darlings.” – Mike Olenick


02 Undaddy_MainframeUndaddy Mainframe


1 min., Video, 2014, Australia

Undaddy Mainframe revisits the feminist malware of Australian art collective VNS Matrix. In this recombinant work, their seminal text ‘A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century’ (1991) is recoded via instructional computer videos of the 1990s. This project was commissioned for Forever Now, a sequel to the 1977 Voyager Golden Record.” – Soda_Jerk


03 DETROIT OVERTUREDetroit Overture

Lisa Kortschak

10 min., Video, 2015, Austria/USA

“An empty abandoned hall. Daylight and street noises penetrate the space through the porous walls. Only the dilapidated, however, still impressively splendid ceiling refers to the history of the location, which once was considered as Detroit’s most famous concert hall. Now eight cars enter the hall successively and park. As soon as all vehicles come to a stand, silence occurs before the concert starts.” -Lisa Kortschak



04 Main squeezeMainsqueeze

Jon Rafman

8 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A washing machine spinning out of control and into its own destruction serves as a prelude to a stream of performances and documents of fringe forms of intimacy and constriction, culled from various online communities. Rafman gives a poetic treatment to the images, both sweet and abject. “It’s like Dante’s Inferno but without the drama. Just the people floating in the mud” – Dis Magazine



05 EndofError1The End of an Error

Peter Freund

10 min., Video, 2013, USA

“The end of the McCarthy Red Scare in the USA, fictionalized as a history lesson from contemporary Iran.” – Peter Freund



06 The Riddle (Ghost Chair)The Riddle (ghost chair)

Paul Tarragó

11 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

“Experimental but heartfelt, all fiction, mostly video. Featuring: phantoms, parakeets, some animation, much smoke, Super 8 excursions, and several actors. This is: an extrapolation from ‘Making things meaningful’ (2003), a deviation from the first paragraph of ‘The Riddle’ (1812), a science fiction story, a fairytale, a consideration of representation and form PLUS several science explorations by the filmmaker. “ – Paul Tarragó


07 A Brief Portrait of The Eternal RecurrenceA Brief Portrait of the Eternal Recurrence

Karl Lind

23 sec., Video, 2014, USA

“Everything becomes and recurs eternally – escape is impossible!” – Friedrich Nietzsche



08 Steel Mill RollingSteel Mill Rolling

Ross Nugent

12 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Equal parts landscape, industrial and portrait film, the piece is a document of a functioning steel mill in Western Pennsylvania where the filmmaker’s family has worked for nearly 100 years. Isaac Sherman provided the musical score.” – Ross Nugent


09 Bad At DancingBad At Dancing

Joanna Arnow

11 min., Video, 2015, USA

“A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider, Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The two women test each other’s sexual and emotional boundaries in this surreal dark comedy.” – Joanna Arnow


09 TitsTits

Teemu Nikki

17 min., Video, 2015, Finland

“Bigger tits = Better Life?” – Teemu Nikki




SHORTS 12: Of Ever-Ever Land I speak

Sunday, May 17

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01 picture_particles_still_10Picture Particles

Thorsten Fleisch

5 min., Video, 2014, Germany

“Individual elements from a carrier of visual information have been isolated to construct alternative visual reagents evoking a golden ratio of the mind’s eye.” – Thorsten Fleisch


02 in a perfect feverIn A Perfect Fever

Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney

8 min., Video, 2015, United States

“In a Perfect Fever riffs on a ubiquitous trick in film and television history, where the switching of a “practical” light — a light source within the frame — serves as a moment of conspiracy between filmmakers, characters, and audience, allowing drastic, even impossible changes to the scene while still functioning as a believable, diegetic moment.” – Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney


03 Speculum1_300dpiSpeculum

Richard Ashrowan

17 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

Speculum is a moving image sigil, a rehabilitation of the present through the prism of the past. The work explores ancient theories of matter in which luminous emanation gives rise to physical form.” – Richard Ashrowan


04 Night NoonNight Noon

Shambhavi Kaul

11 min., Video, 2014, Mexico/USA

Night Noon sets up dialectical dread in Death Valley with a series of uncanny shots of eroded, geological formations and dunes that seemingly fold into night skies and shimmering waters.” – Andréa Picard


05 Ginza StripGinza Strip

Dianna Barrie, Richard Tuohy

9 min., 16mm, 2014, Australia

“The Ginza of fable and memory. This is the first film I have finished using the ‘chromaflex’ technique that we developed. This is a very much hands on color developing procedure that allows selected areas of the film to be color positive, color negative, or black and white.“ – Dianna Barrie, Richard Tuohy


06 Momento Mori4Memento Mori

Pelin Kirca

4 min., Video, 2014, Turkey

“A vignette about life in general.” – Pelin Kirca



07 CicatrixCicatrix

Jeremy Moss

7 min., Video, 2014, USA

“An experience in layers, scars, and deterioration. The image oozes, rips, and bubbles, emulating both creationist and destructive impulses. The 16mm footage was created and manipulated at Ontario’s renowned Independent Imaging Retreat (aka Film Farm).” – Jeremy Moss


08 Stroboscope2The Stroboscope

Justin Lincoln

4 min., Video, 2014, United States

“Violent Abstraction. An homage to the Structural films of Paul Sharits. Sound produced with Little Bits/Korg Synth Kit. The colors are generated from a feed of images in the blogging platform Tumblr and manipulated in the programming language Processing. (Warning. Strong stroboscopic effect. May cause seizures.)” – Justin Lincoln


