Summer Agnew <On an Unknown Beach>

Graeme Arnfield <Asbestos>

Ephraim Asili <Kindah>

Ben Balcolm <Our Own Private Universe>

David Beilinson <All The Rage>

Jeremy Bessoff <Lingua Absentia>

James Bishop <States of Decay>

Amanda Bonaiuto <Batfish Soup>

Mark Borchardt <The Dundee Project>

Luke Boyce <The Pooka>

The Pooka Movie

Colin Brant <Swamp Donkey, Sweet Sight>

Jared Buckhiester <Steven Go Get Me a Switch>

Lana Z Caplan <Maelstrom>

Benjamin Capps <It Grows Dark>

Brian M. Cassidy <Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts>

Angela Christlieb <Whatever Happened To Gelitin>

Shayna Connelly <Gardening At Night>

Lauren Cook <Trans/Figure/Ground>

Nazlı Dinçel <Shape of a Surface>

Brandon Daley <Chicken tuesday>

Daniel Dietzel <24.24.24.>

Jeanne Donegan <Trust Fall>

Anja Dornieden <Heliopolis Heliopolis>

Lonnie Edwards <Exodus: Sounds of the Great Migration>

Kelly Egan <Athyrium-Filix Femina>

Charles Fairbanks <The Modern Jungle>

Laura Falsgraff <The 39th>

Siegfried A. Fruhauf <Fuddy Duddy>

Michael Galinsky <All the Rage>

Kelly Gallagher <More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters>

Lorenzo Gattorna <way of the gods>

Amir George <Decadent Asylum>

Ariana Gerstein <UpScales>

Juan David Gonzalez <Heliopolis Heliopolis>

Miriam Gossing <Ocean Hill Drive>

Brian Harrison <Hell Follows>

Laura Harrison <Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was>

Frauke Havemann <Weather House>


Suki Hawley <All the Rage>

Anna Hogg <The Pier [Like Mending Glass]>

Marinah Janello <Troll: A Southern Tale>

Saul Kak <The Modern Jungle>

Adam Khalil <INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place/it flies. falls./]>

Zack Khalil <INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place/it flies. falls./]>

James N. Kienitz Wilkins <The Infinite Pitch>

Kira Summer Klein <Fuck all Boys from Uptown>

Rainer Kohlberger <Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts>

Ben Kolak <Robots For Illinois>

Dane Komljen <All the Cities of the North>

Konstantina Kotzamani <Limbo>

Joji Koyama <Kuro>

Joji Koyama

Yana Kunichoff <To the Right>

Laura Kraning <Meridian Plain>

Manuela de Laborde <As Without So Within>

Kent Lambert <Reckoning 4>

Emi Linnakoski <Sea With No Name>

Sasha Litvintseva <Asbestos>

Terra Jean Long <350 MYA>

Adam Luxton <On an Unknown Beach>

Jodie Mack <Curses>

Jesse Malmed <How to have your / own television show! / (you already do)>

Kaitlin Martin <Sundays on the River>

Jesse McLean <See A Dog, Hear A Dog>

Kabir Mehta <Sadhu In Bombay>

Kym McDaniel <Press Play>

Weronika Mliczewska <Speechless in Japan>

Frédéric Moffet <The Magic Hedge>

Michael Morris <Blue Movie>

Jeremy Moss <Death / Destruction / Some Other Terrible Fate>

Daniel Moshel <METUBE 2 – August Sings Carmen Burana>

Lena Ditte Nissen <The Place I Will Have Left>

Tujiko Noriko <Kuro>

Annelise Ogaard <The Body heals>

Mike Olenick <The Cure>

Eileen O’Meara <Panic Attack>

Monica Panzarino <Mammeries>

Alexander Phillips <happy Place>

Carolina Charry Quintero <Blua>

Justine Raczkiewicz <Waste>

Kathryn Ramey <Enola Em Evael>

Kate Raney <Lingua Absentia>

Kristin Reeves <CPS Closings & Delays>

Jimmy Joe Roche <To You Dear Friend>

Jerzy Rose <Neighborhood Food Drive>

Rajee Samarasinghe <If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer to Home>

Ryan Sarnowski <Manlife: The Last of the Lawsonians>

Mónica Savirón <Answer Print>

Eric Schefter <Weather House>

Kelly Sears <In The Vicinity>

Melanie Shatzky <Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts>

Russell Sheaffer <Étude 1a: Release (I)>

Lina Sieckmann <Ocean Hill Drive>

Lynne Siefert <Ark>

Amanda Strong <Four Faces of the Moon>

A.W. Strouse <Mono Generation>

Jesseca Ynez Simmons <Emerald Ice>

Brendan Smyth <News From The Sun>

Jeremy Smyth <News From The Sun>

Joshua Gen Solondz <Luna E Santur>

Agnes Starczewski <To The Right>

Laura Stewart <Drifting Towards The Crescent>

Deborah Strattman <Xenoi>

Cyrus Yoshi Tabar <Masochism of the Margins>

Jennet Thomas <Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded #1>

Robert Todd <Oblong Box>

Jim Trainor <The Pink Egg>

Keil Troisi <Mono Generation>

Lewis Vaughn <Silverhead>

Joële Walinga <Cave Small Cave Big>

Calum Walter <Unknown Hours>

Daniel Warth <Dim The Fluorescents>

Josh Weissbach <38 River Road>

Ryan White <Cruising Elsewhere>

Max Wilde <Birds With Human Heads>

Katya Yakubov <Participate in My Relaxed State>

Joshua Yates <This is yates>

Mayye Zayed <A Stroll Down Sunflower Lane>