09 horizon stillHorizon

Stephanie Barber

3 min., Video, 2014, United States

“A brief poetic collage of 16mm home movie footage from Egypt in the 1950s, elements of Capra’s “Lost Horizon” soundtrack and a small and frustrated boy. There is so much to say about Shangri-La. It is, like the horizon, always present, always out of reach. You need not attach whistles to the wings of birds to locate it. It is right over there. Look.” – Stephanie Barber


10 Displacements 1Displacements

Manuel Alvarez Diestro

9 min., Video, 2013, United Kingdom

“Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world. As there is no much space available, new towns are adjacent to the cemeteries. These days in Hong Kong the world of the living coexists with the one of the dead. Meanwhile, Hong Kong inhabitants move from place to place. They are waiting for a final displacement.” – Manuel Alvarez Diestro


11 Limited_Speech_Holds_Endless_Misunderstandings_3Limited Speech Holds Endless Misunderstandings

Orr Menirom

10 min., Video, 2013, USA


“Based on an interview between linguist and political-activist Noam Chomsky and an Israeli News reporter. The interview is cut into individual words, and recompose into monologue told by a hybrid character that is both male and female, a mixture of Chomsky and the reporter’s words and identities.“ – Orr Menirom


Living Stars

Sunday, May 17


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01 Out3Out

Joan Antúnez

17 min., Video, 2015, Spain

“Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic? No. In Out, a documentary filmed during a professional tennis tournament in Barcelona, the main characters are those who remain outside of the play field lines, almost invisible for television. This visual essay leads the viewer to the hidden world of ball boys, line judges and chair umpires. An environment not as glamorous as the one of tennis players but also full of tension and emotions.” – Joan Antúnez


02 Living_Stars_1Living Stars

Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn

73 Min., Video, 2014, Spain

“This remarkable, moving documentary presents dozens of real people in Buenos Aires, in long static tripod takes, simply dancing to pop music. In their kitchens, offices, and garages, identified in the film by their name and occupation, they include all ages, diverse lifestyles and all levels of talent, each with a common and infectious enthusiasm. In the background, their pets, families and friends go about their lives – playing video games, welding, reading magazines, watching with amusement or joining in. Everything in the frame, both incidental and carefully arranged, contributes to a loving portrait of each person, and of the universal qualities of all people. The seemingly simple premise has an overwhelming cumulative effect of shared humanity and pure joy, consistently surprising and endlessly fascinating.” – Nina Riddel, Spectacle

 “There’s a world of backstory in the details: the mom willing to steer a fan so her son’s cape will flap in the breeze, the brother who rolls his eyes as his older sister gets sexy, the daughter who can’t stop laughing as her dad shakes it to the Spice Girls. I’ve never seen anything that gave me more hope for equality and tolerance than a young man in his kitchen in full drag grinding it to “Toxic” in front of his entire family. When his wig flies off, grandma leaps to hand it back, and as he slipped it back on with a diva flourish, the crowd around me burst into applause.” – LA Weekly


Privilege and Obsession

Sunday, May 17

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01 Congratulations One StepCongratulations (One Step At A Time)

Roger Beebe

4 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Notes on gender in the 21st Century. A sad sequel to “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.” Education as factory farming. Congratulations to the cattle.” – Roger Beebe


02 Privilege _ Obsession_3Privilege and Obsession

Stephen Graves

64 min., Video, 2015, USA

“Filmed at Oberlin College, in Oberlin, Ohio, during the nine days between the end of final exams and graduation. Mixing archival footage from college promotional films from the 1950s and 60s with a reserved, observational documentary aesthetic, the film problematizes dominant liberal narratives of equality, social justice, and ecology, and offers an incisive – yet subtle – critique of this most revered right of passage: college graduation. Privilege and Obsession is an unsparing, and often comedic portrait of the future of America’s middle classes, its youth, as they balance at the threshold of adulthood in a world mired by dogma and falseness.” – Stephen Graves



Burnt in Memory

Sunday, May 17

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01 Burnt in Memory_1

Burnt in Memory, My Lover Has Steel Legs and Street Lights For Eyes

Robert Stockwell

73 min., Video, 2015, USA

“Burnt in Memory chronicles life in Chicago. Its impressionistic tableau has no dialogue, no characters, no story, and no acts. It is just a glimpse of people and their places, their in between places, and their forgotten places. Burnt in Memory documents the mundane. The places passed on the way to work. Finding the moments worth looking at, showing something you’ve seen but never remembered. It’s seeing again the things all around that are filled with life and yet forgotten about. The film/video is an experiment to rewind and strip away the conventions about narratives in documentaries. My intent is to bring back the simplicity of walking around with a camera capturing life and moments, without the overuse of effects, and very little money. I entrust the viewer to see for themselves. The music is entirely improvised. The musicians include Azita Youssefi on piano, Amber Amar-Walton on cello, Justin Martin on guitar, Nandini Khaund on the Folktek Quadrum, and Ben Clarke as musical director. These mainstay Chicago musicians played to a projection of the film and the results are unique and varied from most every other film score. Rather than composing restrictive melodies and rhythms the musicians played just as freely and uninhibited as Burnt in Memory was photographed. I hope you enjoy seeing Chicago as I see it. It’s a city steeped in stereotypes, but after wandering around the city day after day its true personality comes forth. Its beauty and ugliness, its power and frailty, its inhabitants and its abandoned caverns are what make this city intriguing. It’s been a pleasure to explore Chicago completely without commercial pretense. We’re not trying to sell you on Chicago. We’re not saying, “come on over, the water is nice!” We’re simply sharing what we see.” – Robert Stockwell


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